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26 mars 2022

Beach Clubs Ibiza – The Ultimate guide – 2022

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Welcome! In this article we will give you an overview of the best beach clubs on the island of Ibiza.

We want you be as informed as possible when you plan your holiday to the white island.

These locations are perfect for soaking up the sun and sea.

While you enjoy some of the best Balearic grooves and mediterranean cuisine.

Before your night out at Ibiza´s most famous clubs.


CBBC, Cala Bassa

Cala Bassa Beach Club is one of the most well known and diverse beach clubs on the island of Ibiza.

From its Balinese beds with views of the pristine turquoise blue waters to its aquatic sports area.

Cala Bassa is one of the best options in Ibiza for a full day outing without having to leave the beach.

As the music builds throughout the day, you can enjoy Cala Bassa Beach Club´s variety of cuisines.

Relax on one of their sunbeds while you sip one of their delicious cocktails.

You can even book a massage in between the palm trees if you want to take your relaxation to the next level.

While you listen to the Balearic sounds of CBBC´s resident DJs.

When it comes to the food you have quite an array of options at CBBC.

All options below have views of the forest and sea surrounding your table.

  • Chiringo CBBC offers classic Mediterranean cuisine
  • CBBC Restaurant offers more of a fusion menu
  • Sushi CBBC offers some of the best sushi on the island created by their sushi chefs who have more than 25 years experience. Try the Dragon Roll!
  • Gourmet bar has the most exclusive unique dishes and ingredients which CBBC has to offer
  • Snack CBBC is their snack bar on the far end of the beach which offers a more basic menu pizzas, sandwiches, hamburgers, etc.

As you can see Cala Bassa Beach Clubs Ibiza is much more than just any beach restaurant.

At the end of the beach close to Snack CBBC their aquatic sports area offers jet ski and paddle board rentals.

They also offer a dingy service to/from your boat or yacht upon request.

cala bassa

Ocean Beach Club Ibiza, San Antonio Bay

Ocean Beach is another staple beach club on the west coast of Ibiza.

Based in San Antonio Bay, O Beach as it is commonly referred to is widely known for its day club pool parties.

Typically international DJ´s are featured on an almost daily basis during the summer months.

Ocean Beach also offers a restaurant with tantalising fusion cuisine.

You can dine while lying by its pool, or in its garden area before the party gets started.

They also have a VIP area and Sunset Roof Garden.

For those of you who prefer a more private and exclusive experience while visiting O Beach.

The luxurious sunset roof garden offers a premium chill out area for all guests who are looking for something extra special.

With elevated views of the pool and garden areas below, as well as a view of the port of San Antonio and of course the sunset.

ocean beach

Nassau Beach Club Ibiza, Playa den Bossa

Nassau Beach Club is currently the most popular of the beach clubs on Playa den Bossa.

Known for its groovy ambiance during the sun soaked hours of the day, and the chunky basslines of the party vibe in the evenings once the sun begins to set.

At Nassau Beach you can come to enjoy lunch at the beach and end up staying long into the night if that is your kind of thing.

With a cocktail in hand you can relax on one of their ample sunbeds.

Or book in a massage to take your relaxation to another level before the party gets started.

Nassau Beach Club also offers a dingy service if you are arriving via boat or yacht, to bring you directly to your table or to the party.

Beso Beach, Formentera

Beso Beach is located within the natural park of Ses Salines on the coastline of Formentera, just before the beach of Ses Illetes.

It is a 20 minute walk from the port of Formentera, along the dirt track which hugs the coastline.

If you are arriving by boat they also provide a dingy/ sail boat service.

Their restaurant offers a fusion of Mediterannean cuisine with a flare of Basque flavors.

Since its located so close to the seafront, they boast the freshest of the fresh when it comes to fish, paella and seafood dishes.

The essence of Beso Beach resides in its clientele.

Its local staff and friends all unite here in the afternoons to enjoy the food, music and sunlight gleaming off of the sea.

The restaurant has spectacular views of the beautiful coastline of Formentera, and even of Es Vedra in the distance.

You never know who you might see or run into when you make a visit to Beso Beach.

 beso beach

Experimental Beach, Cap des Falco

Located in the southern salt flats of Ibiza, Experimental Beach is a one of a kind experience.

Once you are on the road to Salinas, there will be a sign on the right hand side for Experimental Beach.

Come off the road onto a dirt track which winds along the salt flats.

Passing by various species of birds and wild flamigos (which live year round in these salt flats).

When the road ends, you will have arrived at this extremely secluded gem of a restaurant.

Lined with beach beds if you fancy having lunch while sunbathing.

Experimental beach is popular amongst the locals for its sunset DJ sets.

