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30 May 2023

The Ultimate Guide for Ibiza Parties 2023 (updated) – Clubs, events and line-ups

Reading Time: 10 minutes Contents The Ultimate Guide for Ibiza Parties 2023 (updated) – Clubs, events and line-ups   Welcome to the ultimate guide to Ibiza parties in 2023! Ibiza, the party capital of the world, is a dream destination for music lovers, club enthusiasts, and partygoers from all corners of the globe. With its vibrant nightlife, world-class DJs,... Read More
18 May 2023

“Family-Friendly Activities in Ibiza: Fun for All Ages”

Reading Time: 9 minutes Contents Family-Friendly Activities in Ibiza: Fun for All Age As we all know, Ibiza is known for its vibrant nightlife and party scene. It might not be the first place that comes to mind when thinking about a family vacation. However, beyond its energetic atmosphere, Ibiza offers a plethora of family-friendly activities that cater to... Read More
27 April 2023

Yoga and Wellness in Ibiza

Reading Time: 6 minutes In the beautiful Spanish island of Ibiza, many visitors come to relax, let off steam and find some inner peace during their vacation. In the midst of the vibrant nightlife and bustling beaches, there is an oasis of tranquility and wellness in Ibiza that you should definitely try. In this new article, we offer you... Read More
12 April 2023

Discover the nightlife of Sant Antoni in Ibiza

Reading Time: 10 minutes Contents Discover the nightlife of Sant Antoni in Ibiza Introduction – Why Sant Antoni is the best choice for an unforgettable holiday Sant Antoni in Ibiza is the perfect destination for an unforgettable holiday. It is a popular place for its vibrant nightlife, beautiful beaches and many activities to do. Whether you want to enjoy... Read More
25 March 2023

Which water sports are top trends in Ibiza Beach?

Reading Time: 4 minutes If you are planning to visit the Balearic Islands this summer, don’t forget to pack your sunscreen and swimsuits because you’re in for a treat! Our stunning beaches and crystal clear waters make it the perfect destination for water sports in Ibiza beach. We are absolutely sure that you will remember this experience forever. From... Read More
22 February 2023

Paddle Board Ibiza

Reading Time: 11 minutes Sup Ibiza Contents I. Introduction. Introducing Sup Ibiza and why it is such a popular activity Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) is a popular activity in Ibiza, gaining popularity among tourists visiting the island. Paddling is a fun and relaxing way to explore Ibiza’s beautiful coastline, while at the same time getting active in the... Read More
07 February 2023

Cala Salada: excursions by boat and day trips

Reading Time: 4 minutes Planning excursions by boat to Cala Salada is one of those activities that you should book a day for on your next visit to Ibiza, as you will enjoy a very exclusive experience. What’s more, you will have the chance to enjoy our waters in a different and much more relaxing way than usual. What... Read More
07 February 2023

Season of recitals and events in Ibiza 2023: visit the complete list

Reading Time: 4 minutes Typically, during the summer months, Ibiza is home to many electronic music festivals and club events, featuring top DJs and performers from around the world. Some of the most popular events and venues include the weekly parties at clubs like Amnesia, Pacha, and Ushuaïa and festivals like the Ibiza Music Summit. Check out the best... Read More
24 January 2023

Ibiza Opening Parties 2023

Reading Time: 3 minutes Contents Ibiza Opening Parties 2023 Not a lot of info has been released yet, but the rumors say they will be especially early this year. Ibiza Opening Parties 2023 here we go. Hi Ibiza – Ushuaia 29th of April, yes April and not mid-end of May as normal. So this is quite the surprise and... Read More
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