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Types of accommodation in Ibiza

There are many different types of accommodations in Ibiza. We are getting people all summer, so we provide you a lot of different possibilities to stay here with us.

The classical option is to book in a hotel. There are hotels in the whole island, so first you have to make your planning, we advise you to take a hotel close to your zone, for example, if you want to be all night clubbing in the south zone, just book a hotel in this part of the island.

Hotels in Ibiza use to be massive, and there you can find all kind of services. In any case, you can choose as well a smaller place to be relaxed.

If you don’t want to be in a hotel you have different options. There are cheapest accommodations than hotels in Ibiza, for example motels and inns. Some people come to Ibiza with just one objective: clubbing, so they choose cheaper places to be, and motels are perfect.

Another possibility is to rent a private place for some days. If you want to be in a luxury place, we recommend you to rent a villa. These villas are private houses, usually huge, with outside zones, swimming pool and other commodities. If you have the possibility check the villas of Ibiza and get one of them for some days.

A very common solution too is to rent a flat for some days. You have different possibilities to rent a flat in Ibiza, just check the options and choose the best flat for you and your friends.

Where to stay in Ibiza

It’s not difficult to find a good accommodation in Ibiza, but it’s very important to stay in a place adapted to our objectives.

You have to know what you want to do here, how many places you want to visit and where are them. When you do your own planning, you can check different accommodations around that zone, and finally choose the best option.

If you are taking a hotel, you have to be sure about the services provided by the hotel. In case that you are picking a flat, don’t forget that you have to cook and clean, so think about this before deciding.

Ibiza has some of the best hotels of Europe. Some of these places are full of services and provide beautiful views of the zone. Even, some of the most popular clubs in Ibiza have their own hotels, so if you are want to stay in a club 24 hours you can do it.

Displacements in Ibiza are easy, so you can rent a car and travel around the island, get a bicycle or simply have a walk, but if you want to stay in the beach long ours, the best thing you can do is to book a hotel close to the beach.

Ibiza hotels offer is huge, even in summer, when everybody is here in the island, you can still book a room, but if you don’t want to pay expensive process, is better to book soon.

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