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The average temperature in Ibiza is 17,9º C, a very pleasant temperature. In June, July and August, the average temperature is about 26º C, perfect for all the people who is coming to the island. The annual insolation reaches 2.732 hours of sun, to compare, London insolation reaches 1.468 hours. The average humidity is high, more or less 71%, and it’s because Ibiza is an island, so the humidity levels are always higher than other places, but the annual rainfall is about 439 mm. It´s very unlikely that it rains in Ibiza in summer.

The thermal oscillation (difference between highest and lowest temperature) is low throughout the year because Ibiza has a very soft climate, so there aren’t very cold or hot days.

Spring and autumn are long, but summer, the hottest time of the year, is the longest season because of the proximity of the African continent. This fact allows that Ibiza receives warm winds.

Of course, July and August are the hottest months of the year, with an average of 26º C, while winter is short and mild. The coldest months are January and February with an average of 12º C and temperatures do not usually drop below 5º C on colder days.

Best months for travel to Ibiza

The best months to go to travel to Ibiza are June, July and August. There are many reasons to go to Ibiza, but beach and party in these months are the best motives to come here. In the summer all Ibiza is a party. You will find the best DJs of the world playing here, with people from all the countries of the world, and a lot of activities to do.

Ibiza is the centre of the world in summer. There are a lot of clubs and accommodation, so this season is the best to come to this magical island, but Ibiza is not only party and music.

If you come to Ibiza in other season, you will find a quiet place with a lot of historic monuments, museums (like archaeological museum and modern art museum), hippie shops and a different gastronomical proposal. Everybody want to come to Ibiza in summer, but there are a lot of people that is coming in the other seasons to enjoy the other face of Ibiza.

When to travel to Ibiza island?

In fact, travel to Ibiza is a pleasure the whole year, but summer season is always special. If you want to visit us in summer you have different possibilities. You can fly to Spanish peninsula, and there are a lot of cities with direct flies to Ibiza, some of them are Barcelona, Bilbao, Madrid, Palma de Mallorca, Valencia, etc. Other possibility is fly directly from one of the European cities like Rome, Munich, London, Amsterdam, Lyon and much more.

If you are coming in summer, you can catch a ferry, this is a huge boat and you can bring here your own car.

Ibiza has many faces, so you can come here with us when you want. You can enjoy our clubs, our island and our culture the whole year, but if you are coming in summer you can choose your own Ibiza. This island has a huge party zone, and it’s amazing, but you can find as well a very quiet part for relax yourself, enjoy the weather and live with us.

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