It also has stunning views of not only the sea, but the southwest coastline of the island.

The food here is delicious but expensive, just like many of our favorite restaurants around the island.

There are some trails from the restaurant that go up into the area of Cap Des Falco (5 peaks hike).

You can also walk down from the restaurant to the round stone beach of Es Codolar.

sunset bar ibiza experimental beach

Nikki Beach Club Ibiza, Santa Eularia

Tucked away on a beach in the Santa Eularia area of Ibiza.

Nikki Beach provides its guests with a stylish place to dine and play.

Come for a swim in their pool, or lunch on one of their sunbeds.

While you listen to the tunes of their resident and guest Djs.

Their restaurant offers international cuisine with a spanish flare.

Their menu highlights healthy salads, innovative sushi rolls, freshly caught seafood, and slow roasted free range rotisserie chicken.

They also offer sushi boats and sharing platters for bigger groups.

If you are into cocktails, try their Nikki Beach Mojito, they claim that its world famous.

Blue Marlin, Cala Jondal

Blue Marlin has a history of being one of the most famous beach clubs Ibiza.

With many international DJs hosting weekly residencies there over the years.

Such as Pete Tong, Agoria, Barbara Tucker, etc.

Located on the beach of Cala Jondal, on the white isle´s south west coast.

Blue Marlin is the perfect place for your party desires.

Their friendly staff and extensive cocktail list can quickly turn a sunny day of great food and music, into a starry night with an incredible party atmosphere.

Their restaurant offers unique Spanish/Meditteranean cuisine classics, as well as many Asian fusion dishes.

They also have plant based, and Italian delight sections of their menu for those of you who prefer a more specific taste.

blue marlin ibiza

Elements, Cala Benirrás

We can’t talk about the best beach clubs in Ibiza and forget about Elements at Cala Benirrás.

Every Sunday during the summer months, people come from all over the island to witness local drum circles on the opposite side of the beach.

These drum cirlces have been a tradition at Cala Benirras for many years.

They create such a vibe that the sunsets here are known as being some of the most spectacular around the island.

For that reason they are usually held on multiple nights per week.

Definitely a must see if you are into more of a chilled, natural vibe, and less “Beach Club” than many others on this list.

Elements Ibiza is located to the right side of the cove of Benirrás, on the island´s northern coast.

Its restaurant offers a large variety of mediterranean and spanish food.

It is also known for its sunset pre-parties, before heading to the most famous clubs in Ibiza.

ibiza 2954991_1920

Sa Trinxa, Las Salinas Beach

The history of Sa Trinxa dates back to the early 1980´s, when it first opened its doors on the beach of Las Salinas.

Over the years as it gained popularity, Sa Trinxa has become a landmark for those who come to visit the white isle.

The afternoon DJ sets at Sa Trinxa became so popular that they started to produce chill house compilation Cd´s.

These CD´s were mixed to include the Balearic sound and vibe of the afternoon atmosphere created at, and in front of Sa Trinxa.

Their restaurant´s menu boasts local ingredients, sustainably produced so that you can enjoy the exquisite and unique taste of the island.

This provides their restaurant with a completely local feel when you visit Sa Trinxa´s terrace.

They also offer vegetarian and vegan options for those of you who do not eat meat or seafood.

By far one of the original beach clubs in Ibiza.

Beachouse, Playa den Bossa

Beachouse is located in the heart of Playa den Bossa, just beyond the Hard Rock Hotel.

It claims to be a Balearic sanctuary dedicated to foodies and creatives with curious minds.

What is most unique about this beach club is that it offers daily 75 minute donation based yoga classes every morning at 09:30.

Beachouse also holds a diverse event called Boho experience on Thursdays throughout the summer season.

Its restaurant features contemporary Mediterranean cuisine inspired by nomadic journeys.

This is another place on the island that sources local produce, and converts these ingredients into worldly flavors on their open charcoal grill.

beach house ibiza

El Chiringuito, Es Cavallet

There are not many beach clubs around the island of Ibiza like El Chiringuito on the beach of Es Cavallet.

This beach became famous as the first nudist beach in all of Spain, and is prodominantly LGBTQ.

El Chiringuito is the place to be if you fancy a warm, soft and loving environment for your day time adventures while enjoying the white island.

Their restaurant´s motto is simple, honest, and great tasting food using the finest locally sourced ingredients where possible.

Its vast menu is primarily Mediterranean, but offers international cuisine as well, with many items being cooked on their wood fire grill.

Coco Beach Club Ibiza, Playa den Bossa

Coco Beach is more than just another Beach Club in Ibiza.

It is situated at the peaceful sandy end of Playa den Bossa which creates a one of a kind atmosphere.

