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02 décembre 2019

Interesting things to do in San Antonio, Ibiza

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Ibiza is one of the beautiful islands of the Balearic Archipelago of Spain. Once you get to Ibiza, there are many things to do in San Antonio, located on the west of the Pitiusa Balearic Island. You can go from just relaxing, swimming, eating, meditating, scuba diving, nudism, sunset admiring, doing Yoga, partying, reveling in wines, sun worshiping or art watching, among many others. Here at Float Your Boat we can help you find the right thing for you to do during your amazing time in San Antonio.


Things to do in San Antonio Ibiza for Couples

When talking about things to do in San Antonio, Ibiza, we are talking about a mix of tradition, modernity and trendiness. Whether eating a typical gastronomic dish in the once upon a time had been a grocery store, now the mythical four star bar restaurant Can Cosmi with its outdoor seats under the starry sky and windy nights, or renting a car to drive along of one of the modern highways recently built, and/or watching one of the colossal murals of the Bloop Festival, it is all up to you.

San Antonio and its old streets and antique buildings await you. Its only two main streets, its White Church that belongs to the Portmany Parish and which used to be its defense tower; and its two restaurants may sound amazingly tranquil for you, but the truth is, there are many interesting things to do In San Antonio, Ibiza. San Antonio is not only sun, beaches and party cruises. Ibiza is a pleasing place to meet people from all over the world especially during the summer season, which in this part of the planet is during July and August. Its wonderful weather will allow you enjoy the greatest days of your life.

Things to do in San Antonio Ibiza in June

One of the many things you can do in San Antonio is to look for all the murals that can be seen all year round without any admission fees, as Art is for everybody. This initiative is made by the International Proactive Art Festival Bloop, which mere purpose is to bring art to everybody under the blue skies of San Antonio, so people reflect on current social issues through art while enjoying the uniqueness beauty of the town.

There are many artists taking part in this festival like Interesni Kazki and his more than fifteen years of artistic performance through his multidimensional paintings on walls. Or Okuda, the Spanish artist with his polychromic geometrical paintings. By the way, the next Bloop Festival 2020 will take place in Tokyo.

Another interesting thing to do in San Antonio is to visit their beaches and their dazzling sunsets. One of the beaches along its maritime boulevard, also known as the Portus Magnus, is Caló des Moro, with its free of waves surface but with its many pubs and bars. From there it is worth combining wine appreciation with sunset delighting.

Things to do in San Antonio, Ibiza, during the day

One more thing to do in San Antonio is to visit S’Arenal Beach AKA the ‘city beach’ since it is located right in it. S’Arenal is surrounded by many pubs, bars and discotheques so it is the perfect place for young people to gather at nights while enjoying the marine breeze, but its waters are not as clean as you would wish they were.

This beach is really packed during summer but if you decide to visit it during April and May you can enjoy it without the hustle and bustle that usually accompanies the touristic peak season. You can buy your souvenirs here too.

Scuba diving is an awesome sport. Then, an additional thing to do in S’Arenal in San Antonio, Ibiza is to go scuba diving. Most of the scuba diving schools are in this area of many white buildings. So, getting a snorkel and a pair of fins will be part of your adventure.

An extra thing to do in San Antonio, Ibiza is to go practicing nudism at Punta Calera Beach. Its rocky cliffs make this beach a special one.  It is hard to get there but it is worth the effort. Once you are atop the cliff you can lay down on its smooth rock platform and admire the great view of the Mediterranean Sea while doing Yoga or practicing nudism. Your choice.

The Balearic islands used to train their men at throwing rocks with a sling as a defensive strategy, so if you are visiting the island with your children one more thing you would like to do in San Antonio is to try to honor the island’s name and toss at the shore some of the pebbles that tourists always pick up. The kids love it. Have fun!

Besides, what about sailing along the coastline of Ibiza? With Float Your Boat Beach Cruises, you will be able to discover hidden coves and little islands before enjoying one of the best sunsets in the world while dancing in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.

Ibiza, like many other places around the world, is trying to become plastic free and protect nature. So, one ecological important thing to do while visiting San Antonio, is to minimize the use of plastic yourself. Also, people are going greener there, so checking out the zero-emission, solar-powered boats that you will indeed find in any of the beautiful beaches of San Antonio, Ibiza is going to be a blast. Also, there are some plogging activities in which you can participate. Are you wondering what plogging is? It is a combination of jogging with picking up litter to stop plastic pollution. Enjoy!

As it was said before, San Antonio, Ibiza is not only about sun, beaches and parties. In addition to all the incredible things, as you have read, you can also be entertained by all the artistic expressions around it and have the benefit of reflecting about how to help our planet to be cleaner.

The Pitiusa Balearic island of Ibiza is full of beautiful towns like San Antonio. You won’t regret going there and enjoying doing many of the interesting and fantastic things you can do in San Antonio, Ibiza. When planning your next unforgettable adventure, San Antonio Ibiza would be a perfect touristic place. Its facilities, its wonderful weather, its welcoming people, and interesting landmarks will leave a marvelous mark in your memories.


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