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Guy J


Guy J

This producer and DJ is one of the most sophisticated and emotive producers and mixers in electronic house actually. This kind of house is sensual, perfect for people who needs good and relaxing music for a moment, or forever, his techno part is perfect for every kind of ambient, his works provide us emotions, something very important in this business.

Israel dance music gave us this guy, a country with an own electronic music culture full of references that has made a real house wave with new characteristics and rules. Guy J defined himself as “a very sensitive person”, so for him is important to translate all that feelings into his music.

Trance and progressive styles was his first bases, but early he changed that sounds when he discovered house and deep house. G. J started to produce his own products when he was 14 years old, and his first release came when he was 21, but he arrived to the fame with his work “Save Me”, deep house music that it sounded all around the world, in his own words a dream coming true.

His real debut was in 2008 with “Esperanza”, classy house for everybody. Organic and electronic mixes that has everything, the perfect balance of pure music.

As a producer, he tries to touch some different music, he says he doesn’t want to produce one type of music, for him it’s an opportunity to try new things and learn about other musicians. He created another sub-label with some close people, “Lost and Found” in which he will release his own music and he will look for other producers.

In his case it is not the quantity, it’s the quality what it matters, and we will be waiting for all the little jewels that this DJ is developing for us.

If you want a party with an exciting environment, out of the typical Ibiza’s rhythms, just book your tickets and come with us and Guy J to enjoy of the sea and his house music in the sea, in “Float your Boat” we bring you this different DJ to give you a different experience.