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Ibiza is a small island in the Mediterranean Sea. There’s loads of stuff going on Ibiza, if you are coming for the first time probably you are thinking about clubbing and beach, but this island and party here is much more.

Our clubs receive DJs from all over the world, this means that you have the best DJs offer here. If you dream with be in a live performance of your favourite DJ, you will find him/her here this season, sure.

But party is not exclusive of the clubs. Every terrace, every beach has its own party. You will find music, drinks and people in every corner of the island. Ibiza is known because come here is a celebration everyday, every time.

One of the best offers in Ibiza are boat parties. This kind of event is different for many reasons. Clubbing is nice, but a private party is a privilege, something different that probably you will never live again. You can enjoy your favourite DJ, shake his hand, know him and share an unforgettable moment with your friends. In Float Your Boat we organize a very particular boat party. With us, you can see the sunset, drink and follow the party in a club the whole night.

If you can’t believe it, just check our website, choose your day and come with us.

Best clubs in Ibiza

Has Ibiza the best clubs in the world? Probably, what is certain is that Ibiza has de best DJs in summer. We check here the best clubs in Ibiza for you. You can visit some of them with Float Your Boat and your Combo Ticket.

  • Amnesia Ibiza: One of that clubs that you have to visit once in life. It’s a 5000-capacity place that has been the home of lots of dance artist since the 80’s. This place includes two different rooms and an enclosed terrace for dancing into sunrise. They organize the Cream Ibiza party on Thursdays, simply one of the best parties of the world.
  • DC-10: It´s in the Ibizan airport runaway, so if you are there in the morning you can say “hello” to people who is arriving to the island. Probably the best space in DC-10 is the amazing terrace, with capacity to 1.500 people, this terrace was an airplane hangar. Don’t miss here the parties Circoloco and Paradise.
  • Destino: This club is part of Pacha group. Probably the best views in an Ibizan club, which is perfect to see the sunrise. If you want to discover the DJs of the future and you love music trends, you have to go there.
  • Eden: It’s a renewed place with a very curious disposition. They organize a lot of underground events, a little different than other clubs in Ibiza. They have a different party every day of the week.
  • Heart: Talking about different clubs in Ibiza, this is a place where you can dinner, while you enjoy a live performance and very curious attractions. It’s run by Ferrán and Albert Adrià and Guy Laliberté, founder of Cirque du Soleil.
  • Pacha Ibiza: One of the most iconic clubs in the island. It was opened in 1.973 in the heart of Ibiza and it is one of the best-known clubs in the area. Exclusive parties everyday including David Guetta.
  • Privilege: It’s literally the world’s largest nightclub, so if you are looking for a massive party this is your place. Swimming pool, open-air dance floors and different ambient, including all kind of shows.
  • Space: It has been four times awarded with the best global club prize. Carl Cox is here every Tuesday for all fans.
  • Ushuaia: An open-air beachside place where you receive VIP treatment. It was the first club with daytime parties.

These are some of the most famous places in Ibiza, in Float Your Boat you can get tickets to visit them.