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29 October 2020

Ibiza to Formentera: The Perfect Day Trip

Ibiza is one of the most enjoyed tourist places in the world. Its beautiful and crystalline beaches and its nightlife are its main attraction. However, your adventure increases when you include in your trip a visit to its little sister Balear with a little more than twelve thousand inhabitants and an area of ​​83.24 km... Read More
14 October 2020

Ibiza in November, weather events and more

Come and visit the town known for its permanent sunshine and its beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean Sea. Come and enjoy perfect weather and delicious food in the third largest of the Balearic Islands and have a wonderful time. Come to Ibiza in November and find an authentic paradise in Winter. November is one of... Read More
10 August 2020

Ibiza in October: Weather, events, and more

Ibiza is one of the most beautiful islands you can visit in your life. Hooray for you that you have selected Ibiza in October as a tourist destination. Its purity, beauty, and climate will captivate you forever. Its incredible sunrises and sunsets will change your mood making you forget any worry and stress as soon... Read More
10 August 2020

Ibiza vs Mallorca: which one is better?

This new opportunity to travel after so many weeks of confinement in prevention to the Covid-19, is without a doubt, a vacation without equal. A journey that represents life itself and hope. Ibiza or Mallorca? Which one should you go to enjoy this long-awaited vacation? Which one is best to drain and remove so much... Read More
09 July 2020

Ibiza vs Menorca: which island should you visit?

El archipiélago de las Islas Baleares es una de las maravillas más bellas y conocidas del mundo, con contrastes geográficos. Con una extensión de casi 5 mil km2, con 5 islas y varios islotes, clasificados como las Gimnesias, las islas principales y las Pitiusas. Siendo una de las Pitiusas Ibiza y Menorca una de las... Read More
08 July 2020

Ibiza in September: Weather, events, and more

Ibiza is one of the beautiful islands that make up the Balearic archipelago of Spain. Surrounded by the beautiful and unique waters of the Mediterranean Sea, Ibiza in September is one of the best options you have to forget about the chaos, stress, and quarantine that you have been experiencing in recent months, especially because... Read More
27 June 2020

Ibiza and the Covid-19: important information

Ibiza has always been one of the top tourist options for thousands of people around the world. All-year-round it gets full of people looking for amazing views and sightless and paradisaical beaches. Surrounded by the marvelous waters of the Mediterranean Sea, Ibiza has now the same problem every other place is facing. The Covid-19 pandemic... Read More
23 June 2020

Ibiza in August: Weather, events and more

Ibiza continues after the pandemic that has been raging the world, by the moment this island doesn’t have a high number of contagions, which is why flights to the island have been reopened, you will be able to discover Ibiza in August. Tourism in Ibiza has not stopped growing in the last 50 years, thanks... Read More
03 June 2020

History of Ibiza: Culture, invasions, occupations and pirates.

Ibiza is a great place to be and this has been true throughout history. It was very much in demand with wars and invasions seeing it change hands and names through the ages. From the medieval castle and cathedral to archaeological sites and museums, there are plenty of places to visit and see the influence... Read More
01 June 2020

Ibiza closing parties 2020: complete guide

You already knew Ibiza is the Party Island of the Mediterranean Sea. Come now to this incredible place in the world to have the greatest time of your life. There are parties all year long, but there are two times in the year you shouldn’t miss there: the opening parties’ season and the closing parties’... Read More