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07 February 2023

Season of recitals and events in Ibiza 2023: visit the complete list

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Typically, during the summer months, Ibiza is home to many electronic music festivals and club events, featuring top DJs and performers from around the world. Some of the most popular events and venues include the weekly parties at clubs like Amnesia, Pacha, and Ushuaïa and festivals like the Ibiza Music Summit. Check out the best events in Ibiza for 2023 and start planning your holidays on the island now.

Are you ready for a season full of festivities and recitals in Ibiza this year? The White Island is a legendary tourist destination for music lovers, and if you are an EDM fan, then Ibiza has a lot to offer you. Whether you are planning a fun weekend or a longer stay, this Mediterranean island has put together a long list of events and recitals to check out.

Find below the latest news about the vibrant events in Ibiza for 2023 season, we’ve got you covered!


Full list of events in Ibiza 2023

The upcoming season of events in Ibiza 2023 kicks off with the club opening parties in late April and early May. By this time of the year, many visitors from many countries of the world will gather in the main venues of the island. Here you can find the confirmed recitals up to date:

We will soon extend this list of events in Ibiza 2023 as the nightclubs start confirming their residencies and line ups.


Ibiza Club Guide 2023

Even if we do not already have deep information about the upcoming events in Ibiza for 2023, it is easy to guess the venues where most of the visitors will dance for hours and hours every night, from April to October. The best clubs in Ibiza will once again host the top-notch DJs of the world, and our island is sure to become the epicenter of EDM lovers.

Ushuaïa Ibiza

This outdoor nightclub located in Playa d’en Bossa is known for its high-end atmosphere, A-list DJs and daytime events. Famous international DJs and singers have – at least – one mandatory stop at Ushuaïa prepared this summer to offer their best performances while watching the sun set over the Mediterranean horizon.

Hï Ibiza

A magnificent superclub which is also located in Playa d’en Bossa, right in front of Ushuaïa, which is known for its impressive light shows, sound systems and celebrity DJs. After reforming the old and famous Space and changing owners, Hï Ibiza has become one of the reference clubs for those who want to attend the best events in Ibiza in 2023.

Amnesia Ibiza

One of the oldest and most iconic nightclubs in Ibiza, known for its cutting-edge Electronic Dance Music, outdoor terrace and legendary parties. Amnesia has been one of the main meeting points for House music lovers since the early 80’s, and still maintains that essence, as well as offering other musical styles.

Eden Ibiza

Eden is a club located in San Antonio, known for its diverse range of music genres, including House and Techno for its events in Ibiza in 2023. In this venue you can find some of the best showcases that can be seen on the international scene, such as the weekly residency of Defected, among others.


This notorious club in Ibiza is really known for its underground Techno and House music, laid-back atmosphere and unique location on a farmhouse. It has always been open since the 90’s decade and it is expected to be a highly demanded venue for the upcoming events in Ibiza in 2023.

Pacha Ibiza

Pacha is one of the largest and most famous nightclubs in Ibiza, known for its red cherries logo, VIP parties and celebrity guests. This legendary venue has been a must for music lovers of all kinds since its opening, back in 1967. Make sure to stay up to date with their events in Ibiza for 2023 and do not miss them!

Privilege Ibiza

Introducing the world’s largest nightclub, located in San Rafael, and known for its high-energy parties, massive pool and diverse music line up. Originally known as Ku Club (from 1979 to 1995), Privilege has always hosted some of the greatest recitals of the whole island. Do not hesitate to come and dance in this legendary club!

Ibiza Rocks

Last, but not least, we present to you this well-known music venue in San Antonio, where you will enjoy plenty of live music and DJ sets, with a focus on rock, indie and alternative acts. If you are looking for variety when attending events in Ibiza in 2023, this is the place to be.


Popular daytime boat and pool parties in Ibiza in 2023

A trip to Ibiza should not be complete without checking out a popular boat or pool party during the day. Join the party at Float Your Boat, Ocean Beach Ibiza and Bora Bora Beach Club in San Antonio Bay and experience the best of day-time fun in the summer heat!

Book your getaways and events in Ibiza for 2023 now!

Summer starts much earlier than ever, from the moment you start thinking about what events in Ibiza in 2023 you would like to go to, be it nightclubs, pool parties or boat parties. Our island is endless fun and every day you will have multiple options to enjoy, dancing on the best dance floors in the world.

So if you are ready to hit the clubs this summer and experience what Ibiza has to offer, make sure to schedule your own list of all the upcoming events, festivals and parties. In Float Your Boat, we hope to see you on board with us!

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