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16 March 2021
cirque de la nuit boat party

Cirque de la Nuit in Ibiza – how is it?

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Coming to Ibiza and thinking about all the marvellous things you are going to do to escape your routine? Good for you. There is one thing you must not forget to include in your list: Cirque de la Nuit. Partying with us at the unique Ibiza beach cruises that gives you the most amazing sea views you can get in your life.

The best party in the world is Cirque de la Nuit and it is waiting for you. Grab your swimming suits, sunglasses, and your sunscreen and come to be part of the greatest party in Ibiza. Take this opportunity and come to be happy with our special DJs making great music, Award-winning vegan and veggie burgers by Rona’s Deli & Burgers on board, and the greatest staff you can have.

Join us in our party at the sea. Get a taste of what we call extraordinary happiness before it is too late.


What is Cirque de la Nuit?

cirque de la nuit tickets

Life can be just that, a party on the sea. But not any sea and certainly not any party. Mediterranean Sea and its incredibly clear waters are our backgrounds. Let’s focus on the important things of life, like being connected with the incredible nature of Ibiza and relaxing at the tune of your favorite electronic music.

The Cirque de la Nuit is more than a party boat in Ibiza. It is an open-air party where experiences will take you beyond imagination. It is a premium floating event where your expectations will be fulfilled.

Even though our great experiences are subject to covid-19 changes and regulations, we invite you this 2021 to trying Cirque de la Nuit parties where you will beat up stress and only worry by showering in champagne and admiring the breath-taking coastline of the beautiful white island. Your drinks are included in your tickets because we know how much you like them.

Tickets for Cirque de la Nuit in Ibiza

When you get your ticket online for Cirque de la Nuit you are sure you will enjoy not only dancing to the best electronic music but also urban music as well. Apart from that, you can ask to have it recorded by a professional photographer and videographer. So you can brag about it.

A whole year will be erased from your memory by the unbeatable Cirque de la Nuit three-hour party. Early birds catch the party, so we encourage you to get your tickets now before they get sold out. Keep in mind that boats will be filled to a maximum of 50% of capacity. 

Cirque de la Nuit is Ibiza’s biggest boat party where 180 minutes of pure energy will give you back what it was taken from you: Your Life! Live incredibly focused, empowering during those hours your senses with the most intense sensations of the infinity pool around you and the pure air getting into your lungs.

It is at 3:30 at the famous Bora-Bora where we will be waiting for you to check-in and get all the preps before boarding for the party. It usually takes us about an hour to get through that important phase of our premium party every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. Make sure to be there.

 Then, everybody gets on board at 5:20 and our boats leave at 5:30. That’s when you get to experience the Cirque de la Nuit party. The event of your life begins. This is the only boat party with a Certificate of Excellence in five years in a row. Be part of it!

Also, besides dancing and drinking on Cirque de la Nuit you get the chance to jump from the 4mts dive board and water slides into the magnificent Mediterranean turquoise waters during the swim stop. You and your friends will be assisted by our lifeguards if needed.

We came back upgraded.

Join us in the greatest boat club parties!

cirque de la nuit information

Ready to take over again, ready to sunset party, and ready to give you our best. Our floating boat club welcomes you this season whether you are vacationing or celebrating your wedding or having your birthday private party.

You name it. Here at Float Your Boat Ibiza, we are at your service. Feel free to check our party boats and special offers in this webpage.

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