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11 mars 2020
ibiza opening season

Complete guide to Ibiza opening parties in 2020

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Traveling makes your life better and it definitely makes you feel happier, especially if we are talking about the journey of your dreams: Ibiza. Traveling to Ibiza at any time of the year is an unforgettable experience worthy of your time and money. Living Ibiza’s opening parties in 2020 is more than unforgettable. It is thrilling.

Ibiza during its opening parties can get pretty wild and demanding of all your senses in order to enjoy all day long parties and events.

Call all your friends and come to Welcome Ibiza on its incredible opening parties. Don’t worry about packing drinks. Lots of hours of dancing, drinking and having fun with your friends awaits you.


What kind of parties are there during the Ibiza Opening Weekend?

The beautiful white island is well-known for its summer club parties which attract a multitude of tourists every single year. Its opening parties are the welcoming of summer and of the high tourist season.

You can choose to have a blast in a daytime party or a night party or be on a boat party, or you can party all day long in a day till night party. You Pick! There are parties 24/7 during the summer.

Partying a lot could be proved exhausting, but partying with us at Float Your Boat in our fully equipped boats is exactly the opposite. It will charge you with all the energy you have been longing for. We will boost you up!

What are the best clubs I can go to Ibiza’s Opening parties?

Ibiza is famous for its summer club scene and nightlife full of electronic dance music and wonderful visitors. There are many clubs you can go to when looking for fun, great music, company, and drinks.

In San Antonio Bay the O Beach Ibiza continues offering one of the best day party options on the Island. Also, the Ibiza Rocks hotel is having a great opening party celebrating as well as its fifteenth anniversary.

Amnesia with house, tech-house and techno music welcomes you with great prices.

Here you have the dates you cannot miss!

There are many dates you cannot miss during Ibiza opening parties in 2020, so, here we share with you some of the best options to choose from:

  • Beach Ibiza May 8th with its opening party from 12:00 to 22:00.

  • Amnesia venue on May 9th in their main room and in La Terraza same day as Odyssey at day and night, too.

  • Ibiza Rocks May 15 with opening and anniversary party at 14:00 to 21:00

  • The Zoo Project opening party beginning on Sunday 3 May at 17:00 until its closing party on October 4th

What else can I do in Ibiza?


Ibiza is a UNESCO world heritage beautiful place since 1999. Its biodiversity and culture are really unique. You can walk for hours on its old towns and immerse yourself in a marvellous atmosphere. Ibiza is well-known for its spectacular nightlife as well as its incredible beaches. Its astonishing landscapes of the Mediterranean Sea are breathtaking.

We are happy to be the ones to suggest you give yourself time to enjoy a vacation that will give you what you need to last the rest of the year. Take a trip party on the beach during the Ibiza opening parties this 2020 with Float Your Boat.

Be the happier and better person you deserve to be by having the time of your life. Also, take pleasure in admiring the incredible and beautiful beaches and landscapes in the white island.

Come along with your perfect couple, dancing at the rhythm of your favourite music. Savour your favourite drinks in one of the many great opening parties that Float Your Boat has planned for you– beginning in May. Three times a week enjoy our incredible party boats.

Celebrate in Ibiza during the 2020 season

Let this summer at the beautiful white island be an unforgettable one. Everybody is welcomed and there is an Ibiza party for every budget! A different party, every day with different prices and different music but all of them are great. Just choose among the different days our boats offer you and keep partying in the many nightclubs and see the most famous DJs in the World.

Visiting the island during its opening party season gives you the opportunity to celebrate all you couldn’t during the last year. Enjoy your life moving and dancing as much as your body can take.

Being aware of your whole body shaking your legs, draining all stress off is a memorable experience. The party on this marvellous island is meant for you. Become part of the awakening of the Balearic archipelago with its beautiful sunny days, cold drinks, wonderful people, great nights, great parties and music. Want to come already?

Take part in the Ibiza opening season party

We at Float Your Boat would love to help you live this wonderful partying experience with the many parties aboard our boats during unbeatable Ibiza sunsets and then take you to the clubs where the parties usually begin before midnight and last as long as you wish.

Take part in the Ibiza opening season party.Invite your friends, keep your cup full of your most-liked drink with the open bar and dancing with your favorite one is the only requirement to take part in the Ibiza opening season party. There are lots of events happening at the same time this month but we offer you the best ones.

Enjoy, not only at our beautiful and majestic boats but also at the many clubs and hotels on the whole island. It is a season full of nice staff everywhere willing to make you feel more than good and great food to satisfy your appetite with delicious and typical food and mouthwatering desserts and fruits within a perfect atmosphere and illumination.

Final thoughts on Ibiza Opening Parties in 2020


Super views of the Mediterranean Sea, your favourite drinks, your favourite music and Dj’s, our great boats, our great staffs, Ibiza’s perfect weather, delicious breeze, your favourite friends are just some of the things you will enjoy on Ibiza opening parties 2020.

Book now to Ibiza and enjoy its opening parties. Hang out with us staying in our party boats. We not only provide you with the right boat to your dream party, but we also organize it as well. Contact us now.

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