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21 March 2022

Best Paella Restaurants in Ibiza – Top 10

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Welcome! In this article we will give you an elaborate view into the 10 best paella restaurants in Ibiza.

It’s no secret that Ibiza is one of the best places in the world to eat Paella.

All of our top 10 are unique restaurants from various locations around the island.

There are some from the south of the island, east coast, west coast, and even one from Formentera (*number 11 below*).

If you are a foodie you do not want to miss one of the best gastronomic experiences in Ibiza, read on!

From my point of view, even though the Paella is originally from Valencia , the one in Ibiza is much better.

The original recipe has snails, rabbit and artichoke, the ” Paella Ibicenca ” is nicer trust me.

paella ibiza


El Carmen, Cala D´Hort

Restaurante El Carmen is known for its iconic views of Es Vedra (pictured below) from its terrace, and its wonderfully tasty paella and seafood dishes.

This beach restaurant is a perfect place to enjoy some of the best Paella on the island, and to watch the sunset in front of Es Vedra.

Definitely make a reservation at least a few days ahead of time because during the peak summer months they are always fully booked.

Located just above the beach at Cala D´Hort, El Carmen is a fairly simple restaurant with wooden tables and chairs filling their terrace.

Once you are seated you will realize that this restaurant is not known for its decor or furniture, but for its incredibly epic views and amazing food.

Restaurante Sa Caleta, Sa Caleta

Sa Caleta also known as Es Bol Nou, is one of the best Ibiza kept secrets in the south of the island.

Many locals from the island visit Sa Caleta because it is one of the quietest areas of Ibiza.

Between its orange and reddish cliffs enclosing each side of the beach and clear blue waters.

It is considered one of the most tranquil beaches in Ibiza, if you prefer a small quaint cove.

Here you can enjoy some of the best paella in Ibiza at the only restaurant in the area.

It shares the name of the beach, Restaurante Sa Caleta and is widely known as one of the best paella restaurants in Ibiza.

It is open all year round and is most famous for its varieties of Paella.

From its terrace you can enjoy the views of the sea and beach below, in between the surrounding orange cliffs.

If you are staying in the south of Ibiza and you are hungry for Paella just visit Sa Caleta, you will not regret it.

sa cale


Can Jaume, Cala Vadella

Can Jaume is located on the beach at Cala Vadella and offers a wide variety of Mediterranean cuisine.

Even though they have many other tasty items on their menu, we recommend that you try their Paella.

Their local chefs will amaze your senses with all of the different flavors of the Paella option which you choose.

Created in the 1960´s as a beach bar by local business owner Vicent D´en Jaume.

Years later he converted his small business into the delicious restaurant which we can all enjoy today.

Last time i went was april 2022 and the price for a paella per person , fish and seafood, 26€pp.

My self enjoying a paella in Can Jaume

Ses Boques, Es Cubells

Restaurante Ses Boques has been a hidden gem of the island since 1987 when it opened its doors.

Located on the southwest coast of Ibiza in the area of Es Cubells.

Its quite difficult to get to, especially if you do not have a 4 x 4 since the road down to the restaurant is quite steep.

Once you make it down to the restaurant you will enjoy some of the best Paella and seafood dishes that we have experienced at all of the best paella restaurants in Ibiza.

This restaurant visits local markets every day to ensure that they have the freshest local produce.

Every morning their fisherman catch many different types of fish and seafood.

The wooden terraces and the shade of the pines trees create a relaxed atmosphere for lunch or dinner.

Seafood paellas, fresh fish encrusted in local Ibicencan salt, and lobster stew are some of the most popular recipes that Ses Boques has prepared with passion for 42 years.

Check out the view of the restaurant below.



Can Pujol, Port des Torrent

Can Pujol is located just outside of San Antonio in the area of Port des Torrent.

It is another quality Mediterranean restaurant specializing Paella, fish, and seafood.

Since it is located on the seafront you can enjoy a tasty Paella while watching one of the most incredible sunsets.

Can Pujols is probably best known for their mixed seafood platter.

In our opinion their best dishes are their lobster and fish paellas.

can pujol

Restaurante Tropicana, Cala Jondal

Located in the far corner of Cala Jondal beach.

Tropicana Ibiza has incredible views of the sea and cliffs above the bay of Jondal.

This is a place where you can enjoy a wide variety of dishes for all tastes.

In our opinion their delicious Paella´s are the best option from their vast menu.

Tropicana provides local ingredients used for most of their dishes.

They offer options for larger events and celebrations if that is something your group will need.

Your afternoon in the sun will be accompanied by chilled cocktails and professional service.



Restaurante Pou des Lleo, Pou des Lleo

Restaurante Pou des Lleo is ideal for eating a delicious paella on the east coast of Ibiza.

Here you can enjoy authentic Ibizan cuisine over a wood fire or from their grill, right on the Pou des Lleo beach.

Because of its remote location, Pou des Lleo is a perfect environment if you prefer a relaxed and quiet atmosphere.

This is one of the favorite places for many locals to eat Paella and other Ibicencan traditional dishes.

They are fully booked over the weekends, so book a reservation mid week if you prefer to avoid the crowds.

Restaurante Pou des Lleo is located between San Carles and Es Canar in the south eastern area of the island.

pou des lleo

Es Nautic, San Antonio Bay

Restaurante Es Nautic is located on the harbor in San Antonio Bay.

Its menu is vast, boasting the freshest local ingredients and seafood caught daily.

We recommend its various Paella dishes, as they offer quite a few options.

Es Nautic offers marvellous views of the bay and all of the boats/yachts which are moored in front of the restaurant.

Its unique arquitecture features a second level superior roof terrace to complete your dining experience.

This terrace enhances the restaurants brillant views of the sun and sea, accompanying the wind on your face during the summer months.

es nautic


Ses Espartar, San Jose

At Ses Espartar you can enjoy the flavors of authentic traditional Ibiza cuisine.

Made with the freshest products offered by the Ibizan coast.

Their specialties are Paella and traditional dishes such as Bullit de Peix, fried squid, sofrit pagés or lobster stew.

S’Espartar is one of the most traditional restaurants in the municipality of Sant Josep, Ibiza.

Located on the road that goes from Sant Josep de sa Talaia to Cala Tarida.

You can enjoy the views of the sunset from its terraces, or from its interior rooms.

Even though this restaurant is not located at a beach or near the sea.

We definitely recommend it as one of the best paella restaurants in Ibiza!

espespartar menu

Es Boldado, Cala D´Hort

Es Boldado is a restaurant located on the cliff of Cala d’Hort Beach in the municipality of Sant Josep de Sa Talaia.

The beautiful views from its dining area feature the beach below, and the magnificent Es Vedra in front.

This restaurant opened its doors more than thirty years ago and is still a staple when it comes to Ibizan gastronomy.

We recommend its varied options for Paella and Fideua dishes.

Like many of the other restaurants on this list they use the freshest ingredients from the island and surrounding sea.

es boldado cala d´hort


*Juan y Andrea, Formentera*

Restaurante Juan y Andrea is not on the island of Ibiza, but it is so good we had to include it in our list!

Located just south of Ibiza, on the nothern shores of Formentera.

Juan y Andrea is one of the hardest restaurants to get a reservation at during the peak summer months.

As you dine with your feet in the sand, you can hear the sound of the waves splashing on the beach.

The majority of its clients arrive via boat or yacht, so the restaurant provides a dingy service.

Make sure to make your reservation at least a month or two in advance if you are planning on visiting during July-Sept.

juan y andrea


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