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10 août 2020
Ibiza vs Mallorca

Ibiza or Mallorca: which one is better?

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Ibiza or Mallorca? Which one should you go to enjoy this long-awaited vacation? Which one is best to drain and remove so much stress accumulated during these countless hours of quarantine? Let’s find out!

This new opportunity to travel after so many weeks of confinement in prevention to the Covid-19, is without a doubt, a vacation without equal. A journey that represents life itself and hope.

Here, in this post, Ibiza or Mallorca, we will help you make the decision of the season. The pros and cons of each of these spectacular islands that make up the beautiful Balearic archipelago.

Both surrounded by the incomparable waters of the Mediterranean and with a perfect climate throughout the year. In each of them, you will find an airport very close to the city, which is very convenient.

Both Ibiza and Mallorca have a gastronomy that goes from a delicious pizza with snails to delicious lobsters in sauce, or sausages made with the native pigs of each island, all worthy of being tasted, as well as a great variety of wines that you cannot miss.

Of course, each palate is a world, but Balearic Gastronomy you will like, and you will be surprised. Likewise, Ibiza vs. Mallorca is tied for assets declared as World Heritage by Unesco, so the decision to take is a hard one for you!


Which island is better: Ibiza or Mallorca?

Both are great tourist destinations, but we will help you decide.

Hierbas Ibicencas or Hierbas Mallorquinas, well without a doubt the ones from Ibiza are much sweater and have less alcohol.

If you are deciding between Ibiza vs. Mallorca, the first thing to consider when making this pleasant decision is the amount of time you have for your vacation. Ibiza, known as the White Island, is a small island of about 571 km2, which allows you to get to know and enjoy it faster than Mallorca, which is about 3,640 km2.

Ibiza with its relatively small size offers you the advantage of being able to get to know a large part of it, but all of it, in about 5 days, which on the contrary does not happen with Mallorca.

In size, when it comes to Ibiza vs. Mallorca in size, Mallorca takes it all. Because Mallorca is much bigger than Ibiza, you will need more days to get to know it, unless you focus only on knowing and enjoying a single part of it and return on your next vacation to see the other side. Why not?!


Both Ibiza and Mallorca have beautiful beaches, all with their typical characteristics, with stones, without stones; large or small; sandy or not, only for children or adults; nudist or not; for dogs and pets, with adaptations for people with disabilities; with access to the bus stop, etc.

Most of them have a Blue Flag, which certifies their environmental quality and safety. There is a beach for every taste

A beach for every taste is wonderful publicity, but in Ibiza Vs Mallorca, it is Ibiza where you will get more beaches with crystal clear waters.

Many vacationers come to the islands thinking that their vacations will only be a matter of sun, beaches, and clubs. However, in all of them, there are endless activities and events that can be added to your list to enjoy even more your incredible return on vacation. 

If you want to add cultural and heritage tourism to your trip, between Ibiza and Mallorca, then Mallorca is your island. But if you want lots of beaches, but above all parties until dawn with the best electronic music DJs in the world, Ibiza is the winner.

However, do not worry about your schedule, because without a doubt you will find much to do on the islands. For example, concerts, competitions, marathons, plays, artisan markets, museums, or you can decide to go and enjoy the exciting soccer match Ibiza vs Mallorca that takes place between the teams of the Balearic Islands.

Balearic soccer matches

Each island has a professional team of players that make up the different clubs on the islands. In this case, we refer to UD Ibiza and Real Club Deportivo Mallorca.

Being on the islands and having the opportunity to see an Ibiza Vs Mallorca match will make your memories of this vacation even more unforgettable, especially if you are a fan of good soccer.

In Ibiza Vs Mallorca and its aquatic activities, you can get fun and challenging water activities that will make your stay even better.

From boat trips, diving, surfing, snorkeling, jet skis, kayaking, pedaling boats, etc. Each activity will have the guide of experts that adapt to your need so that everything goes perfectly.


In Ibiza, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the best boat party of your life with Float Your Boat.

They take place over the beautiful waters of the Mediterranean Sea during the incomparable sunsets that you will be able to observe from the full boats equipped with the drinks and music of your preference.

Visit our page now to book your party and meet the best DJs of the season. In Ibiza vs Mallorca, the boat party wins.

Ibiza Vs Mallorca, the final decision

With long, sunny and warm days on beautiful and incomparable beaches with crystal clear waters, on both islands, and with almost perfect climates from April to November, the decision of which island is better to attend on your next vacation, it is quite difficult.

We remind you that you must take into account the time you have and the amount of money you plan to invest in your enjoyment. Surrounding yourself with the rich aroma of sea breeze has its cost!

In any case, the decision is yours. But if you decide to go to Mallorca, you can take the ferry to little Ibiza for around 30 Euros and enjoy it for a whole day or two, if you like. Whatever your choice, we are waiting for you!

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