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24 August 2018
what to do in formentera

What to do in Formentera? 5 things to do and see in Formentera

Formentera is a small and quiet island, perfect for those who want to relax maybe after having unleashed on one of the nights of nearby Ibiza. Long beaches, golden coves, clear sea and cereal fields make Formentera a real paradise on earth, so that, like Menorca, the island has been declared a Natural Reserve and World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

In addition to the spectacular natural landscape, Formentera presents entertainment very close to the lifestyle of the ’70s: beach parties, alternative clothing, and small clubs. 

Are you thinking about what to do in Formentera? Here are 5 things to do and see in Formentera to experience the sea and nature in all relaxation, without giving up in the evening to the sweet and refined atmospheres of the outdoor areas.

What to do in Formentera: Go and visit its beaches

The beaches of Formentera are all beautiful, and in a few days, you will be able to visit them all.

what to do in formentera

The Formentera beaches of Illetes and Llevant are the most famous and frequented by tourists, as well as for the white sand and the Caribbean Sea also for the services they offer. In contrast, Cala Sahona and Migjorn beach are characterized by the privacy and tranquility that you can breathe here. The first, with the blue of the sea that stands out against the red of the rocks, gives a truly rare natural panorama; the second one is among the largest on the island but, since it is located in the extreme south of the island, it is also the least frequented. Then you can visit the islet of Espalmador where you will find only sea, nature and a large number of animal species.

What to do in Formentera: Visit the Saline

A long time ago the Formentera economy was based on the extraction and conservation of sea salt. Currently, the Saline Reserve is a beautiful tourist destination to visit especially the crystallization periods of salt.

The puddles, during this process, take on a rosy color, the same that infects the feathers of the flamingos that feed on the micro-organisms present in the pools themselves. Some of the most beautiful areas of Formentera belong to the Salina Reserve and the seabeds around it are as spectacular as they are fragile. Precisely for this reason, diving here is permitted only with permission from the Island Council. The spectacular color games that the salt pans offer, especially in the morning and at sunset, are an interesting starting point for photographic excursions.

What to do in Formentera: Visit its villages around the island

The main urban center of Formentera is San Francesc Xavier de Formentera. The city life here takes place all around the square, dominated by the Church of the eighteenth century.

what to do in formentera

The Church was the first of the whole island and in the past, it served as a fortress to defend itself against pirate attacks. San Ferran de ses Roques, El Pilar de la Mola, Es Pujols and La Savina is the other centers of Formentera. San Ferran is full of bars and restaurants, but here you can visit one of the island’s historic sites: the Fonda Pepe, a famous meeting place for the hippies of the 70s. From San Ferran, you reach El Pilar de la Mola, where on Wednesdays and Sundays you can make purchases in the hippie market, and Es Pujols which is born close to a natural cove enclosed between two islets. La Savina, however, houses the port of Formentera and has all the services useful to the sailor.

What to do in Formentera: Visit Formentera Lighthouses

There are three lighthouses in Formentera: those of Es Cap de La Mola and Es Cap de Barbaria and, in the port, La Savina. Of the three, the Lighthouse of La Mola is the oldest and highest of the island.

It stands on a cliff of 120 meters and admires the sunrise and sunset from this point is a unique and magical spectacle. Beside the lighthouse is a memorial plaque in honor of the writer Jules Verne who has set his novel “The Adventures of Hector Servadac” here. At Es Cap de Barbaria the lighthouse rises from the ground and its beam of light illuminates the rocks and cliffs on the horizon. Near the lighthouse, you can visit the watchtower that once served as an observation point to protect the island from invaders’ attacks. Finally, the third lighthouse is located in the port of La Savina, the first place you will see when you arrive in Formentera. Unfortunately, it is also your last vision when the ship takes you away from this little paradise.

What to do in Formentera: The island by boat

Well for a birthday party, or maybe a honeymoon, travel around the island by boat is the favorite election for who wants something totally different and unusual. You will be able to rent a boat to Formentera and ask for a tour guide.

what to do in formentera

In case you want a short trip on the sea because of a private event, your friends won’t forget the experience with exotic fishes, octopus and other beings as octopus, colorful corals and even, dolphins. We consider this choice a perfect gift.

The good point of the boat, it’s to take a break from our noisy and stressful daily life. Much more people than we think that they choose boat trips to Formentera from Ibiza to take a short time not so long to the civilization and not so close to the deep sea. As before we said, perhaps it’s the perfect plan for a newly married couple.

In the same way, there are a lot of tour guides who can show you the best part of the island, which is so long to see. However, if you have the chance to get a Formentera guidebook, you are getting a personal and original view of the island.

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