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10 septembre 2018
Portada DJs

The 8 DJs in Ibiza that you should not Miss

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It’s your first night out on the island and you’re ready to dance to the sound of the best DJs in Ibiza. You’re in a wonderful boat with your friends, looking at that gorgeous sunset, feeling the ocean breeze in your face… But wait a second. Which song are they playing?

You can’t plan a journey to Ibiza without a clue about what music is on trend! You better know all the rhythms before you face the DJ at the boat dancefloor. That’s why we have a list of the 8 DJs in Ibiza that you should not miss.


Carl Cox: Summer Revolution at Space Club Ibiza

Carl Cox’s is a well-known name on the island. He became a celebrity DJ while starring the party nights for many years, so nobody can argue that he is one of the most important DJs in Ibiza.

He’s famous for his show ‘Music is Revolution’, that he run in Space for 15 years. Those times are over, but the star has found new places to shine. Cox DJs at Float Your Boat parties, filling the air with his amazing techno tunes and his unique charm.

He’s so loved in London, his hometown, that he got to DJ at the Houses of Parliament for a charity fundraiser in 2016.

You may know Cox by hits like ‘Ohh Baby’, ‘I Want You’ and the latest ‘See You Next Tuesday’. Those are the best songs to listen to while packing up before your trip!

Eric Prydz: The House Music Genius

Prydz is back, stronger than ever. The Swedish artist has reached again one of the most glorious moments of his long career, and now he’s one of the DJs in Ibiza you have to dance to when you land in the island.

dj ibiza

That jam playing in your mind over and over again? You can bet is ‘Call on Me’, a number 1 hit played at every Ibiza club. If not, surely it’s ‘Pjanoo’. Prydz’s music is unforgettable because he’s a talented DJ music mixer that manages to put together commercial and underground tunes.

Prydz has a gift to make every night count with his crazy and colorful shows. When this DJ is around, you know that you are at an authentic Ibiza party.

Roger Sánchez: Rocking Ibiza Since 2000

He’s the reason why Ibiza Rocks. Roger Sánchez is beloved all over the world, and of course, he’s always welcomed at the island’s greatest nightclubs such as Amnesia and Pacha Ibiza.

Sánchez started his musical path in New York’s rooftops, where he found inspiration in hip-hop beats, breakdance, and graffiti. As his career moved on, he found a way to express his creativity through underground music. These days he’s a house star.

He has surprised everyone his house tracks ‘Lost’ and ‘Turn On The Music’. He rules the radio scene too, and he won the ever Best Podcast Award at the International Dance Music Awards for the first time ever.

Now you know why he’s one of the DJs in Ibiza you have to listen to non-stop.

Chus & Ceballos: The National Product

You’re visiting Spain, so you should keep up with Spanish traditions even when you’re picking up your music. The best place to start? A party with Chus & Ceballos, DJs in Ibiza and producers.

The Spanish duo has worked in Miami, New York, Tokyo, Montreal… But their souls must be in Ibiza, where they have played jams like ‘The Sun’ and ‘The Strong Rhythm’.

Chus & Ceballos worked hard since they were young to join the DJ world, and they’re known as a very professional team with lots of creativity and innovation.

They are the creators of the ‘Iberican Sound’. Obviously, make sure you don’t miss them!

Technasia: Feeling Those Oriental Vibes

You will take off in Ibiza and land in Asia. How’s that even possible? Go to a Technasia DJ session, close your eyes and find out for yourself.

Technasia is known everywhere, but he has always a place as a DJ in Ibiza clubs. Technasia started as a project in 1996 focused on bringing unknown oriental beats to Europe. It was lead by and Charles Siegling and Amil Khan until the last one left the music scene.

Siegling has been flying solo since 2018 and he has found nothing but fame and success. He combines Eastern and Western tunes better than anyone, and Ibiza party goers know that. A Technasia show is needed to travel without leaving the dancefloor.

Fatboy Slim: One Of a Kind

If you’ve heard of the Big Beat genre, you’ve heard of him. Fatboy Slim is now one of the trendiest DJs in Ibiza thanks to his immense talent. He’s a pioneer DJ on Big Beat, so he’s the responsible one of those drums hitting hard in Ibiza club nights.

dj ibiza

This British DJ is famous for his chameleonic style, that has been played on the island over and over since the 80s. ‘Weapon of choice’, ‘Right here, Right Now’ and ‘Praise You’ are some of his anthems that we have been hearing for almost two decades.

Fatboy Slim is so versatile that he even created a musical play with the leader of Talking Heads, David Byrne.

Cristian Varela: 25 Years Of DJ Music

Cristian Varela is a DJ in Ibiza, producer, composer, and a businessman. He has lots of talent and an enormous amount of experience in the music field, so his jams are always played at the best nightclubs in Ibiza.

He’s been off the scene for 25 years now, you don’t get Ibiza music if you don’t get Varela! He’s considered an ambassador of Spanish techno music around the world.

Since 1986 he’s released 150 pieces of work. ‘Pornographic Recordings’, ‘Phrenetic Society’, ‘Electrosonic Festival’ and ‘Manita’ make Varela one of the most important DJs in Ibiza.

Tough Love: Setting the new Ibiza calendar

You shouldn’t choose only one artist to listen to on the island… At least, pick two DJs in Ibiza so you can discover Tough Love, the new revolution that has got up to the podium with all the electronic legends.

Why should you be listening to them right now? Because these two British musicians are going to be the next ‘it’ DJs everywhere. Just check out their remix with Clean Bandit, ‘Real Love’.

Not enough? Then play ‘All About That Bass’, the song that took Meghan Trainor to the top, and you’ll find Tough Love behind the success.

Did you like our post? Cool! Because we have good news for you: all the DJs on the list are at the Float Your Boat parties. We like to make sure that you have the best sunset along with the best music during our cruises, so we only count on the best DJ in Ibiza.

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