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Private Boat Party in Ibiza

Are you thinking about coming to Ibiza and checking out what to do? We have the right activity for you to enjoy the island at its best. We offer you a private boat party Ibiza where you will have a blast.

Why you should choose us?

We have the perfect place: the wonderful Ibiza

Ibiza is one of the most beautiful places you can think of. It is located on the Mediterranean Sea, and it is part of the Balearic Archipelago. Ibiza gives each person the vacation of their dreams with the opportunity to have the best private boat party Ibiza of their lives. Party all you want to, breathing pure air and admiring astonishing views all at once. Ibiza is full of energy with blue flag beaches that marvel you and all visitors.
Ibiza has the most incredible sunsets and sunrises. We, at Float your boat are happy to take you on our private boat party Ibiza to contemplate these natural shows while partying and having a blast with your favourite friends and family from the sea.
Ibiza has perfect weather all year all. Including winter, Ibiza awaits you with temperatures you will enjoy during the sunny day and lively nights.

We have the most modern boats

At our fully-equipped modern boats we take seriously the sanitarian measures so we all keep it healthy. Our boats will respect the 50% capacity rule to maintain the social distance.
Our boats will depart from San Antonio to take you to your well-deserved private boat party Ibiza so you can dance and get a perfect tan at the same time, drinking and eating your favourites, all in our safe boats with our efficient staff.
Also you can dive in, swim a while and take awesome pictures. If you prefer you can Paddle or Snorkel during your private boat party Ibiza as part of your great experience with us.

Food on your private boat party in Ibiza

Did you know that at your private boat party Ibiza we cook for you? Yes, we have the most delicious Paella cooked on board for you if you want to. There are options for the things you can do in your private boat party Ibiza with us.
Our private boat party Ibiza is highly recommended for families and groups who are eager to enjoy life as it comes: salty, windy, sunny and partying on.




Private ibiza boat party