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16 mars 2021

Formentera in Winter: the best things to do

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The first thing you must keep in mind when coming to Formentera in Winter is that you will be having a slower pace vacation than if coming during summer. Forget about the hustle and bustle you may have experienced on its pretty sister, Ibiza, two hundred and sixty-two meters away.

Coming to Formentera at any time of the year is truly a peaceful holiday. If vacation for you is quietness and quality time then this is your season in its beautiful towns or in a Formentera Beach Cruise. In fact, if you are looking for peace and relaxation and beauty, this is the right time and the right place.


Formentera in Winter: the best things to do

Formentera in Winter it is so wonderfully quiet that your ears will get a massage with the natural noise of the wind running through your body and the trees. It is time for a swim, and for a more cultural and traditional break. Book your hotel in advance because less than 10 hotels remain open during this season.

In many parts of the world Winter is really cold, but in Formentera, Winter is still a great season to visit the beautiful island and to get an amazing tan. In case you have doubts about when Winter is in Formentera, let me tell you it is during December, January, and February. Those months are quieter than the others since some of the places decide to take their time off during winter because the crowds of tourists are gone so they let their employees go for vacation.  They are the best months for getting around Formentera.

Formentera’s beaches are among the 5 top of the World’s best places to visit. The weather during winter is usually 15° with periodic clouds, and it rains 5 days at the most. So, coming to Formentera in Winter is a plus in many ways, not only for the still great weather but also because of the lack of noise and packed places. No more anxiety and no more waiting for service and no more fishing for a parking lot.

What you can do in Formentera in Winter

formentera in winter activities

Formentera in Winter is so much different from the high season when finding a place to park or a hotel to stay in could be a little stressful. It is so quiet and with so many places closed in Winter that you may think it is as hard as in summer, but it is not. Here we help you find the best things to do during your time on this gorgeous island in winter. Whether you come for a day or a month those are the best options for you

Chiringuitos and sunsets

Come and behold the famous and breath-taking sunset at the beach while savouring a great drink. There are some chiringuitos on the beaches of

Formentera in Winter is waiting for you. Those chiringuitos are beach bars that are open during the off-season to offer you drinks and tapas. One option is a Migjorn, the longest beach on the island where you can find fried fish and Spanish food, but keep in mind that they are not restaurants.

Another good option is the chiringuito at Kiosk 62, where you can have a beer or cocktail while sitting on the beach or while talking with locals who pass by after work for a break from their routine. Come and meet some real Balearic people while drinking on the seashore in Formentera in Winter.

For the majority of the Tourists that come from really cold places where their Winter weather is snow or rain, Formentera in Winter is a paradise where the temperature allows them to be walking and drinking on the beach in their Summer clothes.

Visit its local market

One cool thing you can do in Formentera in Winter is to visit its very unique and autochthonous markets. There are more than 15 local places you can visit to try their native products, wines, and fruits. If you want to try the fruits that are in season and their dried fish then you must go to those Markets, like the Payes Market in Sant Francesc Xavier Town. There you will find fresh fruits and vegetables and at good prices.

You can go there every day in the morning and after three in the afternoons. Closed on Sundays.

Tour the island on a motorbike

Formentera in Winter is famous for its relaxed atmosphere. Way more than summer, but still great to tour it riding a motorbike. You decide where to go when to stop. The wind is strong and blows frequently giving you a great sensation of freedom. Surrounded by the most beautiful clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The sky so blue and beaches so tranquil that you will feel that you have accomplished everything in life. 

Just make sure you have your European Union driver’s license or your international driver’s license with you. Also, read all the information related to it at the place where you decide to rent it.

Private Boat Trip

Having a private boat trip to get around Formentera in Winter is definitely not only a wonderful option but also the best one for you, especially if you are here for a day. There is no best way to truly marvel at the wonders of this magical place. Its peacefulness and beauty take away your breath, but you do not die, rather get a great amount of pure energy to go back to your reality, whatever it is. This natural source of vigour gives you the opportunity to be the person you deserve to be.

visit formentera in winter

You get to enjoy twice the same freedom sensation and beauty as riding a motorbike, but you get to drink and eat during your time onboard. You can taste delicious food made right there and get to swim in the stops the boat makes. You get to see from the first row the Posedonian, which is the reason why you can enjoy such beautiful blue unpolluted waters. The sky is always beautifully cleared and pure air gets into your lungs.

We at Float Your Boat Ibiza offer you a great modern boat fleet to choose from. Our boats take you safely around the beautiful Formentera since all of them will be filled to a maximum of 50% capacity which assures the social distance space, while all contact points are constantly sanitised. All of our staff wear masks to protect you during the trip. Check out our Ibiza Beach Cruises if you’ve also planned to visit this wonderful island.

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