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01 June 2020

Ibiza closing parties 2020: complete guide

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You already knew Ibiza is the Party Island of the Mediterranean Sea. Come now to this incredible place in the world to have the greatest time of your life. There are parties all year long, but there are two times in the year you shouldn’t miss there: the opening parties’ season and the closing parties’ season.

Each club holds parties to start and bid farewell to the tourist season every year, and of course they throw parties throughout the season. We are happy to invite you to the closing parties at Ibiza.

Invite your new friends of the island, keep your cup full of your favorite drink with the open bar, dance and have fun these are the only requirements to take part in the Ibiza closing season parties.

There are lots of events happening at the same time at the end of the season, but we will tell you about the best ones.


Together we are well

The word party is one of the most popular words in Ibiza and means “to be well together”. Going to two or three parties every night is one of the most recurring activities that tourists do during their time on the White Island to prolong that feeling of being well.

In addition, they want to prove to themselves how much they can endure in the endless musical journey that each club has to offer. Closing parties in Ibiza can be exhausting, but definitely they are unforgettable.

In the message of “together we are well” that is transmitted in all the parties, including the closing parties in Ibiza, it seeks that the tourist wants to return every year to continue enjoying the wonders of this island.

The closing parties in Ibiza can involve all kinds of shows and entertainment, such as singers, artists, acrobats, magicians, DJs with their techno music, light shows, games in swimming pools, or parties in fully equipped boats.

These seasonal closing parties in Ibiza each year seem to extend their dates more and end later than previous years.

When it comes time to say goodbye to the great season, there are many ideas that clubs have to close their busiest days. So, attending a closing party in Ibiza could be compared to the concert of your favorite artist.

Not only the clubs manage with the parties, but also the hotels, restaurants, bars, and markets begin to plan their farewell activities. Each one is extraordinary in its own way.

So, if you did not have the opportunity to be in the opening parties of Ibiza, or to be in one of the many of the seasons, we invite you to enjoy the closing parties of the 2020 Ibiza season that, this year, has been so peculiar.

Each party is different from the other. They vary in price and content, time, and date. That is why you will have many possibilities to attend at least one or two of the famous unforgettable closing parties in Ibiza.

Closing parties on a boat party

Have a super view of the Mediterranean Sea, savor your favorite drinks, and dance with the music of your favorite DJ, while being in one of the many great and fully equipped boats, with great staffs, with Ibiza’s perfect weather, delicious breeze, with your favorite friends that has for you to say goodbye to the high season.

Partying goodbye in this boat is just some of the things you will enjoy on Ibiza closing parties 2020.

At Float Your Boat they will give you the most incredible sunset Ibiza boat party this 2020 for three hours that will become part of your greatest memories. Sailing and partying on the Mediterranean Sea is always a wonderful idea, either getting just there or saying goodbye.

Another kind of closing party

There are many restaurants that offer closing parties in which in addition to eating their delicious specialties, you can drink and dance and enjoy a performance, either in the same place where you finish having dinner or outside on the terrace under the moonlight and the stars.

Do not miss it and have a different farewell in the restaurant that you liked the most during your trip to beautiful Ibiza.

There are many clubs and discos that you can select to attend a closing party in Ibiza, here we recommend some of the best.

Ushuaïa & Hï clubs

The Odyssey Closing Party with a duration of 24 hours will be in the Ushuaïa & Hï clubs in Ibiza. 24h non-stop party at the two most fashionable nightclubs in Ibiza. Closing Party Ushuaia and Hi Ibiza with the biggest stars of house and techno. The date will be 10 October and the prices will go from 40 to 80€.

Club Eden

Closing Party at Eden Ibiza with Hybrid Minds, the British duo makes its debut at Eden Ibiza taking over on 31 August at a price of 20€.


O Beach Club

The grand O beach club closing party in Ibiza with acrobatics, live performances, and, of course, an incomparable atmosphere for you to say goodbye to Ibiza with no regrets. On October 9 at 25€

Rock Hotel

The famous singer Craig David will be performing his famous TS5 pool-party at the Ibiza Rock hotel every Tuesday for closing parties. Tickets on sale now: 35€ for his shows from July until September 2020.

Pacha Club

Pacha Club will be hosting the famous artist Marco Carola for one of its closing parties on October 9th. The price is 50€ for the ticket.

Amnesia Club

Mamacita 2020 will have 12 weeks ahead to bring the best reggaeton, hip hop, and RnB music every Thursday from June 25th to September 10th at the Amnesia Club for its closing parties in Ibiza.

You can party every day and every night at the many great options you can find along the seashore of this beautiful island. Closing parties in Ibiza are waiting for you to end the 2020 season. Don’t be heritage and contact us if you have any doubts!

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