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04 janvier 2023

Es Vedra guide. All you need to know

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Ibiza is a magical island that makes everyone who decides to visit it fall in love. The innumerable coves, the fantastic sunsets, the atmosphere… combine with the mysteries of the island to make it a true paradise. But if we talk about mysteries, we have to talk about Es Vedra Ibiza.

Descubre los mitos y leyendas de Es Vedra Ibiza con nosotros .

en barco a es vedranell


Where is Es Vedra Ibiza located?

Es Vedrà is a small uninhabited islet located southwest of Ibiza, San José, although very close to the main island.

It is located right in front of the municipality of Sant Josep de sa Talaia. The islet, together with Sa Galera and Es Vedranell, make up the Es Vedrà Natural Park, one of the most spectacular protected natural areas on the island.

The best beach to see Es Vedra Ibiza is from cala d’hort, more special if you manage to reach the old quarry, quarry of cala d’hort (Atlantis).

The islet forms a natural park of es vedranell and illots de ponent, it is a nature reserve, you cannot walk on it without a special permit.

The gigantic size of the islet, (practically 400 meters high despite not exceeding 65 hectares), together with its unbeatable location in order to enjoy the sunsets are two of the main claims of Es Vedrà.

Two of the main claims, although far from the main one: the set of myths and legends of Es Vedrà.

es vedra mapa

The Es Vedra lighthouse

The Es Vedra lighthouse is not well-known as it is located on the southwest part of the island and cannot be seen from Ibiza. It can only be seen from a boat.

The lighthouse was built in 1927, but in 1959, a storm destroyed most of it, and it had to be rebuilt with concrete.

faro de es vedra

Tower of Es Savinar

It must be the best-known postcard of Ibiza, this pirate tower as they call it, built in 1756, as a defense tower although it only served as a watchtower.

This tower is part of the most popular hiking route in Ibiza and is the best place to take a photo, although it is not easy to walk there.

The tower belongs to the parish of Es cubells and for the locals especially it has an incalculable value.

torre de en savinar

Mitos y leyendas de Es Vedra Ibiza

Como en los mitos y leyendas de cualquier lugar del mundo, los habrá más o menos infundados.

Pero lo que es innegable es que la energía y el misticismo que se respira en los alrededores del islote es singular. Bueno, y que, del sinfín de mitos que rodean Es Vedrà, no nos debería sorprender que varios fueran reales. Empezamos a descubrirlo


triangle of silence

As a resident of Ibiza, you have always heard stories of the mysterious relationship of the Mediterranean version of the Bermuda triangle.

In this triangle, when navigating through these coordinates, it is said that there is interference in navigation systems such as radar or compass.

Es Vedra – Alicante Peñon Ifach – Sa Dragonera Mallorca are the vertices.

There are also people who say that pigeons and other birds get disoriented and have trouble following their route.

triangulo del silencio


It is undoubtedly the most famous of all the mythology of the area. Legend has it that Es Vedrà is the third most magnetic point on earth, just behind the North Pole and the Bermuda Triangle.

As with all legends, you can find both strong detractors of this and people who claim to have suffered it.

This legend matches the idea that the islet of Es Vedrà is one of the three vertices of the Triangle of Silence (next to the Peñón de Ifach in Calpe, Alicante, and the southwest coast of the neighboring island of Majorca).

To summarize, this is the Spanish version of the world-famous Bermuda Triangle, in which the excessive levels of magnetism have caused navigation problems and interference to the crews that sail those seas.

es vedra ibiza

Energy and Inspiration

You can question the scientific basis of something, but questioning people’s feelings has little effect.

And there are many who say that Es Vedrà emits a very different energy.

An energy that has even moved today’s great personalities, such as Mike Odfield, who was photographed in front of Es Vedrà for the cover of his album The Voyager.

Another example of an artist inspired by the islet could be Lucía Etxebarría, whose novel El contenido del silencio also has Es Vedrà as its cover.

In addition, it is very common to see people meditating along the coast that is located in front of the islet.

