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Clara Da Costa

Clara Da Costa

We could see Clara Da Costa for the first time in a documentary about Ibiza and the night life in this island, she was about 13 years old and she said that one day she will be like all that DJs that she could she around Ibiza in the 90’s. Two years later she started to make his own way in Ibiza.

Miss Bisto, her first name, was quickly known, not only by her age, but also by her spectacular abilities. Soon, she got the first residence for a woman (girl) in a superclub in Ibiza, she was 17 and this club was Es Paradis. Her influence along all these years has been stronger than even she can imagine, she is an example for all the young DJ’s who are coming to our island to try to gain a foothold in our clubs.

She was a professional DJ, she was a woman and she was 17, you could speak with her behind the decks and you knew that she would changes many things in Ibiza, in fact, Clara Da Costa is a symbol.

Over the years he had played with the best DJs around the world while she continued with her residences in Ibiza, you could be enjoying Argentina on your holidays and find her, come back to Ibiza that week and enjoy another session of this particular DJ.

Green Turtle and Dopamine are her own labels, these are not only to produce her own tracks, she uses them to help young DJs in their early careers.

She worked with Blanco y Negro and Vale Music in Barcelona to develop her skills, 8 months and come back to the island. After that a radio programme and lots of creations with the best producers of Ibiza.

Clara Da Costa is one of the best native product, do you want to feel her sound? Just come with us, book your ticket in “Float Your Boat” and enjoy the show.