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01 novembre 2022

The east coast of Ibiza

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If you want to know the other side of Ibiza, where peace and relaxation go hand in hand, and the noise of the party becomes a vague whisper, dive into the crystal clear waters of this article, and discover the beaches of the east coast of Ibiza.

The east coast of Ibiza, is the ideal place for those travelers who are looking for a vacation away from the speed and noise that usually has in the other part of the island.

However, if you want to shake hands with civilization, here you will also find two of the most famous markets on the island of Ibiza: Las Dalias Market and the Hippy Market of Punta Arabí. So don’t worry if you ever need to return to society.


The most famous beaches on Ibiza’s east coast

Next, we will tell you which are the most famous beaches on the east coast of Ibiza, which we are sure will not leave you indifferent. Let yourself go with the flow of our recommendations and find places that you only thought existed in your imagination.


When you get to the coast of this beach, the first thing that will catch your attention will be the views it has towards the immensity of the ocean, probably the most beautiful nothing you will see in your life. Although if you look closely, and you are lucky, especially on clear days, you will be able to see the island of Formentera in the distance.

If you are looking for a perfect family day out, you have come to the right beach. Here children can enjoy not only the water, but also a lot of water sports that are taught in this area, as well as excursions.

But the beach of S’Argamassa is not only for the little ones, and is that here you can relax burying your feet in its fine white sand and dive into its turquoise waters.

We know you deserve a break, so do not hesitate to disembark your life for a few days in this corner of the world surrounded by the best hotels on the island.


The natural landscape in which Cala Nova is located is, to say the least, amazing. As soon as you reach the area, you will be able to contemplate the sea through a pine forest.

When you decide to take a swim, you will see that, unless you go quite deep, you will have to swim quite a few meters to get the water to cover you. This guarantees you a quiet swim.

It also has several restaurants where you can eat typical food of the area and with a totally Ibizan atmosphere.


In summer, beaches are usually crowded, but this does not happen in this area located on the east coast of Ibiza, where Sol D’En Serna beach enjoys a low occupancy, even in summer.

Being close to a cliff, its access must be done on foot, so it is advisable not to visit it with children or people with reduced mobility. It is also a perfect beach to disconnect from the stress of the big city.

Enjoy and book a table for you and your loved ones in one of the most romantic restaurants on the east coast of Ibiza, the Amante Ibiza.


Hopefully this article, in which we tell you which are the best beaches on the east coast of Ibiza, has helped you to incorporate into your travel itinerary these beautiful corners of paradise.

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