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24 January 2023

Ibiza Opening Parties 2023

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Ibiza Opening Parties 2023

Not a lot of info has been released yet, but the rumors say they will be especially early this year. Ibiza Opening Parties 2023 here we go.

Hi Ibiza – Ushuaia

29th of April, yes April and not mid-end of May as normal. So this is quite the surprise and good news for us locals that want to back to the old days with a good 6 months season.


The Night League presents The Signal as both Ushuaia as a daytime party ,somewhere between 4pm and 12pm, and then Hï Ibiza as the nightclub party , somewhere between 12pm and 6am.

No lineups have been announced yet and no ticket on sale yet as of 26th january 2023. But we will keep you updated as more parties are announced.

ibiza opening party 2023 hi ibiza and ushuaia

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