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26 April 2022

Famous Hippy Markets in Ibiza

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If you think of Ibiza, the word street market is the last word that comes to your mind, but after reading this article it will be the only thing that comes to yours.

The island has a great tradition and is the origin of the appearance of many hippie markets in the country, although they were called: the Hippy Markets of Ibiza.

The introduction of the Hippy Markets in Ibiza dates from the last century, specifically from the sixties. This rise of the peace movement on the island was due to the arrival of young hippies from all over the world, who were looking for a more alternative society in Ibiza, in which thoughts were welcome and well received.

As soon as they arrived, they were seduced by its warmth and tranquility, at that time there was no tourism on the island as we know it today. The synergy between hippies and Ibizans was so high that both worlds quickly merged.

Most of them were artists who wanted to escape from the noise and bustle of their cities. For this reason, when they arrived in Ibiza they settled far from the population, specifically in places where they could be in contact with nature.

It was also common for them to group together in communes, where they held concerts in which protagonists were the consumption of narcotics, the defense of the body and free sex.

Political repression, excessive drug use, and the overcrowding of the island caused by extensive tourism, were the causes that made the followers of this movement disappear as the new times arrived.

Many of the things that the hippies left on the island have been diluted over time, however, some adhered so strongly that they are already part of Ibizan society, such as the craft markets and products used in the already mentioned Hippy Markets of Ibiza.

Today, the Hippy Markets of Ibiza are a great attraction for tourists, since many of the people who come to the island not only seek to enjoy themselves, but also to relax, stroll and shop for unique products that serve as souvenirs when they return to their homes.

Now that we know the history that surrounds these emblematic markets, we are going to show you the best and most famous Hippy Markets in Ibiza, so when you arrive at the island you can shop like a true Ibizan.

Las Dalias

Many consider it the most famous market within all the Hippy Markets of Ibiza. It is, therefore, a necessary stop on your trip, if you want to take home an authentic souvenir. Despite the passage of time, the Las Dalias market has preserved its true hippie nature.

Its location is in a completely privileged environment, surrounded on all sides by trees and plants, which helps you to delve deeper into the experience of shopping in a market with the soul of the hippie movement.

Something special about this market, and that not many people know, is that depending on the time you go, the atmosphere will be totally different. Although, our advice is to go to the market as early as possible, because as the day progresses so does the influx of people.

During the day you can buy souvenirs, listen to storytellers or have a drink outdoors. At night the energy changes radically thanks to the lighting that surrounds the market, live music and fire performances that will not leave you indifferent.

This very special market is open throughout the year, and we can locate it in the municipality of Santa Eulalia.

Es Canar

This market, is the largest of the Hippy Markets of Ibiza.

If it’s a market that you really want to see, and you also have it marked on your itinerary, we warn you that you will need several hours to go through it completely.

Although, many of the Ibiza Hippy Markets are located in privileged places, this may have the most original location. The Es Canar flea market is located in the same place where hippies sold their art and merchandise in the sixties.

Despite being the largest market, during its tour we can find bars and cafes where we can rest and recharge energy to continue with the experience of visiting the authentic Hippy Markets of Ibiza.

In addition, it is common to find music groups entertaining the purchases, which will make our walk more enjoyable.

If the time of your visit is in the middle of summer, and the incipient sun is becoming a real problem, don’t worry, because you will have Cala Martina beach nearby to cool off and recover your energy.

We can find the market in the southern region of Es Canar, located specifically in the eastern part of the island.



If what you are looking for when you travel are authentic places, La Forada is perfect for you.

The main attraction of this market is that you can find organic and locally sourced products, such as flavored oils, handmade candles, cheeses, local wines, homemade honey, jewelry created with recycled products and endless artisan products.

A curiosity of this market is that in many of the stalls you can pay with Ecos, the social currency of Ibiza.

You will not find a place like this no matter how hard you try, so much so that at this stop of the Hippy Markets of Ibiza, a vegetarian paella made with products from the area is offered at noon. It is difficult to imagine a more genuine environment than this.

There is not usually a large accumulation of people, this may be because it’s located in an area with little traffic, specifically, on an esplanade in the Santa Inés area. Experience the sensation of feeling like an inhabitant of the island.

Cala Llenya

Surrounding the west coast of Ibiza, we find a picturesque market that opens every Sunday. One of its most special features is its prices, which are nothing like the markets mentioned above.

This happens because the sale in this market is more focused on local people who live on the island, than tourists.

The appearance of Cala Llenya changes constantly, and no matter how many times you go, you will never find the same market. This is because, paying a small amount of money, anyone can sell their products here, so the offer is always varied and constantly changing.

The area in which it is located is surrounded by pine trees and has large spaces, so you can walk peacefully and without stress.

An advantage of going to this market is that you will not find problems to parking, since you can do it for free, and moving around will be much more comfortable.

It is located, like most Hippy Markets of Ibiza, in the Santa Eulalia area, but this time on the East Coast. Cala Llenya has a different halo compared to the rest of the markets that you feel as soon as you arrive there.

Santa Gertrudis night market

During the summer, the days can be somewhat hot, so a walk or a route through the Hippy Markets of Ibiza may not be the best option. That is why we want to introduce you to the Santa Gertrudis night market, an option that does not appear in many travel guides.

Perhaps because it is not so well known, the number of stalls we find is less, but this does not mean that the quality of its products is not up to the level of other markets. In fact, the reduced number of stalls will allow us to make a more intimate purchase and even get to know the artists better.

The market owes its name to the town of Santa Gertrudis, the town where it is located and where you can enjoy its bohemian air and its delicious cuisine.

If the trip is a family one, don’t worry about going with the little ones to the market, becouse the center of the town is completely pedestrianized, so they can enjoy it without any danger.

Walking through this area at night is a magical experience. All the terraces and the square in front of the church are illuminated, in such a way that walking through its streets becomes a pleasure for the senses.

Ibiza is a true paradise where you can lose yourself in its colors, flavors and textures, and you can find all this and more in its innumerable and fantastic markets. Without them, the island would not be the same.

We hope you have enjoyed this walk through the best Hippy Markets in Ibiza. Now the only thing left for you to do is pack your suitcase and get carried away by the hippie movement.

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