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23 novembre 2020

Getting around Formentera. Complete guide

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Here we will tell you how to come and enjoy your trip to Formentera. Have the right information to get around the best places and ways in this pretty island, having to worry about details and times will no longer be your case. Keep your eyes on us and find out more.


Getting to the tiny island to get the greatest time

You can come to the smallest of Balearic Islands by getting on one of the many and frequent ferries from the wonderful Ibiza to the baby beautiful island of Formentera. Pick a time, buy your ticket, and start getting around Formentera, which for many years has been one of the most favourite places among tourists.

You can bring your rental car or rental scooter on the ferry, or you can rent one of those when you get there. Its perfect size and weather conditions are the perfect place to have a wonderful time.

Its people, towns and incredible beaches, nudists and no nudist, will find a place in your heart and you will long to go back there at least one more time in your life. Formentera is considered one of the most beautiful places in the world. Visiting it at any time of the year is a unique experience and trip. In comparison to its sister, the other Balearic Islands, Formentera is almost a desertic paradise. Come and enjoy this little one.

Its pristine white windy beaches are one of the reasons why Formentera is a very popular destination all year long  for thousands of people especially among young couples because, among other things,  they can be legally nude on any of them. Getting around Formentera is a lot of fun.

You can cross the island on a motorbike, go diving and paddling on excursions, or ride on a boat around the incredible beaches and calas. You can also go visiting its Unesco World heritage site the light pink shade salt salines.

Options to get around Formentera

Getting around Formentera

Taking one of the tour buses right there at the Ferry Terminal is one of the many ways you can select to sightsee around the hot and windy island. However, many tourists who go with plenty of time and who want to make it a more adventurous trip take one of the public buses to get to the beaches and landscapes of their choice.

It is on the Ferry terminal of Formentera, though, where your trip begins and where you can make up your mind about the way you would like getting around Formentera  to know the pretty towns and really pretty beaches.

Public buses in Formentera

Public buses are cheaper than other means of transportation, and they are a more authentic way to get to know a place. Only inconvenience is that their stops may not be that close to the beaches, but looking at the positive side that every situation has in life, it will give you the opportunity to walk along its streets and among Formentera local people.

There are many public bus services departing from the ferry terminal. There are different fare prices according to the distances. Getting around Formentera on a public bus can be interesting as an activity and you can do it for a day bus ticket of 10E.

Riding a motorbike: get to know Formentera in the best way

Renting a motorbike to get around Formentera is one of the most taken options by tourists on the island. Why is it so? Because It gives you the opportunity to visit more places in a shorter time while stopping as many times you consider it is worth the look, such as places like the hippy markets, restaurants, lighthouses, etc .

The sensation of freedom is better, and it is safe to do so on the beautiful tiny island. The roads are well kept, and it won’t take a lot of effort from you since it is usually plain in all its surface. You will be able to cross the island in 4 hours at the most and take all the time you want crossing it back.

There are many motorbike and bike options at the ferry port for you to choose from, and there are many prices as well. It all depends on your budget, time and comfort zone. It is important you feel comfortable and happy with the option you take. It does not matter which option you finally decide on, you do not get to worry because there is always beauty and pleasure around you to enjoy. Take the one you feel more like it to get around Formentera and enjoy!.

Getting around beautiful Formentera by Tour Bus

Formentera offers you the great chance to enjoy it riding the tour bus that you can take at the ferry terminal. There  is a timetable and schedule to follow, so if you decide  getting around Formentera on one of those tour buses, do your best to take the earliest ferry in order to seize the day.

It will take you to the most important viewpoints of the island at the same time that you make new friends along the tour, without worrying about  routes or finding a spot to park or what the next stop could be.

Getting around Formentera nudist beaches

Although nudist beaches are not properly tagged so you can find people nude bathing all over the island as part of their touristic experience.  Most beaches at Formentera are Family-friendly so kids on those beaches usually have a wonderful time as well since the right precautions are taken to please all tourists.

So, getting around Formentera is really easy since the island counts with many options for you such as: public transportation, rented cars and scooters, bicycles and tour buses, especially from May to October since it is summer time.

Getting around Formentera by Boat

It may be considered a totally different way to do so but if what you want is to busy its prettiest beaches, then you can take this option when getting around Formentera. You get not only to have a great time on board the most modern boats from Float Your Boat  but also to snorkel, paddle surf or just swim on the most beautiful mediterranean waters.

When getting around Formentera

Getting around Formentera

There are many things to do and to see in those 83 km2 of island. The baby Balearic island waits for you to offer you the best of its beaches, food, towns and weather.

The island of Formentera is 19km of beautiful coast and gorgeous beaches. It is located 30 minutes from the white island of Ibiza, which is considered to be the big sister, which by the way it can be easily seen from its beaches and highest point, 192 meters above sea level: El Pilar de la Mola and its lighthouse.

Contact us now to get this beautiful trip. We offer you different days and times, good drinks and delicious food for you to have an even greater and more pleasurable getting around Formentera experience.

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