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26 May 2022

Where to eat in Formentera? Best beachfront restaurants

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The gastronomy that we can find in Formentera is closely related to the way of life of its inhabitants, being the products of the sea and its dry farming its most unique feature. In this article, we will show you where to eat in Formentera and the best restaurants on the beach, to make your trip an experience.

In its cuisine, we can find mostly local products, due to the isolation of the Pitiusas islands. If we combine these two variants, the result is a great creativity in the use of high quality food, such as the tasty fish from its coasts.

With the premise of this situation, recipes are created that today are already traditional on the island, such as: Bullit de Peix, Calamars a la bruta, Sofrit pagès, Frit de polp or the famous dessert of fresh cheesecake with mint, called Flaó.

A popular product in this town is the liquid salt of Formentera. This condiment is extracted directly from the sea and during its preparation no color additives are added, nor anything that could give it flavor. In addition, it has a great quality thanks to the power of its filtration and the effect it has on the Posidonia Oceanica of the Marine Reserve.

Wine is also one of the main protagonists on the island’s gastronomy, as it has 80 hectares of vineyards. There are two wineries that you can visit if you are a great admirer of wine, such as Es Cap de Barbaria and Terramoll. Both have, in their vineyards, the true high quality of Formentera wine.

If you are still wondering where to eat in Formentera, we advise you to plan your trip in the first fortnight of May and October, since during this period the Gastronomic Weekends are celebrated. Here, the best restaurants of the island present their traditional menus at a closed price and prepared for the occasion.

Now that we know more about the varied and magnificent gastronomy of this island, we will show you some of the places to eat in Formentera and the best restaurants located on the beach.


Beachfront restaurants

What could be better than enjoying a good meal in front of the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean? We don’t want the tourist’s current to take you anywhere, that’s why we are going to recommend you where to eat in Formentera with both taste and sight.

Fandango Restaurant

A restaurant specialized in grilled meats and fish, a place where you can enjoy the purest Mediterranean cuisine.

The restaurant Fandango is located in one of the most beautiful terraces of the beach of Es Pujols. Its tables are located on the beachfront, so you can enjoy delicious dishes while watching the sunset overlooking the sea.

Also enjoy one of its gastronomic standards, rice, one of the best on the island of Formentera. Delight yourself with its authentic Valencian paella or with any of its dishes prepared with fresh and first quality products.

Fandango will connect you with the most authentic of the island of Formentera, through music and dishes you will get to live the full experience. Come to this restaurant that offers the culture and essence of the place.

Juan y Andrea Restaurant

This restaurant has unbeatable views of the entire Illetas beach area. It is true that it is a restaurant for people who are willing to spare no expense, much less for savers. However, when you taste its fresh seafood and high quality products, it will seem that all the money is little.

Where to eat in Formentera surrounded by palm trees? Juan and Andrea’s restaurant is the only one on the island that has palm trees on its own beach, making the views even more impressive. You will recognize the restaurant from afar, as soon as you see its characteristic sign “JUAN Y ANDREA”.

The restaurant has been run by the same family for more than 25 years, so tradition plays a major role in the preparation of their dishes.

Visit this small but impressive corner of paradise. Let beachfront food transport you to a new world of sensations.

The restaurant Juan y Andrea received in 2016 the POSIDONIA award for business excellence, a seal of quality that will guarantee you a magical memory while enjoying its tables located on the sand.

Sa Platgeta Restaurant

Where to eat in Formentera in an affordable way? If you are looking for a place by the beach with quality products, we present you an option that is among the cheapest restaurants in Formentera, Sa Platgeta.

The definition of Formentera in its purest form, perfect to enjoy with your friends or family in a natural environment worthy of memory, as it is located in one of the most unspoiled areas of the island, specifically on the coast of Migjorn.

One of the attractions of the restaurant Sa Platgeta, is that it has a small beach bar near it, where you can have a snack or a cool drink while enjoying the tranquility and beauty of the landscape.

Es Ministre Restaurant

If at this point you are still wondering, where to eat in Formentera, what is the best restaurant on the beach? Don’t worry, because we bring you another place where you can enjoy breathtaking views with first class food.

The restaurant Es Ministre has at your disposal a large terrace with direct views of the natural landscape of the beach of Ses Illetes, a recommended place to enjoy carefree with the family.

Taste the variety of its most famous dishes, such as the payesa salad, the fideuas or the well-known seafood paella.

We hope this article on where to eat in Formentera has helped you choose the place to enjoy the food of the island with the best views of the Mediterranean.

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