Inhabitants of Es Vedra Ibiza

`Wait, inhabitants? If you said that it is uninhabited, most of you will wonder.

And so it is, despite being private property, the island has been uninhabited for many years (partly because of its complicated orography, partly because of its status as a natural park). First of all, mention that this is not entirely part of the myths and legends of Es Vedrà. It’s just a curiosity

None of this prevented Francisco Palau, a member of the Discalced Carmelite order, from spending long periods of meditation on the island, in which he claims to have had visions, although that subject will be dealt with later.

And well, if by inhabitants we mean not only humans, the island has a very curious fauna.

Among the most noteworthy, there is a large group of goats, which are hunted annually by the families that own the island.

We also found a species of lizard, endemic to the Pitiusas Islands, which stands out for its energetic blue hue


What can and cannot be done in Es Vedrá?

Disembarkation is completely prohibited in Es Vedrá now, with a fairly significant penalty.

There is a small trail from the most accessible part to the summit, which could be done in less than 2 hours.

Viewed from afar, it seems impossible, but the 381m summit, called Picatxo de Tramuntana, has been climbed by entire families with children.

In 1959, a group of young people belonging to the “Club de los Muchachos” placed a cross on the summit along with the geodetic point.

This cylindrical concrete point measures 1.2 meters and is used for topographical measurements.

There are no guided tours to Es Vedrá, which is something that is done on Conejera, where the island and the impressive lighthouse are visited.

Underwater fishing is prohibited except for a special permit that is impossible to obtain.

As with longline fishing, trawling, and fishing competitions, they are also prohibited.

Similarly, livestock, agricultural activities, grazing, and the introduction of species such as goats or rabbits that could endanger the fragile ecosystem of the island are also prohibited.

aliens – UFO sightings

Without a doubt, this section is the most terrifying of all this set of myths and legends of Es Vedra Ibiza, and it has to do with the sighting of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs).

On many occasions, the testimonies of these sightings have little to hold on to. But this is not the case in the Manises case.

This case took place in 1979. A passenger plane left the Palma de Mallorca airport, bound for Tenerife.

At the same moment that it was flying over the islet of Es Vedrà, the pilot saw how some red lights began to follow the plane.

After several minutes in which the lights did not stop in pursuit, and it was not possible to identify what object they came from, the pilot, in order to protect the more than 100 passengers, decided to make a forced landing at the Valencia airport.

Marine Legends

Ok, perhaps I have gone too dramatic in that the previous section was the most terrifying of the set of myths and legends of Es Vedra Ibiza: this is one more step.

Many fishermen in the area claim to have seen lights and shadows when sailing around Es Vedrà.

In reinforcement of this myth of the islet, there are the testimonies of many divers, regular visitors to the area, due to the richness of its marine habitat.

These claim to have heard loud and inexplicable noises. But not only this, many commented that, when they heard these noises, they noticed deterrent behaviors of the schools of fish.


The swordfish that pierced the leg of the scuba diver.

An astonishing curiosity was that of Italian scuba diver Ernest de Longis, who while spearfishing between Es Vedrá and Es Vedranell had the brilliant idea of shooting a swordfish.

The regretful diver missed his shot, and the swordfish attacked, piercing the fisherman’s thigh just below the bone without affecting any arteries.

He was evacuated by helicopter, and luckily, it was just a scare, and there were no further complications .

ernest de longis

The money shot

The most desired and slightly dangerous photo spot is what they call the “Eye of Es Vedra,” near Cala Llentrisca.

ojo de es vedra

Boat trip to Es Vedra Ibiza

We do a boat trip from San Antonio 3 times a week to see and go around the island, if you think it’s beautiful from Ibiza, imagine going around.

The price is €39 per person with a duration of 4 hours.

You will be surprised when you see the lighthouse in the back.

Tickets here

Now that this short introduction to the endless myths and legends of Es Vedrà is over, what do you think? which one do you think?

If the islet itself or the entire island of Ibiza has caught your attention, do not hesitate to consult the excursions that we have on our website.



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