They offer culinary delights of a luxury class, and a service that leaves nothing to be desired.

Combining fine dining with casual Ibizan ambiance.

Coco Beach has views that span from the impressive walls of the castle in Ibiza´s old town Dalt Villa to the left.

All the way to the pirate turret used as a defense system in the 1700´s called Sal den Rossa to the right.

Come and try their famous currywurst if you want something quick and hearty.

Or their Beluga caviar for two with champagne, if you fancy a lighter dish while enjoying the views from their terrace.

Amante, Sol den Serra

Located in the hidden cove of Sol de Serra, just beyond Cala Llonga.

Amante Beach is the right destination if you are looking for a tranquil day at one of the most spectacular coves on the island of Ibiza.

Anchored on the cliffs just above the beach of Sol den Serra.

Amante Beach is the perfect fit for an afternoon of relaxation and luxury, surrounded by the natural beauty of the white isle.

Its restaurant offers modern Mediterranean cuisine for lunch and dinner.

They feature Spanish and Italian dishes which complement the peaceful serenity of the rustic area surrounding Amante Beach perfectly.

Definitely a 5 star experience if you are looking for a beach club in Ibiza with less emphasis on the party environment.

amante ibiza


Bam-Bu-Ku, San Antonio Bay

Bam-Bu-Ku is a family friendly beach club created by the owners of Ocean Beach Ibiza next door.

It is a tropical haven of relaxation, featuring a pool, day beds, restaurant, and wave pool.

Bam-Bu-Ku is perfect fit for a day of fun for all ages.

The wave pool at Bam-Bu-Ku is built with a FLOWRIDER surf machine for the adrenaline junkies out there.

It is the only flowrider wave pool on the island of Ibiza, and offers sessions and lessons for anyone who would like to give it a shot.

Sunset Ashram, Cala Conta

Sunset Ashram is located at Cala Conta beach (also known as Platges de Comte on the western tip of the island).

It is one of the most famous and crowded beaches on Ibiza.

Thanks to its crystal clear waters and spectacular scenery. 

Sunset Ashram has a privileged position in Cala Conta with their terrace overlooking the beach.

You can enjoy a vibrant sunset after having sunbathed on one of the best beaches in Ibiza.

Enjoy their vast menu of unique Mediterranean food, Indian food and even some of the best sushi on the island.

While listening to their resident DJs playing during the hours leading up to sunset every day.

Again because of its popularity make sure to book a table well in advance.

Otherwise you will miss out on this epic Ibiza sunset experience.

ashram ibiza

Cotton Beach Club Ibiza, Cala Tarida

Upon the cliffs of Cala Tarida, Cotton Beach is a fantastic place to enjoy a drink or meal for the sunset.

On the west coast of Ibiza, Cala Tarida is one of the larger beaches on this coastline.

From Cotton Beach you have spectacular views of the whole Cala Tarida area.

Known for its private parties and weddings, Cotton Beach has an excellent menu of Mediterranean cuisine.

Their friendly staff accompanies the outstanding views from their restaurant and terrace.

To access Cotton Beach Club you can walk up the long flight of stairs from Cala Tarida Beach itself.

If you are driving you will need to come from the small area of Cala Tarida north.

cotton club ibiza

Maya Beach Club Ibiza, Cala Vadella

Perched next to the cliffs on one side of Cala Vadella.

Maya Beach offers a relaxed taste of the summer party scene that Ibiza is famous for.

Its restaurant pairs its fresh local Mediterranean dishes with Spanish wines.

It also offers Italian cuisine and even a sushi bar.

Its terrace has magnificent views of the beach.

If you are lucky you will be able to enjoy the sunset during the short time of year when the sun sets directly into the sea.

Cala Vadella has quite a narrow entrance to its cove, which blocks the full sunset most of the year.

Ushuaia Beach Clubs Ibiza, Playa den Bossa

Ushuaia Beach Club is really considered a nightclub, but it does offer a beach club restaurant at the back of the club.

The Ushuaia Beach Club Restaurant has sea views of Playa den Bossa and Meditteranean food.

Of course there is always a DJ playing in the background, with plenty of sunbeds on the beach to drench yourself in sun after you finish your meal.

Hard Rock Hotel Beach Club Ibiza, Playa den Bossa

Similar to Ushuaia Beach Club, Hard Rock Hotel (next door to Ushuaia) also offer a beach club restaurant called The Beach.

This restaurant also has sea views of Playa den Bossa, and offers Meditteranean food.

The Beach also features a DJ playing in the background.

The difference between here and Ushuaia is that The Beach has periodic performances by local artists and acrobats.

These artists entertain you throughout your meal at this Beach Club Ibiza.


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