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11 March 2020

The best secret beaches in Ibiza

We are happy to know that you have planned your next holidays in one of the islands of the Archipelago of the Balearic Islands of the Mediterranean Sea. Ibiza, the white island, is the greatest option for you. In Float Your Boat we take you on a tour around the best secret beaches of Ibiza.

There, you are going to have a great time enjoying all of its magic and wonderful places. It is really worth taking some time to dive in some of its secret beaches in Ibiza and get the benefits of the salty water and sun on your soul and body.

If you are giving yourself some quality time and you desire to get away from crowds, traffic jams, stress and, noise, then keep reading this post, because loving yourself is priceless. Lift your spirit and take a new full tank of energy provided by Mother Nature which you can find in Ibiza’s best-hidden beaches.

Here we present you some of the best secret beaches in Ibiza.

Cala Xarraca, one of the best beaches

From the many secret beaches in Ibiza, this beautiful hidden beach is located at the north-west of the island in a town called Portinatx in Sant Joan de Labritja. It is a 90 meters long breathtaking beach and 15 meters wide.

Despite the fact that it is one of the most isolated beaches in Ibiza, it has facilities like parasols, a restaurant, and a small parking lot. Its calm crystalline waters really give you good vibes and the stunning view of white houses on the horizon can make you stare at them for hours.

Also, its greatest unique feature is a natural mud area considered to have healing properties for the body, especially dried skin. It takes a 30-minute drive to get there from Ibiza town.

Some people like to come to this secret beach to do snorkeling or rent pedalos to paddle the whole bay, others prefer to walk along its rugged red cliffs and rocky paths ways and take amazing pictures.


Platja De S’aigua Blanca, the hidden beach

This Mediterranean beach is one of the best secret beaches in Ibiza located in the north-east of the island, 15 km from Santa Eulalia Town and 3 km from Sant Carles with no easy access and an officially nudist one.

If you don’t like getting splashed by other people while sunbathing on the sand, this is the right beach for you. Away from crowds and really beautiful, this hidden beach is perfect for relieving stress and relaxing. From all the secret beaches in Ibiza Platja de S’aigua Blanca is perfect for you.

You can cover yourself with the clay that is found in its rocks and it is beneficial for the skin. There is a steep slope you have to walk in order to get to this secret beach and be able to enjoy its peculiarities but soon you will find out it was worth the walk.

There is no public transportation that gets you exactly there but you can always rent a car. There are showers and a bar-restaurant before the beach that you can make use of if desired.

The secret beaches in Ibiza are a little hard to access but it is nothing compared to the peace and beauty you find there.

Cala Olivera: peacefulness and blue water

If you want to have the opportunity to appreciate a little more of Mother Nature, then you have to come to this precious best-hidden beach on the East coast of Ibiza in Santa Eulalia del Rio. Cala Olivera is one of the most beautiful secret beaches on the Island.

Cala Olivera has another level of peacefulness and relaxing water sounds. Being there is like finding the VIP Mother Nature secret beach spot for reconnecting with yourself not only swimming in its delicious water but also by admiring its beauty. It is a really small emerald water beach but just by spending two hours there you will have lifted your spirit.


Cala Llentrisca, only for the most adventurous ones

This is the kind of hidden beach that gives you the opportunity of not only having a wonderful time with silence and beauty but also the opportunity of exercising while hiking to get there due to its no easy access.

It is located under the cliffs of Es Cubells at 21 km from Ibiza Town. Plus, its rocky waters are not pleasant for everybody which keeps some visitors away. Its beauty is not only present in waters but in its pine forest as well. Some huts of fishers are there but that is not a problem to enjoy this natural gem. Behold one of the most astonishing secret beaches of Ibiza.

Cala Es Portitxol, the locals favourite secret beach

Near the residential area of Isla Blanca in Sant Miquel, Ibiza. This isolated beach will become one of your favourite best-hidden beaches to visit during your vacation.

It is an adventure to get there because some people can’t easily find the road so if you love walking and climbing this is the perfect beach to go to, so don’t forget to write its name on your secret beaches list.

An adventure that could happily end by eating a fresh delicious fish that you can get from the fishers right there. It is a really wonderful place to visit. You will fall in love immediately with this place.

Punta De Ses Portes. unique and beautiful

This is not really a hidden beach but its quietness and peacefulness despite the fact that it used to be a defence tower are soul-filling.

It is located at the southern town of Saint Joseph near the beaches of Ses Salines. Bathing in its beautiful and relaxing waters is a spiritual experience. Its crystal waters made Punta de Ses Portes one of the most incredible secret beaches in Ibiza.

The whole area is surrounded by clear turquoise waters. In there you can delight yoursel watching the enormous breath-taking ocean ahead of you with the “three doors” islands right there for you to see them as well as the lighthouse. Walking to Punta de Ses Portes is one of the greatest things you can do when looking for best-hidden beaches.

Cala Mastella, one of the most charming beaches

Cala Mastella is one of the best hidden well-known beaches of Saint Carles in Ibiza. Although its proportions are not as wide as other beaches, in fact, it is one of the tiniest beaches of Ibiza, this beach is perfect for swimming.

You can only get there by car and once you are there you will notice that the shore is full of small rocks, so it is good if you wear waterproof rock shoes to have a nicer experience. It is not isolated nor empty, but it certainly gives you that atmosphere you get when you are on a secret beach. Cala Mastella will be one of your favourite secret beaches in Ibiza.

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