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10 avril 2022

Top 5 Best Ibiza Pool Party Places to Splash this summer

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Top 5 Ibiza pool party guide 2022: Make a splash this summer

Are you interested in traveling to a cool place this summer trip? Why not make a big splash by joining a biggest pool party in Ibiza. Obviously, your next search could be best pool parties in Ibiza. So, this article will highlight the top five Ibiza pool parties in 2022 and explain what they offer.

Before deep diving into the topic, first, we will discuss a bit about an earliest pool in the history.

Do you know that the earliest pool, “The Great Bath of Mohenjo-Daro,” dates back to 3000 BC? It’s stated clearly by archaeologists that this public water tank is the evidence of ancient socialization. Actually, people of ancient civilizations have been gathering around water bodies for a long time.

Being one of the pioneers of unique and awe-inspiring architecture, the Romans built the first “heated pool” for socializing in 305 AD. Without a doubt, the pool was an enormous structure heated by lighting giant fires beneath the floor.

Furthermore, in 1895, the Biltmore Mansion in Ashville, NC, opened up, offering the first indoor heated pool in its basement for hosting pool parties. Also, from 1920-to 1950, backyard parties in residential states were a popular hit. Moreover, ladies’ swimwear has also slimmed down to look similar to the one-piece bathing suits of today.

Since 1980, most entertaining and innovative options have added up to the pool parties till now. Even tourists wish to take a plunge in the cooling waters and enjoy while drinking cocktails. Moreover, some places are really famous for their pool parties as they provide solace and a chance to socialize. Above all, people from all over the world come to participate in games, communicate, dance, and enjoy the food. One such place is Ibiza, which is famous for its pool parties.

Why choose an Ibiza pool party?

Ibiza is famous for its nightlife, club, and parties. Moreover, it’s one of the Balearic Islands, offering equally a quiet retreat to tourists. Hence, it’s a perfect place for those who wish to remain socially active even while on vacation.

Here in Ibiza, parties start late, with the European music from Italian, French, and Spanish albums blasting over the speakers. Despite all the excitement in the air, the atmosphere of an Ibiza pool party is always relaxed, drawing a massive crowd from every wake of life.

The pool parties are designed to make people let down their hair once and throw away the stress that translates back to their hectic life. Music is a huge part of Spanish culture and festivals, and from techno to rock n roll and boho, all the vibes appeal to the respective crowd. No wonder Ibiza is called the “Party Capital of Europe.”

Top places for Ibiza pool party

All in all, the island offers not only nighttime pool parties and music but also a variety of day parties on an ocean beach. Some of the famous places that hold pool parties in Ibiza are as follows.

Check them out for the best deal.

  1. O Beach Ibiza Club

Unlike any other pool party, O Beach Ibiza Club is famous for its extravagant atmosphere. O Beach Club opened in 2012 to provide a glamorous experience to holiday makers. People who have hectic schedules or need a break from routine life, this place is heaven. You can visit O Beach to experience the fun under the sun.

The club features combine a peaceful view with a 600m2 pool on its terrace, VIP tables, and hammocks. So, people can splash around in the serene waters or enjoy the tranquility of the Mediterranean Sea.

Nevertheless, the club is the talk of the town among celebrity who need a break from their hectic life. Moreover, this place not only referred to as a relaxing place, but a place of glitzy fashion shows. So if you are interested in visiting O Beach, don’t forget to put on your most glamorous beachwear.

Famous parties: include Kisstory, ONE, and Soul Heaven, and they are back again in 2022.

Resident DJ: Grant Collins and Sam Dungate.

Address: Carrer des Molí, 12-14, 07820 Sant Antoni de Portmany, 07820 Spain.

o beach pool party

  1. Ibiza Rocks Hotel 

This beautiful place situated in the middle of San Antonio. The Rocks Hotel in Ibiza is a prominent place for live music concerts and day pool parties. Moreover, the hotel first introduced the concept of live concerts in 2005, attracting people towards it.

Actually, all events occur in the courtyard near the swimming pool, where artists and audiences can chill out or take a dip. In addition, the youth can enjoy the in-room library of playlists before joining the foray and grooving on multi-genre music.

Afterwards, the hotel went for refurbishment in 2018. Hence, this plan adds a new 360-degree space for dance performances, VIP areas for guests, bars, and place for deep disco tracks. Also, various international music bands have performed in live events up till now. Furthermore, there are 363 rooms in the hotel suitable for all groups or individuals. It also boasts multiple restaurants, bars, a sports court, and Venue Rooms that overlook the pool parties.

Famous parties: include TS5 Craig David, Cuckoo Land, Applebum, and Joel Corry, among others.

