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12 novembre 2018

Finding Oceanic Posidonia while on board a boat charter Ibiza

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Have you been on a yacht charter Ibiza and noticed how transparent the sea water is on this island and in Formentera? Have you ever wondered why? The answer is the oceanic Posidonia.

But what exactly is posidonia? Although it is something you have seen every summer during your beach holidays on your Ibiza boat hire, it is very likely that you have looked at this thing with suspicion and with a sensation of not liking it one bit, still not knowing what it is even called. We are here because we would love nothing more than to tell you absolutely fascinating things about Posidonia and the importance it has on the beaches it is found in.

We will explain some incredible things about Posidonia, of vital importance for the Mediterranean Sea. Such is its importance, that the Posidonia meadows that are between Ibiza and Formentera have been declared a World Heritage Site. In addition, precisely these meadows, located between the Pitiusas Islands, have recently been named the largest living being in the world, as it measures up to 10 kilometers! That alone is pretty impressive, if you ask me.


Another thing that you probably do not know is that it is not an alga, but a plant. Its effects are similar to those of a forest like the Amazon- already doing photosynthesis like any other plant, it absorbs carbon dioxide and produces ten liters of oxygen per day per square meter, fact that helps to give that transparent water you can see on your rental boat in ibiza.

Aside from oxygenating the sea, Posidonia filters the sand, making our beaches look attractively clean every summer. You didn´t stop to think how are waters got to be so beautifully transparent and turquoise? In addition it also prevents the erosion of the coast, since it slows the marine currents and the waves.

Of course, the Posidonia is totally harmless and touching it does not produce any kind of irritation. It gives refuge to fish, mollusks and all kinds of marine animals. Among its rare leaves you will see no dangerous animal (of which there is hardly any in Ibiza and Formentera to begin with) as they prefer the shelter of the rocks. So when you are at sea do not be afraid to swim in the “dark areas”. Think you are swimming on a harmless and fascinating plant, which is allowing you to bathe in crystal clear waters.

You might be asking yourself why we have explained the benefits of Posidonia so passionately. The answer is simple. Posidonia is a plant that suffers a lot from the alterations in the environment, and facts such as pollution and the anchorage of Ibiza boat hire are seriously damaging their health. If you also love Ibiza and Formentera, join us as we protect the Mediterranean Sea and the Posidonia! If you join a boat charter Ibiza, make sure you are careful in dropping your anchor and avoiding these areas so that the Posidonia could continue to flourish and do the job it has set out to do.

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