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08 juillet 2020
ibiza in september

Ibiza in September: Weather, events, and more

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Ibiza is one of the beautiful islands that make up the Balearic archipelago of Spain.

Surrounded by the beautiful and unique waters of the Mediterranean Sea, Ibiza in September is one of the best options you have to forget about the chaos, stress, and quarantine that you have been experiencing in recent months, especially because there is no chaos during the high season.


How to get to Ibiza

You have two options to get to the island, plane, or boat, both are safe. The airport is less than 10 kilometers from the city of Ibiza and about 25 kilometers from San Antonio, which is the second most populated town on the island.

Once you get off the plane in September in Ibiza and have breathed the rich and purifying Iberian air, you can take a bus or a taxi, which will cost between 12 and 15 euros to Ibiza city, and if it is to San Antonio, some 25 or 35 Euros, more or less, depending on the option you decide to take, between buses or taxis.

If you decided to arrive by boat, it is because you are already in the Spanish area. Many people prefer to do this and thus be able to visit the different islands of the archipelago. Great idea especially if you are driving, it is just a matter of riding your car on the ferry and touring the islands.

At this time of year, Ibiza has an average of three days of rain and a temperature of 27 degrees maximum and 19 degrees minimum, which is quite pleasant, and as always, a sky of intense blue over spectacular beaches.

What to do in September in Ibiza

September is an important month for the Ibiza people since the patron saint festivities of La Isla are celebrated, with concerts, film screenings, fireworks and stilt walkers, clowns, and many more activities. Explore Ibiza and its patron saint festivities in September.


It all starts in Ibiza on September 8 with the celebration of the patron feast of Jesus, with costume contests, grape treads, delicious typical dishes, concerts, and gymnastic contests.

The commissions in charge of organizing this festivity always manage to combine traditional activities such as mass at the Iglesia del Pueblo together with newer but no less traditional ones, such as surfing.

Visiting the town of Jesus, which is located about 10 km from the capital of Ibiza, is a walk that you will love. Its beautiful church Our Mother of Jesus prevails with its altarpiece considered as an architectural jewel, with more than 25 figures.

This table that was placed many years ago behind the altar in the church, is a whole relic made by some Valencian artists. So, if you like the arts, you will enjoy visiting this temple during your vacation in September in Ibiza.

More celebration in September

Then we continue to party in Ibiza in September on the 21st with the feast of San Mateo D’Albarca, which is a small town in the north of the island in the municipality of San Antonio, where they produce the best Payes wine in the area, along with Other excellent red wines and fruit wines.

Going there in the celebration of their parties will guarantee you to savor them and get to know some of their vineyards under beautiful sunsets. San Mateo D’Albarca is a town that still maintains its purity and the same buildings since its inception.

Tourism has not affected its structure, so it is very possible that the little accommodation you get is really a stay in its colonial past. 

On September 29 in the beautiful white island of Ibiza, you can continue enjoying the patron saint festivities of the Island with the famous festival of San Miguel de Balansat, which is in the town of Sant Joan, where farmers and artisans abound, and where its fortified church will allow you to have one of the best views in the area.

Being already in the small and pretty town of San Miguel de Balansat during your well-deserved vacation in September in Ibiza, you have to go to know one of the most touristic points of the town.

A cave with more than a hundred years of antiquity that will surprise you with the games of colors that are reflected in the different water wells that are found there, which were designed by the same locals of the town, thus demonstrating the creativity and ingenuity of themselves.

More than just a Cave

This place, the San Marca cave, in addition to being in the middle of a spectacular landscape, will provide you with an hour or so walk, where seeing stalactites and stalagmites are only part of the show.

Fossils of already extinct species along with noise and lights, are complemented by a terrace where you can drink the wine of your choice.

These are just some of the popular festivals of the white Ibiza in September, but in all of them, there is a tasting of the typical dishes of the island. Do not miss it. Although, you already know that in Ibiza, as in the rest of the world, many parties and events are subject to change due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

September in Ibiza is an excellent option since you will not only get better prices in the airlines but also in the accommodations, which is a great point in favor of September.


A windier Ibiza

Throughout the month of September in Ibiza, the days are windier, as there is an increase in the wind of 1.8km per hour, this means that the sailing conditions are better than in other months.

That is why we suggest two things: The first is to enjoy the incomparable parties in the fully equipped boats and with the best DJ’s of the moment during the beautiful sunsets of the Island that Float Your Boat has been offering for the last eight years, three times a week departing from the port of San Antonio, which is located a few kilometers from the city.

The second is to sail around the island and visit its beautiful beaches on the catamaran rides that you can find along the island.

Ibiza in September is undoubtedly an excellent option to visit, come and visit us and enjoy your summer.

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