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Jason Bye

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Jason Bye

Jason Bye was born in London, but for some reason he resides in Ibiza, in fact, We love Space & Café Mambo are the two places where he has his main residence. Punk + Garage + Ibiza, Jason Bye.

The British DJ was one of the first residence DJ’s in Café Mambo Ibiza, where he was playing regularly during the summer. Amnesia Ibiza was another place where he has been residence DJ for 4 years, after that W-LS Ibiza, Sydney and London, an international career full of success.

As many DJ’s he started in electronic music experimenting with sounds and his own rhythms, Breakdance an B-boy electro beats were the bases to make his first music, after these first experiences Jason Boy moved his compositions to Garage and house in early 90’s.

Jason Bye arrived to Ibiza looking for new inspiration that was a crucial factor for himself and for Ibiza. In Café Mambo he started his own experience in this magic island. In 1994 he was residence DJ in many places around the world like Amnesia, Manumission, Cream, Up ya Ronson and We Love Sundays, in this last club he has been playing his own music for 12 years each Sunday.

Jason Bye is recognised around the world, he worked for four years in Sydney in Home disco in the main room as residence DJ. Working in this place he played for 20,000 people on NYE 2,000 in Bondi Beach. NYE Manchester, Pacha Buenos Aires or Pacha Sao Paulo have seen him driving their shows.

One of the most interesting projects of this DJ was 971 Club Radio Show, a radio programme from Ibiza with an audience of 260,000 weekly. Jason Bye loves dance music and all the dancers loves him, Ibiza is pleased to have him each year in the best parties and thanks to Float Your Boat you can enjoy a private party in a boat, just you, your friends and Jason Bye, join us and book your tickets.