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02 septembre 2022

9 best bars in Cala d’Or

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Nobody finishes a good holiday without having some fun and enjoying a good drink in a pub or bar, right? If you come to the town, you will have to know which are the best bars in Cala d’Or to assure a perfect night out!

Sit, relax and let’s prepare your nighttime route around the best bars in Cala d’Or facing your next trip to Mallorca!

Notice that this is not a ranking. Every bar or pub here is simply astounding to have fun with friends!


Cala Gran Cocktail Bar

Are you looking for the best bar in Cala d’Or to drink a perfectly delicious cocktail? Cala Gran Cocktail Bar is one of the best options.


With its open air terrace and their fully decorated cocktail glasses, the experience will be just perfect.

Located at Carrer Boulevard d’Or, 4, it is only a few minutes away from the seashore. Enough water for the day? No more sunbathing? Go and relax with a good drink!

Their cocktail menu has the most famous beverages of all time, featuring the Moscow Mule, the Caipirinha or the Negroni. A trip around the globe inside a glass!

The Quarterdeck Café Bar

Colourful drinks and probably the best bar in Cala d’Or to drink a good Gin tonic. Its terrace is inside the marina, a fact that assures an amazing view while you relax. The blue and white colours of The Quarterdeck will give you all the nautical vibes of the area.


Its drinks menu includes premium liquors such as Gin Mare or Jose Cuervo Silver. An impeccable decision if you enjoy the combination of premium drinks, the best professionals and facilities with a unique taste for quality and design, not to mention its night party mood.

If you pass by near Port Petit, this is a mandatory stop!

Jolly Roger

Ahoy! Are you ready for a real pirate meal and a jar of beer?! In the Jolly Roger, you have both! One of the best bars in Cala d’Or to eat and drink like a real sailor! In addition, you can enjoy the views the marine has to offer. Incredible boats that will make you feel like if you were in the middle of the ocean.


The thirst and hunger will be over anytime! Is it midday? Nighttime? Lunchtime or dinner time, not a problem in the Jolly Roger. The simplicity of its menu resides in the quality of the food.

You can find this bar at Carrer d’en Perico Pomar, 4. Set sail and let’s go!

The Port Pub

Yes, it is located in the port. The name doesn’t leave empty spaces in your imagination but, this is the main reason why you know you will not fail, choosing The Port Pub as one of the best bars in Cala d’Or.


It’s terrific views over the marina, combined with a great team of professionals, gives you the perfect mixture for a delightful time you will never forget. Its great music creates an ambiance ideal to achieve the relaxation you deserve at your holidays. Good drinks, good vibes… what else could you ask for?

It is located at Carrer des Port Petit, 101.


Do you like the Hawaiian vibes? If you do, Kalypsotuttifrutti is a must! The decoration will immediately transport you to the realm of the flowers and aloha. But, its decoration is not the only thing that will make you feel like if you were at the Hawaiian archipelago. Its drinks are just pure fantasy! Fruity cocktails that will make your taste buds go crazy!


One recommendation you should have in mind is to make a reservation before you go, due to the high volume of people that want to enjoy this Hawaiian trip. You can find this bar of Cala d’Or easily at Av. de Bèlgica, 28.

Lola Mallorca

The definitive lounge restaurant and bar in Cala d’Or? It is possible that you are talking about Lola Mallorca. Why call it “the definitive”? It has everything you need in a bar at Cala d’Or. Beers? You have them. Cocktails? You have them. Tapas?! Of course, you have a good variety of them!


You can see all the preparation process because its kitchen is completely open. No matter if it’s for lunch or dinner, the experience will be always the best! Find it easyly at Carrer d’en Toni Costa, 16.


Much more than a thematic bar in Cala d’Or. Aye, it has pirate vibes and, if you like this kind of bars, you are going to enjoy it a lot! If you do not like it specially, don’t worry about a thing. Its food is just great at its quality-price ratio.


As it could not be otherwise, the bar has astounding views of the marine and… a menu just for Gin tonics! A great variety if you are looking for different flavours. The Smugglers is located in Avenguida de Calle Llonga 2. Don’t let the opportunity pass by!

City Cafe

The sweet stop of this post comes from the spectacular City Cafe. Fancy an ice cream? City Cafe is one of the best bars in Cala d’Or to enjoy this sweet pleasure.


But don’t let yourself get distracted by their homemade desserts and ice creams, they have a lot of cocktails to offer too! And one important thing: live music! Yes! Here you can enjoy the music of different artists live and loud!

What an experience, right? This is a choice that can’t fail!  It is located in the Calas de Mallorca shopping centre.

Molly’s Irish Pub

We needed to add an irish pub in the post of the best bars in Cala d’Or, and Molly’s is just the perfect place! It has everything to offer, perfect food and good drinks! Nothing more is needed for you to enjoy your holidays!


This is an obvious choice if you want a good old pint, and a typical Irish meal. The real deal for pub lovers and an unforgettable bar in Cala d’Or, located in Es Forti.

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