Resident DJs: The Ibiza pool party lines up some big names every summer season like Rudimental, MK plus and Craig David, and his TS5.

Address: Carrer de Cervantes, 27, 07820 Sant Antoni de Portmany, Illes Balears, Spain.

Ibiza pool party

  1. Nikki Beach Club

Thirdly, Nikki Beach Club is another popular attraction for people who’d like to enjoy pool parties in Ibiza. This day club turns into a nightclub hosting music and live dance parties with some of the famous names in the international bands. In addition, the club also boasts international cuisines, fashion boutiques featuring branded items. Everything comes with a Spanish flair, from Sushi platters to healthy salads and a soundtrack to compliment the lunch.

Moreover, the pool area in the Nikki Beach Club is exclusive for adults and teenagers above 18 years only. However, children with families can freely visit the beach and restaurant areas at any time.

Famous parties: Deluxe pool party and White isle party.

Address: Avinguda de s’Argamassa, 153, 07840 Santa Eulària des Riu, Illes Balears, Spain.

nikki beach ibiza

  1. Destino Ibiza

Destino Ibiza opened in 2013. It’s a resort of Pacha Group and is often referred to as a prominent place for holding classy pool parties. It’s situated a short distance from the beach of Talamanca and Port of Ibiza. Additionally, it offers a sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Furthermore, the resort has 170 rooms, from luxury suites to distinguish ones. Also, it has a terrace with a cherry-shaped gigantic pool lying between palm trees and wooden decks. The venue also provides spectacular views of the city of Ibiza and Dalt Vila, the sea, and Formentera.

During the day, people can sip on fruity cocktails while lazing around on the sun beds or hammocks. Moreover, if they want, they can either have a dip in the resort’s two Jacuzzis or join daytime events. Besides the beachfront amenities, the club also offers day-to-night dining, innovative cuisines and tastes gathered from the world.

Also, it offers a chance to enjoy the Mediterranean lifestyle.

Typically, the Ibiza pool party at the Destino continues till midnight. So, if you feel afterward that you still want to groove, Pacha Ibiza nightclub is just a few kilometers away. The club offers a mixture of excellent electronic beats by the renowned DJ artist of Pacha.

Famous parties: include Solomun Live, Music On by Marco Carola, and Joseph Capriati party.

Address: Cap Martinet s/n, 07819 Talamanca, Spain.

  1. Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Club

The Ushuaia Beach Club opened in 2011. It houses a hotel and a majestic stage for live music and dance performances by artists. Also, it’s the first to offer an open-air clubbing experience for people visiting Ibiza worldwide. Moreover, the hotel is just two steps away, allowing you to watch the party from the hotel terrace. Usually, the pool parties start in mid-afternoon and go on till midnight.

The whole club is surrounded by sculptures, keeping aesthetics in mind. With a capacity to house over 7000 people, the venue consists of a gigantic pool and a center stage to hold summer pool parties. In addition, there is a dance area between the stage and pool and a VIP area on the right.

These areas are always filled to the brim with celebrities and people from various walks of life. Furthermore, there is a Cloud Area at the back, which is a higher-level terrace from where you can enjoy the fantastic view of the whole club.

Furthermore, the club also offers a fusion of Mediterranean and Asian cuisines with exotic flavors. After consuming a feast fit for a king, visitors can relax by lying down in hammocks lining up the beach.

Famous parties: Event includes parties hosted by the club’s resident DJs such as ANTS, Tomorrowland, David Guetta, and Calvin Harris every elite season.

Resident DJs: Famous artists that line up the pool parties with their music include David Guetta, Martin Garrix, Calvin Harris, CamelPhat, Solardo, Tomorrowland, and ANTS.

Address: Avenue d’Isidor Macabich, 25, 07800 Eivissa, Illes Balears, Spain.

ushuaia pool party


When is the best time to visit Ibiza?

The peak season starts from July and lasts till August. On the other hand, may is the best season to visit Ibiza. As you can find cheaper flights, around 30% off on accommodations, and the best deals for an Ibiza pool party.

What do I need to bring for a day party – Ibiza Pool Party?

To keep yourself from sunburn, bring sunscreen. Also, lather all your body with sunscreen for a daytime Ibiza pool party, leaving not a single inch behind. Moreover, do not bring a handbag stuffed with irrelevant items to the pool party because every venue conducts bags searches. So keep it basic by just keeping your cellphone, wallet, and sunglasses with you.

What is the dress code for an Ibiza pool party?

The dress code is usually swimwear, but you can wear anything ranging from glamorous to casual for a glitzy pool party. However, don’t forget to check your chosen venue’s respective website. Some venues will require you to follow a specific dress code, and if you wear something against it, they might not let you enter.


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