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23 mai 2018
ibiza nightlife

Ibiza nightlife: All you need to know

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If you are thinking about visiting Ibiza this summer in this article we will tell you about the Ibiza nightlife. Without hesitation, to enjoy Ibiza, the best season is summer because you will find everything you need to make your holydays an unforgettable experience.

If you want to know more about the Ibiza nightlife, keep reading!

A day in Ibiza can be the most complete: you could start by spending a pleasant day resting on some incredible beach, or spend an unforgettable day in our boat-party, where you can enjoy the beautiful sunset on the island.

Replenishing strength is important, so there are many bars and restaurants where you can dine. In the same port there are countless bars to take the first drink and dance knowing people who are looking for the same thing as you.

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And when night falls, it’s time to go to one of the incredible clubs that distinguish the Ibiza nightlife.



➡ How is the Ibiza nightlife?

If you are asking what is the Ibiza nightlife this article is the answer. For many years, the street of reference of the Clubbing movement and where the whole adventure begins is Barcelona Street, located in the heart of the port of San Antonio Abad or Sant Antoni de Portmany.

From this point of reference you can choose from more than 40 nightclubs.

Without leaving the port you will have access to many restaurants, terraces, nightclubs and pubs. At each corner you will find somewhere to have a drink.

The transformation suffered by the port area of ​​the night is incredible: during the day it is a quiet place, but once the night falls, the people go out to have fun and to find the best place for a good party.

The streets and the port are full of young people looking for a good night experience, and, without a doubt, Ibiza and the Port of San Antonio Abad are the best places for it.

It is not necessary to know the area to have fun. You are going out into the street once night falls is enough to know where to go. Each street has many places to have fun. If you have doubts when choosing a place to start the party or to go at its peak, follow the mass.

Every year thousands of young people repeat their destination and return to Ibiza due to their great previous experience. When you get to the island there will be people who have already been there for a few days and who know good places. Let yourself be guided and you will end up being the ones who follow the new partiers to find the best trendiest sites.

Soon you will discover the peculiarities of the Ibizan, finding the best locals for its spectacular scenery and incredible and original party. Ibiza is also known for the staging of its clubs, but that is something you will discover yourself. Inside the clubs you can find swimming pools, attractions and, above all, a great atmosphere.

➡ Which are the best places to enjoy the Ibiza at night?

If there is one thing that everyone thinks about when mentioning Ibiza is in their Ibiza nightlife. The so-called “White Island” is famous for having the largest and most awarded clubs in the world, where year after year the most internationally renowned DJs play.

The best clubs to enjoy the Ibiza nightlife are many, but here we emphasize the most visited and recognized by tourists. We also point out some restaurants and cocktail bars where to make the Ibiza experience even more unforgettable. Continue reading to learn more about the Ibiza nightlife.


The nightlife in Ibiza town

  Pachá: located very close to the marina of Ibiza city, this is the leading company of the Clubbing movement. This is the most important club in Ibiza, since it is the crown’s jewel of the franchise.

If there is something that distinguishes Pachá from the rest, it is his VIP clientele, so you will have to wear your best clothes to enjoy the best DJs.

Pachá is famous for being the island’s most historic nightclub. The cherries are its distinctive symbol and its VIP tables and the garden for rich and famous attract a lot of customers.

  La Bodega (The Winery): a different place to have tapas, you can find the restaurant both in Ibiza town and in Talamanca.

Inspired by the spirit of the island, this restaurant of trickster philosophy, where they join Ibiza humility and Mediterranean freedom, has no rival in terms of quality and good service.

La Bodega is the perfect place to enjoy delicious tapas and good wine in a vital and authentic environment. If there is something that distinguishes La Bodega are its gastronomic events.

  Lio: member of the renowned Pachá Group, this nightclub, formerly known as El Divino, is located on the Puerto deportivo de Marina Ibiza (Marina Ibiza Marina).

It combines high quality gastronomy, live music and a disco, so it is the perfect place for a dinner with a show and to continue with the night party that it offers.

This nightclub is famous for its dinner with show, for having the best cabaret on the island and for the elegant dresses.

  Bar 1805: food, cocktails, wines and drinks. Located in Ibiza Town, Bar 1805 is an avant-garde creation where you can enjoy the best cocktails and Absinthe.

The French avant-garde with an Ibizan heart is reflected in creativity with the combination of flavors and the artistic presentations of its cocktails.

The Ibiza nightlife in San Rafael

Amnesia: located in the center of the island, near San Rafael, Amnesia is the home par excellence of electronic music in the Ibiza nightlife.

This macrodisco is known for its two great dance floors: the dark cave Club Room and the ample space with natural light at sunrise The Terrace.

Also your ice cannons can shoot at any time. This disco was famous in the 80’s for its outdoor parties, but now retains that magic that makes you enjoy the best sunrises on the terrace with spectacular closures.

The Ibiza nightlife In Santa Eulalia

▶  Nikki Beach Ibiza: restaurant located in Santa Eulalia del Río of renowned prestige after opening its doors 15 years after its first opening in Miami. Luxurious, with white hammocks offers a varied menu with dishes from around the world.

The restaurant-terrace also offers a wide range of champagnes and cocktails.


The Ibiza nightlife In Playa D’En Bossa

Ushuaïa: located on the main street of Playa d’en Bossa, on the beachfront, Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel offers accommodation and an impressive party program. Famous for its outdoor, daytime parties and its fascinating outdoor pool, this disco hotel made the competition tremble by hiring the most important DJs in the world for their parties.

Hï Ibiza: located on the main street of Playa d’en Bossa, in front of Ushuaïa, the avant-garde became a disco when Space Ibiza became Hï Ibiza. Nothing here is the same as other clubs. What distinguish this club are its two main rooms, named Club and Theater.

But the most impressive thing is its amazing play of different lights every night. But not only that, the club has three outdoor areas, gardens, private tepee tents and a DJ booth in unisex bathrooms.

Bora Bora Beach Club: the beach bar par excellence in Playa d’en Bossa.

Taking its name from one of the most beautiful islands in the world near Tahiti, the parties on the beach during the day have made this beach bar a reference for the party in Ibiza, perfectly combining disco, bar and beach.

If you still want to know more, make contact with us and we will help you to know the Ibiza nightlife.

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