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01 mai 2022

Ibiza opening parties 2022

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If we hear the word Ibiza, the first thing that comes to our mind is: PARTY. In this article, we will tell you which are the best Ibiza opening parties this 2022. Get your stomach ready because these holidays are going to be exciting at least.

In Ibiza, the best DJs in the world become gods for the humans who are lucky enough to cross the sea that surrounds the magical island.

In Ibiza, the drag queens sharpen their heels to kick the stage to the rhythm of the hottest and most exciting of summers.

In Ibiza, the gogos move over the bars of the bars like a flame of fire that crosses the sky.

People from all over the world come to Ibiza to have their piece of fun, this is why every year we find that the streets are packed with people looking to have the best night of their lives. Going out to party on the island is like delving into the depths of nightlife.

The clubs themselves and their promoters are in charge of managing the program that is implemented on the island daily, so the party will be in continuous transformation, one night will never be the same as the other.

If you want to save some money, we advise you to buy the tickets for the Ibiza opening parties of 2022 in advance, this way you ensure the best price and also do not run the risk of running out.

Due to the pandemic, the clubs have not been able to open to their maximum splendor. After two years, this is history, so the machinery is more prepared than ever.

Those known as Ibiza opening parties of 2022 will begin to be held at the end of this month of April, although, each club has its own calendars. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about these ferocious festivals, so you don’t miss a single one.


Ibiza Rocks

Opening party date: Saturday, May 21

There are clubs in Ibiza that need no introduction, like Ibiza Rocks. Here you can enter a legendary home of live concerts. A place where you can be amazed by the quality of the DJs, both residents and guests. It is the ideal place to go with your friends to spend a day worth remembering.

The price of the drinks is fair in terms of quality-price, which is not the case with all the drinks and establishments on the island, so it is one more point in its favour.

You’ll feel the energy of Ibiza Rocks as soon as you walk through the door, and once you do, you won’t want to go back.

One of the opening parties in Ibiza in 2022 that you should not miss.

Es Paradis

Opening party date: Sunday, May 1

From the relaxation that the waves offer us, we go to Es Paradis, one of the most emblematic Ibiza clubs on the island. Can you imagine dancing and the dance floor turning into a swimming pool? Well, here it is possible.

You may or may not like it, but if you will agree on something when you spend a night under its lights and music, it is that you have not seen a party like it.

If this 2022 you are looking for opening parties in Ibiza that do not leave you indifferent, and have also a wild point, this is your party.

Oh Playa

Opening party date: Friday, April 22 / Friday, May 6

If you feel like having a drink at one of the best pool parties on the island, this is your place. Enjoy at O ​​Beach Ibiza a fun daytime experience in a paradisiacal setting. Relax on the pool beds and have a great time in its many shows.

In addition to its drinks prepared in the purest Ibizan style, at O ​​Beach Ibiza you can taste incredible food worthy of a summer in a movie.

Of all the opening parties of Ibiza 2022, this is the one where you will probably end up the wettest.


Opening party date: Friday, April 29

We are not wrong when we tell you that Amnesia is probably the most iconic nightclub in all Ibiza. The most famous and well-known names line up to enter this temple of fun.

Celebrities like Naomi Campbell, Leonardo DiCaprio or Mick Jagger are some of the acquaintances who have set foot in this stunning club where the night seems to have no end.

At this inauguration they will count, how could it be otherwise, with international masters of techno. If you want to go to the queen of all the opening parties of Ibiza 2022, you know where to go.



Opening party date: Friday, April 29

There are places in the world that need no introduction, Pacha is one of them. We find the most famous nightclub on the planet. The club has recently announced that this season will be one of the best in the history of the island’s parties.

For the inauguration they will have the prestigious, and already part of the Pacha´s family, Solomun. The prestigious DJ, who has already raised the island to the rhythm, will return to remind us how things are done in Ibiza.

More than a nightclub, Pacha is a symbol. So if you are looking for Ibiza 2022 opening parties worthy of going down in history, don’t think twice and buy your tickets now.


Opening party date: Saturday 30th April

In Ushuaia things have always been done in a big way, so its inauguration was not going to be less.

The return of this mythical nightclub will be under the party called Better Together, in which the organizers offer a 24-hour marathon, yes, you heard right. The party will start outdoors, where you can enjoy the sun and the good atmosphere, and later it will move indoors.

You don’t know what a stage is until you have entered Ushuaia.

If this 2022 you are looking for opening parties in Ibiza that you will later tell your friends about, do not hesitate for a second and pack your suitcase now.

We hope that all of these events have left your body wanting to move and enjoy, because Ibiza is, above all that, a world where the most important thing is to live as if there were no tomorrow.

Immerse yourself in the paradise of pleasure and find the best opening parties in Ibiza 2022.

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