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Philip George


Philip George

“Wish you were mine”, a song to get the glory, that’s what Philip George did with this track, but this mixer is much more than just one hit, in fact he is working with some names that everybody knows.

Probably you know Nottingham because they were champions of Europe twice, and you may know something about the Nottingham forest and Robin Hood, but soon you’ll know this British city because is the birth place of Philip George.

Using a sample taken by Stevie Wonder he was able to compose a hit that travelled around the world, this can seem simple but hundreds of us try it every summer and just a few get it.

Philip George can be known as the first real DJ born in the Internet. Soundcloud was his platform, a good product did the rest, people listening again and again his music did like artisans work, patiently and giving a different result every time.

He says that he just makes house, “house is house”, and that’s a good attitude, someone that doesn’t think house like drawers with different contents, house is just one thing that everyone can read very different.

Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars used him to mix “Uptown Funk”, probably you heard it, now he is the big British promise in dance music, but for him all this success is simply unreal, something that he never imagined, but we are still surprised when we listen his samples, where have you been all this time Philip?

In “Float Your Boat” we look for the best promises in electro music, we know that Philip George will be one of the big here in Ibiza, come with us and enjoy “Wish you were mine” and Philip George.