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Andy Baxter


Andy Baxter

Andy Baxter has a very personal characteristic, he can have a look to the dancefloor and know what is what it needs. In Pacha Ibiza he covered all kind of music, because of this, we can say that Andy Baxter is one of the most polyvalent DJ’s in Ibiza, where he has been mixing music for long years.

Balearic sounds, hip-hop, disco and groove, everything can be a reason of inspiration to this musician. Another feature of Andy Baxter is his undeniable technical skills. In his case his work is not only playing music, he mix on live, if you are lucky you can see him creating sound in each show, and this is all an experience  in fact he is the main host in the Pioneer Lab and he demonstrates the latest equipment of this label to the international stars who visit the P.L.

“We Love Sundays” have seen him in their sessions for a long time, “Café Mambo”, a very characteristic place in Ibiza, is him second home in the Spanish island. “El Chiringuito” and “The Shop” are other institutions in Ibiza where you can enjoy him weekly.

Ibiza 123 Festival is another hit in his career. This festival featured artists like Lenny Kravitz or Elton John, and he was the option to play the residence in this event between the best DJ’s in the world.

If you have the opportunity to see a sunrise listening his music you’ll live a unique experience, something you’ll remember many times therefore this is one of the reasons why he won the prestigious Ibiza DJ Awards as the best Ibiza DJ in 2012.

His huge music knowledge allows him a continuous evolution, you can enjoy him every season and you will discovered something different in his sessions. One of the best DJ’s from spiritual home dance and one of the most representative DJ’s of Ibiza style.

Join us in “Float your Boat” and you will discover all the things that Andy Baxter can offers you.