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11 August 2021

When is the best time to go to Ibiza and the best areas to stay

Reading Time: 6 minutes Many tourists wonder if there is a perfect moment to travel to Ibiza. When is the best time to go to Ibiza? Any month of the year, Ibiza offers you a series of unique activities and different sports to practice. The temperature in Ibiza becomes much more pleasant, and higher temperatures are reached with the... Read More
11 August 2021

The amazing Cave of Light of Ibiza: Na Coloms

Reading Time: 3 minutes Located in the northern area of the island of Ibiza, between the municipalities of Sant Joan de Labritja and Sant Antoni, under huge cliffs, we can find the Na Coloms cave, also known as “The Cave of Light” in Ibiza (”Cueva de la Luz” in Spanish). It is one of the most hidden and difficult... Read More
05 August 2021

What to see in Ibiza? The 14 most amazing things to do in Ibiza.

Reading Time: 7 minutes Are you thinking of visiting Ibiza this summer? Do you want to know what to see in Ibiza? This is the perfect blog to answer all your questions and give you some extra tips to make your trip special. The island of Ibiza is known all over the world for its nightlife, parties, and discos.... Read More
16 March 2021

Cirque de la Nuit in Ibiza – how is it?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Coming to Ibiza and thinking about all the marvellous things you are going to do to escape your routine? Good for you. There is one thing you must not forget to include in your list: Cirque de la Nuit. Partying with us at the unique Ibiza beach cruises that gives you the most amazing sea... Read More
16 March 2021

Formentera in Winter: the best things to do

Reading Time: 4 minutes The first thing you must keep in mind when coming to Formentera in Winter is that you will be having a slower pace vacation than if coming during summer. Forget about the hustle and bustle you may have experienced on its pretty sister, Ibiza, two hundred and sixty-two meters away. Coming to Formentera at any time... Read More
08 February 2021

Formentera Nightlife: the best guide 2021

Reading Time: 6 minutes Formentera has always had a great nightlife that has made it world famous. Its beautiful and secluded beaches are not the only great things it has to enchant you. Formentera nightlife is full of options and styles that prove that you don’t need to be young to have fun. Contents1 Discover Formentera through the night2... Read More
20 January 2021

Best places to see the sunset in Ibiza

Reading Time: 5 minutes Coming to Ibiza at least for three days will give you the opportunity to gaze at the most breathtaking sunsets of the world. Here we will let you know the best places to see the sunset in Ibiza and live this unique experience that you should have at least once in your life. We know... Read More
23 November 2020

Getting around Formentera. Complete guide

Reading Time: 5 minutes Here we will tell you how to come and enjoy your trip to Formentera. Have the right information to get around the best places and ways in this pretty island, having to worry about details and times will no longer be your case. Keep your eyes on us and find out more. Contents1 Getting to... Read More
23 November 2020

Ibiza in January. Events, weather and more

Reading Time: 4 minutes Ibiza is a beautiful island with maritime economics and with a very active rural and urban life. During the last decades its main activity is not any more the port activities but also the nightlife one. Ibiza is visited thousand of times as a result of its incredible and modern clubs which have become the... Read More
29 October 2020

Ibiza in December: Events, weather and more

Reading Time: 4 minutes Ibiza is one of the most beautiful islands on the Mediterranean Sea all year long. It has perfect weather and clear water beaches during the 365 days of the year. Its wild nightlife becomes a little bit different and quiet in comparison to the summer. This time, we tell you how to enjoy your stay... Read More
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