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29 October 2020
Formentera day trip.

Ibiza to Formentera: The Perfect Day Trip

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Ibiza is one of the most enjoyed tourist places in the world. Its beautiful and crystalline beaches and its nightlife are its main attraction. However, your adventure increases when you include in your trip a visit to its little sister Balear with a little more than twelve thousand inhabitants and an area of ​​83.24 km 2: Formentera.

There are many options at your fingertips to enjoy the fantastic Ibiza, among them we suggest you indulge yourself with a great Formentera day trip. It all starts when you book your ticket for the ferry in Ibiza.

You can do it online or ask your travel agency to do it for you. It is a trip of about 50 minutes and a maximum of 50 euros per person, it depends on the ferry you decide to take, which goes from the white island of Ibiza to the beautiful Formentera. Ferries are frequent and start from 7 in the morning so that you can enjoy if possible.

So, from very early you can start your unforgettable summer day with people who, like you, have decided to enjoy a unforgettable Formentera day trip, where the perfect weather on the cleanest beaches in the world and the richest food will welcome you.

Knowing the city of Formentera and its people in one day is one of the most pleasant things you can do to forget the stress and chaos that everyone has been experiencing lately. Enjoying the best of its food and wines and immersing yourself in the waters of its most beautiful beaches is a reality!


Freedom to choose

It’s easy to wake up and find that another year has passed without fulfilling your dreams. Therefore, don’t wait any longer and come and spend an incredible Formentera day trip, which is, without a doubt, one of the greatest things you can do in the islands in the Mediterranean Sea. At this point in the Pandemic, you can now travel and enjoy yourself, connected with the splendor of the incredible nature that awaits you there. So amazing and pure that it doesn’t seem real. Formentera is the smallest of all the Balearic Islands, but it has nothing to envy its older sisters.
Its charm, on the contrary, lies in how small and almost deserted Formentera is compared to Ibiza. So a day trip to Formentera from Ibiza, it can also become a day and a night, in one of the few hotels that you can find in the city, but with all the services you may need.

There are many tourist activities that you can enjoy, and the options to rent the equipment you need are within reach of your hand and your budget.

Once you are on the ferry enjoying your trip a day in Formentera from Ibiza , focus on breathing the pure air that allows you to lower cortisol levels, which causes stress in everyone, and helps your mind to forget the hustle and bustle of your beloved city.

Formentera day trip.

Absorb the rays of the sun and the intense blue that will surround you completely during the transfer from one island to the other. Listen to the sound of the ocean waves hitting the ferry that can be really relaxing, a melodious lullaby where some dolphins can be seen dancing.

The Ferry from Ibiza to Formentera

To board the ferry you must go to the maritime station for boats to Formentera in the port of Ibiza. If you haven’t booked it yet, remember to ask your travel agency to do so. However, you can also do it yourself online. By buying it this way, you get a discount and also avoid queuing.

During the months of May to October, you can find ferry tickets every half hour, since it is summer and it is when there is the greatest demand for day trips to Formentera from Ibiza. The rest of the year the schedule varies but you will always find ferries.

It never hurts to check the time of the last ferry at the box office, unless you decide to spend the night on the small island. On your trip day to Formentera from Ibiza, you can choose between renting a car, a motorcycle or a bicycle, from 17€, 11€ and 4€ respectively.

Thanks to its size, you can tour the island completely in one day. Visiting its old and emblematic Lighthouses, such as Barbaria located in the southernmost part of the island is one of the most popular activities on the island. Losing your breath in its incredible cliffs full of rocks that range from dark red to light yellow is quite an adventure.

Walking the ancient roads on the island that pirates invaded not once, but repeatedly, or simply sunbathing and enjoying the beaches of this small but unique island, are some of the things you can choose to do. Due to its peculiar relief, it was easy for pirates of the time to build caves to hide or smuggle, and today you can visit and explore them. It is said that the treasure of the pirates was the island itself.

When to visit Formentera

Unlike Ibiza, the tourist life of Formentera loses a lot of energy during the months of November to April, so many of the businesses prefer to close their doors. However, during those months, spending a Formentera day trip from Ibiza continues to be spectacular.

You can visit its best places and explore its beaches, roads and villages with more calm and intimacy than during the summer months. On the other hand, keep in mind that during the months of July and August it can be so hot that it is very exhausting to walk through its streets during the day, but it is very romantic during the afternoons and nights.

Formentera day trip.

The few hotels and tourist houses on the island all have the official tourism certificate to comply with the parameters required by law. Likewise, during your day trip to Formentera from Ibiza, you will have cultural and sports options, such as museums, churches, or scuba diving, varied gastronomy, horseback riding, rental of small boats to explore the coast and see some of the shipwrecks that are still on the island.

There are six beautiful little towns that you should enjoy during your day trip from Ibiza to Formentera so that you learn about their customs and traditions, and there is also a national park that it shares with Ibiza, the Ses Salines, which is located next to a large lake, Estany Pudent, where swimming is prohibited, but its landscapes and birds are worthy of postcards.

There are also its beautiful world heritage beaches, and the incredible and fascinating underwater meadows of Posidonius Oceánica that cover the entire coastline and maintain the purity of its beautiful waters.

Float your boat and Formentera

Float your boat awaits you in Ibiza in one of its fully equipped boats, on the beach d´en Bossa, in front of the Albatros bar. At 11:30 am, it will take you on a 6-hour tour through the beautiful coast of Formentera.

Not Only will you be able to enjoy a paella prepared on board by incredible chefs that will use fresh ingredients, a rich salad, delicious bread, and typical fruits, but you will also be able to enjoy an open bar with your favorite drinks during the journey while making stops in 2 of the most spectacular beaches of Formentera.

Come and enjoy a spectacular day trip to Formentera from Ibiza.

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