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11 March 2020

Hidden Ibiza: discover the best Ibiza secret spots

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Are you going to Ibiza for your holidays? You can visit not only its beautiful beaches and go to incredible parties but you can also visit other great places and know about its culture, tradition, and towns as well. Here we will help you to find out about hidden Ibiza secret spots and their magic charm in its pretty towns and beaches.

There is so much more than beautiful beaches and great clubs and incredible restaurants in Ibiza. You will need more than one holiday to really enjoy all of its greatness and beauty.

Ibiza’s history evidence traits date from the protohistory, the period in a culture immediately before its recorded history begins, before they could write their own history. We will tell you about a hidden Ibiza that you will find really amazingly interesting.

Places like the Puig des Molins (necropolis) or Sa Caleta (settlements) or The Fortified Upper Town(Alta Vila), among other sites, tell us that there is much more to see and admire and love in Ibiza than its wonderful crowded beaches during vacation.

So plan ahead your vacation so you can also visit some of its best-hidden gems in Ibiza.


Atlantis ibiza -Sa Pedrera

This is a hike on its own, takes a while to get there, park as near as you can to torre den savinar or AKA Torre del Pirata and walk walk walk.

This is just in front of the magical island of es vedra, i would not suggest this place to go with kids as it´s very steep.

This man carved into the rocks site is very unique, the used these stones “mares”, for the walls at Dalt Vila in Ibiza town, as the rock is quite easy to cut.

Place loved by hippies specially in the 60 as its was somekind of place of cult.

sa pedrera atlantis

Puig des Molins Museum: something totally different

This city of the dead is nowadays a museum where more than 3.000 tombs have been found, although only more than 300 are open to the public. It is the best-preserved necropolis in the Mediterranean and it is located 500 meters of Puig da Vila since the 7th Century when it was founded by the Phoenicians. Come and enjoy this hidden Ibiza spot.

Visiting this area that was declared a World Heritage site by Unesco on December 4th, 1999, can give you a wider knowledge of a hidden Ibiza that you didn’t know about. It is a small museum but its collection and exhibitions are really interesting. You will find always a reason during your vacation to go back there and check it out.

Sa punta Grossa Lighthouse

Located past Cala San Vicente beach is another hard to find unique place but well worth the hike.

Build in 1847 and abandoned in 1914 had a 15 mile reach at night.

Again not the best place to visit with kids as the clifs are quite the fall and is a bit risky for the little ones.

punta grossa


Sa Caleta: so charming you will not resist it. “Ibiza secret Spots”

sa caleta

The Phoenician settlement in Sa Caleta is located on the southwest of the island and about 10 km from Ibiza Town. It is a great place to visit and one of those hidden spots you cannot miss. This will be the opportunity of admiring the antique foundations of the Phoenician people.

By going there you are both learning about Ibiza’s great culture and having a great time. Near there you can find and enjoy Es Codolar Beach which happens to be one of the least frequented ones in Ibiza because of its many rocks or boulders in the sand and it is right under the area where planes fly. This hidden Ibiza will enchant you forever.

Cave of light – Ullal de na Coloms

What a palce, again a long and not a easy walk, hike, to get here but well worth it.

Amazing cave north west of ibiza, you wont find a single indication to get here. situated in Cala Aubarca which is also an incredible bay without any sand to find.

If your into diving, snorkeling o clif jumping this is your place

This is as ” ibiza secret spots ” as you can get


Ibiza does not only inherit ancients settlement and a necropolis from the Phoenician people in ancient times. Ibiza also has inherited the wine economy and the winemaking from them.

So, one of the Ibiza secret spots for you to visit during your holidays is some of its wineries. You get to choose from Can Maymo, Sa Cova, ibizkus Wine, Can Rich and all of its variant red, white or sparkling! Hidden Ibiza wineries can be really aromatic.

Jondal Mount in Sant Josep: the most beautiful views of Ibiza

Come prepared to enjoy one of the most beautiful views you will see in your life. Jondal Mountain in Sant Josep de Sa Talaia with 475 meters tall is the highest peak in Ibiza.

While going up you will be able to discover the real hidden Ibiza and see the typical flora and fauna of the Mediterranean zone. Once you are there you can be sure you are enjoying one of the best secret spots in Ibiza. A paramount view of the whole municipality awaits you in this place.


Natural Park Ses salines: get to know their fauna

Of course, you travel to Ibiza to enjoy its sun and beaches and spectacular sights, but getting to know a little bit about the hidden Ibiza and some of its endemic species is worthy because they are really important since they are rare.

Due to its geographical conditions, not a variety of animals can be found, however, visiting the Natural Park Ses Salines can give you the opportunity to admire and learn about some ancient lizards or invertebrates or some of their genets or their Ibizan hound dog or its marine flora and fauna. Hidden Ibiza unique animals are worth watching.

So, when you go to the south part of the Island don’t hesitate to visit this natural park which is one of the best spots in a hidden Ibiza. Also, right in the middle of this natural park, you can find the Torre de Ses Portes, a beautiful antique tower with turquoise waters.

Cala d’ Hort: mysterious and magnetic

One of the well-known best secret spots in Ibiza is Cala d’ Hort from which you can stay for hours admiring the astonishing view of Es Vedra, their green giant uninhabited island of 413 meters tall in the municipality of Sant Josep de Sa Talaia, that is the southwest of the island. Es Vedra is really a hidden Ibiza gem with all its mystery and magnetism.

Es Vedra is an inspiration for some of the local stories and legends. If you don’t go there, then you cannot say you went to Ibiza. A few kilometers from Cala d’ Horte you will find Ses Paisses, an archeological site settlement founded during the 5th century B.C. Enjoy!


Cala d’ En Serra “ibiza secret spots”

Located in the northern part of the Ibiza Island, this breathtaking well known Ibiza hidden Cala will make you come back again to enjoy it even more of its peculiar horseshoe shape and clean clear warm waters.

Getting there is also a marvelous drive since you get to admire some of the greatest views of the Mediterranean Ocean and part of the way you have to walk it up. Bring your camera. You will take great pictures of postal cards.

Don’t underestimate the steep rough hard path down and up but trust it is worth the walk. Its uniqueness goes from its wonderful colors and refreshing pure smells. Make sure you bring water, food, sun protection, and sports shoes.

Unfortunately, this incredible beautiful hidden Ibiza gem of nature is not created for small children or people with reduced mobility because it is not easy to access. Once on the sandy beach, you can go snorkeling, swimming, and diving. There are some big rocks you can jump from and have an adrenaline rush. Apart from your friends and your own noise, peace and quietness will be your accompanies.

If you want to explore all of the hidden spots from Ibiza, then you can count on our cruises to really getting to know the uniqueness of this isle nature. Check all our prices and book a trip with us!

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