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28 mai 2020

Getting around in Ibiza: complete guide

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Buses are the most common way of getting around in Ibiza, and the public bus system is pretty good, inexpensive, and frequent. Privately run shuttle buses offer quicker, pricier transfers, while taxis are a great option for small groups. And, of course, you could always rent a car.

Vacation in the mystical island of Ibiza, surrounded by a sea of crystalline waters. Salt and Sun. Food and Fun: Don’t doubt it! It is your best choice. Here we will help you find out about the best way to get around in Ibiza.

The great thing about the island is that you can enjoy all kinds of transportation in Ibiza. From the airport or to any part of the island or the nearby islands because the Ibiza transport network is very affordable, well-connected and, easy to understand.



The best way to get around in Ibiza is by bus because it is easy and reliable. It frequently runs through the whole island. Also, it is one of the cheapest ways. In addition, it’s not hard to find them because public buses have safe frequent trips.

Once you get to the airport, you can ride the number 10 bus that can transport you from there to Ibiza Town. It runs all throughout the year, every 15 to 20 minutes, whereas the bus route to San Antonio departs every hour.

There are many public bus options for getting around in Ibiza. Buses that will take you wherever you wish to on the white island. They extend across the whole island connecting the popular beaches and most of the major resorts with half-hour connections between them.

It is better taking a bus the first time you visit the island than trying to get somewhere by following the -sometimes worn out- signals on the road. Besides, most hotels are near bus stations.

If you are a massive fan of getting around in buses, You will like those, because they are clean, comfortable, air-conditioned and it will cost just a couple of Euros a ride. You can check the Ibiza Bus website- in any language- to take one to get around Ibiza. Ring the bell in advance before your stop, or, you will miss your stop.

It’s easy getting around Ibiza because it`s a small island which has an area of about 571 square kilometers. You can reach the farthest part of the island by road within 35 minutes or so.


Another way to get around in Ibiza is by taking taxis, although there is always a long queue at the taxi stand outside the airport, and they can be difficult to locate in the height of the season.

Taxis in Ibiza run on a meter, so by catching an official one (with the green/red light on top), you won’t get ripped off. You can order a taxi to/from your hotel or restaurant. Just be patient.

Renting a car

Getting around in Ibiza in a rented car is a great option for you since you can collect it at the airport and start driving from there. Because of the many rent-a-car companies on the island, it is affordable and easy to do it. Don’t forget to get the full insurance and to respect all the traffic rules in Ibiza.

Renting a car gives you the freedom you need to go wherever you wish, especially because there are some taxi drivers who won’t take you to remote areas on the island. Besides, most driving licenses are valid in Ibiza. You need to bring this all the time including the rental car documents. Don’t forget a map.

Other good options for getting around in Ibiza are on foot, on a mountain bike, a motorcycle, or a scooter that you can rent on the island or in the resorts.

There are some other alternatives of transportation on the island that you may like to know about, such as:

The Disco Bus

The disco bus is the main transport of the party clubbers and hoppers among major bars, resorts, and clubs. It runs from midnight until six in the morning during the summer.

In order to get around in Ibiza riding on this peculiar bus, you have to book a seat in advance for the bus to pick you up at your hotel. The disco bus will take you to different clubs, bars, and party resorts.

This is great,  especially if you get drunk and party all night long, so you won’t have to worry about how to get back to your hotel. The fare costs only around €3 to €3.50.

Water Bus

Another local way of getting around in Ibiza Town is the water taxi. For little money, you can catch this small ferry from Ibiza Town to Marina Botafoch, Talamanca, Figueretes, and Playa d’en Bossa. And the views up to the citadel Dalt Vila are delightful!

Ferry and Boat Trips

Al alternative way of transportation to get around in Ibiza are ferries and boat trips, you can found all throughout the year that can take you to nearby islands and beaches.


You can visit nearby beaches and do other boat trips using small ferries. They could take you several times a day. There are ferry rides connecting San Antonio to the lovely beaches. Namely, Cala Salada, Cala Bassa, and Cala  Conta and the Town of Ibiza to Playa d’en Bossa, Figueretas, and Cala Llonga.

There are also, boat parties where you can get around the beautiful waters of the Mediterranean Sea, having your favorite drink, dancing with the best DJ’s and admiring the most incredible sunset view.

Motorbikes, Bikes and Scooters

Other good options for getting around in Ibiza are on foot, on a mountain bike, a motorcycle, or a scooter that you can rent on the island or in the resorts.

So, If you already have experience riding those vehicles, then, you will enjoy these fab, fun, and cheap ways. Don’t forget your helmet and be careful!


Come and enjoy your time now that you know how to get around in Ibiza. If you have any questions don´t worry you can contact us, we will happy to resolve all your questions!

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