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Simon Morell

Yorkshire, GB

Simon Morell

The End in London, a place that gives us tons of talent, well, this is the place where Simon Morell made his own name in the DJ music, thank you London for this kind of places and all the young musicians that you have. Long time after we can enjoy FINA Records Label, some of the best known labels in the electronic world, now Simon Morell is doing his own rules in this business.

Obviously the principal idea of his label is quality, not quantity, house sound, good house sound for us under his supervision. He know that it is important for a label to release some material regularly, but these launches have to be perfect, every work speaks about the label, so every work has to be perfect.

Each year we have known more and more names under FINA, some settled DJ’s and some other that we can enjoy because Morell found them and he trusted in what they were doing. Matt Long, A.K.A. mono­_cult is the other head in FINA, an experienced musician who run this label along these years.

As a DJ, the best word to speak about him is eclectic, a kind of DJ not very usual but someone who demonstrates in each session that he knows perfectly this world. All kind of environments and in all them he has triumphed from big clubs to small bars, adaptation is the conclusion.

If you like big parties is impossible that you have not heard some sessions of Simon Morell, he has been in all the main events, including of course Ibiza parties.

Get a residence is not easy, build a reputation as an international DJ is not easy, but thanks to these kind of people you can have a label if you are really good doing this, business like FINA look for good talented people and gives them the opportunity.

If you want to enjoy Simon Morell with us in “Float Your Boat” book your tickets and come with us, Ibiza is waiting for you this summer, join us and enjoy our DJ team.