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09 juillet 2018
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The 8 Best Ibiza Watersports that you never practice

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Are you coming to Ibiza for watersports this summer and do you know all the water activities you can do on this fantastic island? Check our post to discover everything you can do if you have already chosen Ibiza for your summer holidays.

Water is the only thing you can think when summer is just here. We understand you and because of that, we have a wide diversity of sports especially if they are in the water. They go from activities in groups to the quiet and lonely experience always trying to find the best chance to offer you.


What watersports you will find in Ibiza?

Without a doubt, if this is your first time on the island and you are an adrenaline lover, Ibiza’s watersports will leave you totally excited.

You will be able to practice a different kind of water activity on each of its beaches, both for adults and children, and you will be able to find out what the watersports on Ibiza are, and find out everything you need to know about Ibiza’s watersports, by air and water for all type of ages.

After this, we are sure you’ll love the propositions we have for you. In spite of, there are yet several new watersports that you’ll discover during your stay in Ibiza. Here we go!

You can take a Boat Party with your Friends

Ibiza watersports

Inside Ibiza’s watersports we can find out one of the most commons activities for a group of families, friends, company’s employees, or another kind of meetings. A lot of people want to spend their holidays with music, soft drinks and an exclusive entertainment.

In general, this form of actions is for students. When the course is almost over, the best summer is coming and the students are obsessed with the idea to have the best party of their lives.

In order to have a great time with Ibiza’s watersports you should:

  • The first point we take into account is the security. Don’t trust in impossible discounts or last-minute offers.
  • The number of people at your party. It’s normal this part is done by more than one person.
  • The music. You have much more elements than you think. A DJ is the first choice you won’t take a responsibility about the songs.

If you are interested in this Ibiza boat trips experience, do not hesitate to contact us. We offer a quite volume of options for you!

You can practice Scuba Diving in Ibiza

The scuba diving is on demand if you are ready for making a good effort under the water. Nobody will be able to do it. Although, you are going to improve your breathing and maybe, the time you’ll spend without oxygen can be pretty long. Only brave people can do pass the experience.

Alternatively, everything is not lost. There are classes for all types of ages and qualifications. If you are not capable to try alone because of the knowledge, don’t worry, nobody was born knowing everything.

Scuba diving is perfect for lonely people. Single classes give you the chance to increase your skills. The teacher can focus all the energies on you.

Don’t let the single life stops you. Practice theses Ibiza’s watersports with a happy face!

You can take a Kayak on the beach

This water sport is usually practiced tree unique locations: in San Antonio, Figueras and Es Figueral Beaches. Whatever of them is perfect for it? Ibiza has one of the best natural aquatic environments.

In the beginning, you will have a briefing about the Kayak concept, how to paddle and keep your body straight on the kayak. Normally, every kayak is for only one person, there are exceptions where the number of people is high.

Once you have the introduction, the next step is, on the kayak; follow the instructor inside the caves, secret beaches and much more, spread across the coast. Choosing San Antonio beach activities, we can cover from the Bay of San Antonio, passing the medieval citadel of Ibiza’s Old Town.

Better options like this there are not much. Clearly, companies are hiring these water activities in Ibiza to get the employees can work better and be quite productive. They share experiences and understanding respect to the union and follow the same way.

You can visit the Aguamar Water Park

Have a sunbath, a break or nap is not the only thing some enterprises of Ibiza could offer you. We are referring to Aguamar Water Park, an adventure park for anybody in Ibiza.

Inside this space, families, couples and maybe aliens, can enjoy the water like never before. It is perfect environment for those people who are visiting the city during a short period and want to keep the hot away. You have the perfect Excursion beyond leaving Ibiza.

Check the timetable. It’s time for fun! There is not a minimum age and the only recommendation for your great time there is to apply sun protection, a sun hat and all the positive energy. The park is open since the second middle of May until almost the end of September. Now it’s open! Don’t miss anything about the fun!

You can Cliff Diving

Ibiza watersports

It is the less dangerous watersport in fact. It’s a sport with history. The first person to practice it was King Kahekili, the last king of Maoi from Kaunolu. This leader climbed the cliff and jumped into the sea. From that moment, every year, the Warriors jumped to prove their courage and loyalty.

But we must warn you. Even it’s an interesting activity to do in Ibiza in relation with watersports, “all that glitters is not gold”. Here you have some cases or situations where you need to be careful:

  • It depends on the height. If you’re jumping a long distance, the speed and the position you take can affect the result. Bone and muscle problems can appear.
  • Training before the chance is a great idea. Listen to your instructor and follow the rules.

You can do Surf Lounge

In the same way, Ibiza, and especially in the San Antonio Bay area, there is an awesome installation, an artificial wave machine which offers a real impression, similar to the sea San Antonio’s activity in Ibiza for the summer.

The windsurfing in Ibiza is now possible thank to this machine. Therefore, it’s not strange that younger people start with this technic. All moment it controls by a professional. Any level is included, with the assistance at all times.  We Promise, Surf lounge is the king of watersports.

Likewise, there are some aspects you should respect:

  • Sun protection at any time.
  • If there is an option to book the time, do it! Maybe each session is just during a few minutes: a half hour, 15 minutes, etc.

You can practice Sup Paradise in Ibiza

Ibiza watersports

This watersport is so coincident with the kayak. In addition, the only difference would be the way you stay. Sup Paradise is more for people who don’t overbalance, all the exercise is on the knees and legs and water is not a friend of you.

On the other hand, the kayak lets you sit down and enjoy the sailing. But in this case, not always, the upper part of your body plays an important role. Thus, this is one of the things to do in Ibiza, concretely, in San Francisco.

Normally, you rent a boat with the class lessons and the suit. The instructor is getting you to feel comfort and security, and when you get it, the experience is going to be marvelous.

You can live an experience on Fly and hover board

Do you want to feel like a bird, Peter Pan or Superman for a few minutes over the sea? Now it’s possible and it´s going to be pretty funny, the H2O inside watersports number one to recommend you.

It’s the combination of snowboard and acrobatic dive. For this reason, if you are looking for risk, scary and amusing situations sign up for a session and discover. You don’t need classes, just balance and a smile.

These are some of Ibiza’s most fun water sports. There is something for all tastes and ages, and in some of them you can have an unforgettable experience and feel like a fish in the water. If you want to receive more information about water sports in Ibiza and where to practice them, please contact us through our website. We will be happy to assist you and advise you.

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