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11 mars 2020
hen do in ibiza what to do

How to prepare an unforgettable Hen or Stag do in Ibiza

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Are you planning to have a hen or stag do in Ibiza? Congratulations! You are on the right place. Preparing an unforgettable hen or stag do in Ibiza can be really easy since Ibiza is worldwide known for being an incredible place for partying.

With sun, sea, the breeze and the sublime natural sounds, your hen do in Ibiza will be impossible to forget.


Some original ideas to do in your stag or hen do in Ibiza

Visit the aquariums to meet Ibiza’s sealife

One of the many things you can plan in your Ibiza hen do is to visit the aquariums on the island. Looking at those colourful sentient animals in their huge glass artificial houses will relax the hurricane of emotions that in most of us is formed by the stress of planning a wedding. After this calming and really reassuring activity, you are ready for some fun!

Go to the beach and treat yourself

To begin with, put on sun protector on all your body so you can enjoy for a couple of hours without problems the beautiful beaches while getting a perfect suntan. The last thing you want in your hen do in Ibiza is to mistreat your skin.

So put on enough of your SPF50, and taste one of the many wines you can get at the well-sorted bars in the beaches of the island, and of course, if you are going after mid-morning, do not forget to wear your sunglasses because the sun can be really strong!


Do not forget to go dolphin-watching in your Ibiza hen do wearing your light-colour bathing suit like a famous model. These amazing intelligent sea creatures are really good at relaxing people because of their soothing sounds underwater.

You will be at the altar all happy and full of good vibes. There are many fun activities and relaxing things for your Ibiza hen do weekend and going dolphin-watching is a great one.

An spa treatment is the best idea for taking care of yourself

A spa treatment is another great option for your Ibiza hen do ideas list. All you have to do is to check about it at the many different options you can find on the island and find the best for you to loosen up all the tight muscles before you say “I Do”.

Yoga classes in Ibiza? Why not!

Integrating a couple of Yoga classes to your Ibiza hen do, increase your concentration for the next days’ events. And it will definitely help you sleep more and better. The need of having everything under control is inherent to all human beings, and it can be very stressful so, having a yoga class during your Ibiza hen do can bring you back to the present moment and make you, in fact, enjoy your party weekend.

Doing that is a way to demonstrate to others that everything will be ok, that you trust them enough to go relaxing while the things that need to be prepared will be prepared. So more fun and relaxing things with sun, beach, and drinks!

Parties at night on the beautiful beaches of Ibiza


This is the time to think happy and to feel happy ever after. A full life of incredible happy days awaits you with your future spouse to be, an incredible life that begins with this hen do in Ibiza of yours!

There are lots of parties at night on the beautiful beaches of Ibiza. Dancing is a five-sense activity in which you will prove to yourself that being carefree is possible hours before you take the most important decision of your life.

You can smell the fresh breeze coming from the Mediterranean Sea, you can even taste the salt in your mouth from the clear waters of the beach unless of course, you are having a tasty drink. So go dancing on your Ibiza hen do and have a wonderful night.

Water parks to have the best time

Going to water parks is one of the many fun activities you can choose to do at your Ibiza hen do. Get wet to escape any stress left in your body from planning a wedding. It has been proved that water is life, so immerse yourself in any of the fabulous water parks on the island before you begin your new life.

A party boat can be one of the best things to do at your hen party

Want it to be really unique? What about a party boat? That is a very exciting and exclusive thing to do with your special friends for your unforgettable hen do in Ibiza. Incredible Party boats are available for you at Float Your Boat, where some of the world’s best DJs perform for you their greatest songs. Dance and drink while the Mediterranean Sea stares at you under the astonishing sunsets that make Ibiza one of the most beautiful places in the world.

So, booking, checking and money budgets when planning the activities at your hen do can be a little stressful, but once that part is solved, all you have to do is to enjoy every single moment of your weekend.

Do not worry about details. Ibiza is not only full of beautiful and incredible beaches and places. It is also full of efficient and capable people in all of its many hotels and clubs and restaurants and bars to make of your hen do an unforgettable one.

Visit its pretty white towns and old huge churches to get a glimpse of their real historical significance in the world. A feeling of transcendence will come into your heart which will make you deeply enjoy and appreciate more all the activities you plan for your hen do in Ibiza, one of the most breath-taking islands you could have chosen in the world.

So, do not forget to check all our different options of Party Boats we offer, fun is guaranteed!

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