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Some of the people who come to Ibiza every year just want to visit clubs, but Ibiza has a massive touristic offer. In this island you can find a lot of historic monuments, unforgettable views and a lot of things to do before clubbing every night.

What to see ibiza , don’t miss out on Dalt Vila is the centre part of the city. In there, you’ll find amazing medieval walls and have a walk.

On this point of the island is located the cathedral, a building built in the XIII century with amazing views.

Ibiza is a place full of energy, you have to come here to feel it. Es Vedrà is a vertical mountain, one of the places of the island charged with energy. If you can arrive here, you’ll feel a very sensitive experience.

One of the required things that you have to see in Ibiza is the sunset. There are a lot of magical places to see the sun go down, in some of them there are parties and music, to create a particular environment. Don’t forget it, if you are in Ibiza you can’t miss the sunset. By the way, in Float Your Boat we see the sunset every day from our exclusive boat.

Another experience is Benirrás. Every day in this beach you can find a party with hippies playing drums. We said that there are in this island magical points of energy, Benirràs is one of them, especially in the sunset.

Talking about hippies, there are some places with hippie shops, where you can buy handcrafted souvenirs and food. If you like to look for treasures, don’t miss the typical hippie market.

Things to do in Ibiza

Obviously, the best thing that you can do in Ibiza is enjoy in a boat party while you see the sunset, but there are more things to do after that.

In Ibiza you’ll find some of the best beaches of Europe, and probably some of the best beaches of the world. There are many different types of beach, from massive places full of people and party, to small corners where, if you are lucky, you can enjoy the sun alone. Don’t miss the beaches of Ibiza because it’s one of our best touristic offers.

And another thing while your in ibiza is to do a 1 day visit to Formentera. There are daily boats from  San Antonio (1 a day , takes 90min for 35), about 10 daily boats leaving playa den bossa for 32€ per person return (there is free and easy parking compared to Ibiza town), and the main route is from Ibiza town where the big ferries leave every hour or less (this is where the locals get the ferry and the only place where you can bring your car or bike). There is also 1 ferry a day from santa Eularia which takes about 90min.

There is much more to ibiza than just clubs and beach clubs. Normally what happens that the point entry for tourists in Ibiza are young party goers that just come for the party, but once they get to see the islands beauty , beaches, culture, weather and amazing cuisine end up coming back every year when they get older. Ibiza has lots to offer to all ages really and is direct cheap flight away from most EU destinations, with direct flights from as far as Moscow, Athens, Oslo, Glasgow…

Of course clubbing. One of the best things to do in Ibiza is go to that kind of club that you have dreamed a lot of times. Choose your party and live the experience to being one night in Ibiza.

You can visit other islands. Balearic archipelago is formed by different islands. Formentera is a little beach close to Ibiza that offers all the tranquillity that, sometimes, Ibiza has not. Palma de Mallorca is the capital of this group of islands, a lovely place with a lot of things to do.

Ibiza attractions


If you’re lucky enough to be on this incredible island make sure that you at least see some of the culture and have a nice local meal. You can´t leave the island without visiting the  1999 Unesco World heritage site DALT VILA, it´s like going back in time. Get lost between the narrow insta worthy streets of this fortified piece of art.

dalt vila


Ibiza Cathedral

On the very top of dalt vila lies the cathedral which cannot be missed



ibiza cathedral

catedral ibiza

San Antonio

Only 20 min away from playa den bossa and ibiza town is San Antonio, which you might have heard of only for its well know West End busy bar street. But its actually home of many famous and well known places such as Mambo Ibiza, Zoo project, O Beach (Old Ocean Beach) , Ibiza Rocks, Cafe del mar, Float Your boat and super restaurants such as Sa Capella, Es nautic, Villa mercedes, sa torre, Can pujol, es ventall, Gerret and many more.

We find that San Antonio is actually one the nicest places to stay and go whilst on the island, it has a lot to offer and very close to each other. The harbour is very modern and nice right boarderline to the town center. it has the nicest coastline of the island with amazing beaches very close such as Cala Bassa, Cala Conta, Cala Salada, Cala saladeta, Cala tarida, port des torrent. And as its a pretty closed bay the sea is normally much nicer than the east coast where there is a lot more boat traffic and waves.

It is actually cheaper to stay in San Antonio than it is to stay at Playa den Bossa, ibiza town or Santa Eularia and not so far from everything as staying at the north like San Miguel or Portinaxt.

san antoni

San Antonio, Ibiza

Aquarium Cap Blanc

Also in San Antonio lies the only Aquarium of the island, this is not your average aquarium, this is a natural cave made into a recovery center and aquarium , the entrance is 5€ for adults and is about 15 min walking from San Antonio center. The best way would be to go there by boat, every Wednesday there is Beach Cruise from San Antonio (link here ) that goes to the aquarium, then north of Ibiza, and stops at Cala Salada to have a Paella at its restaurant.

Its perfect for kids and it’s open every day.




Local Food and Drinks.

There would be no end to this post if would have to write about all the local food and drinks. The number of restaurants in Ibiza is really impressive,  a few of the restaurants that as a local like are:

Around San Antonio: Sa Capella, Cala Salada, Es nautic, Es ventall, Gerret, Rincon de Pepe, Sa Soca, Can Pujol, Peppers and michellin star Es Tragon, 45 millas,grill San Antonio

Around San Jose: Espartar, Cas Mila, Sa Rima, Ses Eufabies, Can Jaume, Es boldado, Tropicana, Sa Caleta, Es Xarcu, Can Bass,  El carmen

Around Ibiza: Can Terra, Sa Calma, el gallego, rascalobos

Santa Eularia: Casa Piedra, cas pages, sa finca, sa trenka, cala martina, el bigotes.



The Paella although its really from Valencia, we find that the ones we make here in ibiza are actually much nicer, in Valencia they put green beans and artichoke!! ¿¿Why??

There are many different varieties , Mixto, marisco, carne, ciega, fideuas, black paella.

black paella

black paella

Guisado is also very nice (guisat de peix) this fish soup with potatoes is especially great in winter



Bullit de peix is typical ibiza dish which is not the easiest to find but so worth it. basically its a seafood, local fish (mero,rotja, rape…) and potato dish followed by a rice only paella. Our favorite place is Es Nautic or Can Pujol in San Antonio.

bullit de peix

Bullit de peix

Other Tipical dishes are frita de pulpo (octopus), ensalada payesa, Frita de Porc (Pork), arroz de matanzas, sofrit Pagès ,

Some desserts like greixonera , flaó, orelletes, bunyols, panellets, salsa nadal

And the famous Hierbas ibicencas (Local anise with herbs) and Cafe Caleta


flaohierbas ibicenas

Cycling is one of the best decisions that you can make. Hiring a bike in Ibiza is very cheap, choose your route and know all the hiding paths in Ibiza.

We have here the largest clubs, in fact, the biggest club of the world is here, in Ibiza, but we recommend to you to know small pubs and cafés. There are live music bars and beautiful terraces with amazing views.

Of course, like in other cities in Spain, one of the best things that you can do is eating. Seafood is the speciality of this island, but the gastronomic offer never ends.

Finally, don’t forget relax yourself. Party is hard and tired, so don’t forget recover your energy with relaxing activities in the islands.

As you can see, there are a lot of activities that you can do in Ibiza, come this summer and enjoy our island with us.