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Cristian Varela


Cristian Varela

If we have a classic DJ in Spain that he remains on top is Cristian Varela, he has been working for 20 years and he gets an excellent reputation not only in Spain, but in the international electronic music scene. He has all the experience that a DJ could has, but he has an innate talent as well, something special that he never learned, he had it the first day that he made his first mix.

Cristian Varela is able to export our particular sound to the world, and for him it’s not only DJing, he is producer, composer, promoter and entrepreneur, he knows everything about this business.

But he is a complete artist, he composes music for films, theatre, commercials and shows since 1986, probably you had not been born when he started to do music. In this time he had time to work with the best label like Sony/BMG, Blanco y Negro, Toolroom, Bedrock or Intec. One of the best, probably the best independent label in Spain is Pornographic Records, a label that he built along years just working hard and looking for the best talent around this country. Not all the labels today can say that they have worked for 15 years.

When he plays on live he uses three or four turntables at the same time, a unique performance that all of us remember, not only by the material used, but for technical skills. You can enjoy him every week in his radio programme, it’s played in 70 radio stations from 30 countries.

He is one of the Beta tester Pioneer International and since 1996 he works as a teacher at CEV-Madrid, a school of communication, image and sound.

The list of his awards is endless, all kind of recognitions included best Spanish DJ for many years or Best Techno DJ at DJ Awards 2013.

Come with us and enjoy a session with a myth, Cristian Varela is waiting for you in Ibiza with “Float Your Boat”, book your tickets now if you want to join us!