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11 August 2021

The amazing Cave of Light of Ibiza: Na Coloms

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Located in the northern area of the island of Ibiza, between the municipalities of Sant Joan de Labritja and Sant Antoni, under huge cliffs, we can find the Na Coloms cave, also known as “The Cave of Light” in Ibiza (”Cueva de la Luz” in Spanish). It is one of the most hidden and difficult caves to access on the island, but one of the most beautiful you can find in your trip.

This cave receives its name due to its big hole in the center, through which the sun’s rays shine into the crystal-clear and turquoise-blue waters.

How to arrive to Cave of Light

As we have already mentioned, it is a difficult area to access, so you will only find tourists who love risks and look for adventurous routes. There are buses from Sant Antony and Ibiza to the cave and a tourist train leaving from Portinatx or Cala de San Vicente.

Similarly, if you are looking for adventure and sport, you can do the route to Cave of Light of Ibiza on foot, although we highly recommend going with someone who already knows the way. Otherwise, you may get lost, as there are no signs indicating the route, and it is easy to take the wrong path.


The walking route to this wonderful place is long (about an hour and a half) and some sections are a little difficult. The outward journey is not too difficult because it is downhill, but the return journey can be a little longer. You can hike this great natural landscape all year round, but if you decide to do it on foot, it is better if you avoid summer months, when the temperatures are quite high.

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The path is divided: there are stretches of dirt and others of stones, but we always must be careful and pay attention to the ground.

The Cave of Light

Once we have reached the cave, which we will recognize when we see the large hole with crystal-clear waters, we must bear in mind that if we want to access the natural swimming pool we must jump from the rocks of the cliffs or dive in from the water.

Once inside, the only way to get out is diving, as there are no ladders, and it is only recommended for expert divers, as on several occasions they have had to rescue brave people who have dared to jump in, but who cannot dive to get out.

As we have already mentioned, this is a large hole with crystal-clear waters from the Mediterranean Sea, where we can observe an aquatic landscape of unparalleled beauty: corals, reefs, and a great variety of fish, as well as privacy and relaxation you will not find in any other corner of the island.

There are several dives carried out by companies or experts in the field, with which you can be safe and know the great underwater world Na Coloms cove has to offer. However, regardless of the mode of transport you choose and whether you decide to go inside the natural pool or just see the landscape from the cliffs, it is a visit worth making with friends or family.

If you are considering a visit to this wonderful place of nature, you can look at this video, which perfectly summarizes both the journey and the inside area of the cave. During this month of July, some cliff divers of the Olympic Games have practiced their jumping in this wonderful cave.

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If you want to visit another places of the island like Cala Salada, buy your tickets on the Float Your Boat web. For more information about this wonderful cave, contact with us. We are glad to help you and give you some other advices for your trip.

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