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Discover the best coves in Ibiza | Float Your Boat

11 mars 2020
Coves in Ibiza

Discover the most beautiful coves in Ibiza

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Have you ever had the privilege of being in one of the most beautiful coves in Ibiza? Those small type of bays where you feel you belong right there? Would you like going back and enjoy one more time of such an incredible attractive experience?

If your next period of leisure and recreation is going to be Ibiza, then you will find pleasure in these beautiful natural shelters of salty water and its spacious beautiful country houses.


Best Coves in Ibiza

Ibiza is a well-known cosmopolitan island, famous not only for its wild nightlife in which you have the great opportunity to delight on its all night long parties at any of its many and diverse clubs, discos or outdoors activities, but also Ibiza is a place where you can enjoy the most beautiful coves and Mediterranean beaches of dreamy natural settings during spectacular sunny days of your time there. Ibiza is the perfect paradise for you, your family and your friends.

Come and discover more about the coves in Ibiza right now


With more than 155 km of coastlines, Ibiza is the third largest of the Balearic Islands. It is full of sandy beaches and crystal clear water coves with small waves. The variety of coves in Ibiza will take away your breath despite being located in uneven rocky surfaces. It’s an astonishing exotic panorama that will give you the most satisfying vacation of your life.

One of the most restfulness coves in Ibiza is Cala Llentrisca. It is a tiny rocky cove near

Es Cubells on the south coast of Ibiza. Its crystalline waters are the right place for you to swim or go snorkelling. It is perfect for your soul if you are looking for peace. It is hidden under the cliffs of Es Cubells and there you can find the old traditional fishermen and its traditional huts.

Es Cubells is the perfect place to rest and eat traditional food. It is also the right spot to buy a property because of its beautiful views and other places can be easily reached by car in ten minutes.

Cala Llonga cove in Ibiza

Another great option for you to delight on is Cala Llonga cove, which is located in a small bay between Cala Blanca and Cala Oliveira in Santa Eulalia area. Its peacefulness and serenity makes it unique. Its fine white sand will call your attention and you definitely will appreciate a gratifying swimming in its pleasant shallow waters. Or perhaps you’d rather take a seat and be still feeling the cool breeze against your face while drinking your favorite beverage.

There, you can celebrate at the much loved complete mini-resort located between the crowned pine tree hills. Cala Llonga in Santa Eulalia, Ibiza is one of the most common places for hiking adventure with its panoramic views. Its old church is worth visiting after you have had enjoyed its cove as well.

Untouched beautiful coves wait for you

Visualise the serene mediterranean waters you can admire staying in one of those natural wonders. The delicious smells of nature overflowing your lungs and releasing from your body the stress you came in with. Having the most pleasant and balmiest time of your life is at your hand. Days off in Ibiza coves will be the restoration of your whole being.

You can go sailing or go visiting the stunning Can Marça Cave which used to be a smugglers hiding place, but now it has become into a beautiful cafe and a multi coloured disco lights flashing waterfall and some indoor stores; Can Marça Cave is at the north part of town and it is located in a natural environment with an excellent view of the bay.

It is one of Ibiza’s main touristic attractions and it has beautiful underground passages worth visiting. It will take 40 minutes of your time to tour the Can Marça Cave and it is fully equipped for the public. It is a must-see if you’re visiting Ibiza. Or if you prefer, during your “staycation” you can attend one of the famous opening parties at the exclusive nightclubs in town. Ibiza is a paradise for electronic music lovers and very famous DJ’s come to perform at those opening parties of nightclubs. Go dancing as well.

Cova de Ses Fontanelles in Ibiza


This is a really nice place to go exploring and hiking because of its peculiar rough terrain. The amount of huge pine trees, colorful lizards and birds, along with its variety of flowers, will make you feel like a new creature in spirit and strength. The views are fantastic. The flora and fauna in the area are present all along the adventurous trekking time.

Walking around the area is a popular activity people love to do while in town and they have different speed and times, but it usually takes an hour and thirty minutes to do the hiking there. People usually go swimming after the hike. It is better if you take water and sunscreen with you.

In Cova des Ses Fontanelles you can find the only existing paintings in a cave in Ibiza. They were found in 1917 by a French archaeologist and priest named Henri Breuil who at the time was considered to be an authority on the prehistoric cave art in Europe and Africa. The cave it is also known as Sa Cova des Vi as they used it to keep their wine fresh and out of the environment effect.

According to Art experts the remaining paintings in Cova des Ses Fontanelles are about boats in the sea, but they can be hardly distinguished. Nowadays they are protected by a gate and some of the paintings can be seen from outside but once again you won’t be able to see what the paintings used to be about. The cave is beautiful though because from its location you can see overhanging cliffs and beautiful unforgettable sunsets.

Discover hidden coves with Float Your Boat

The best Coves in Ibiza are usually tiny hidden places tourists can visit and enjoy. Some can be hard to access due to the cliffs where they are located, others are in untouched beautiful territories; while others are not and can be easily found. However, with Float Your Boat, you will be able to visit them after sailing along the Ibiza coastline in one of our Ibiza Beach Cruises.

It does not matter which type you select to visit, remember to always bring water and solar protection, and it is important to pick up the waste you may produce in order to keep them clean and beautiful so other people can enjoy them just like you did. And next time you go there you will appreciate it too.

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