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14 October 2020

Ibiza in November, weather events and more

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November is a month which is known for its perfect climate on the White Island. With temperatures regularly averaging 18 – 20ºC throughout the period, the Ibiza weather in November is ideal for enjoying many outdoor activities, from swimming in the blue waters of its beaches on the warm days to exploring its lush forests on bike rides.

Also, it is the perfect time of year to see Ibiza’s native flora in autumn bloom. So whether you enjoy the calm of the day or escape into the cool mist at night, there’s something for everyone to enjoy about the Ibiza weather in November.


How is the weather in Ibiza in November?

Ibiza is one of the most popular islands in the Mediterranean Sea because of its warm, sunny climate and beautiful beaches. At this time of year, when the sun is out for most of the day, the Ibiza weather in November tends to stay above 17ºC with ease.

As far as rainfall on the island is concerned, November is a fairly dry month, with only occasional rains. For those looking for some relief from the heat, there are some inland beaches that are relatively cool. For example, Poio and Pollensa are two of the most popular for those seeking a refuge from the summer heat.

Although the weather in Ibiza in November is not as favourable as at other times of the year, there are still plenty of reasons to come and visit our beautiful island. With cooler temperatures and fewer people on the island, November is a good month to enjoy the pleasures of one of Spain’s most popular islands.


When does it start to get cold in Ibiza?

For those who enjoy a nice autumn breeze, the Ibiza weather in November is very appealing for a short holiday here. Do you want to know why? Quite simply. The sun is still shining, but the temperatures are starting to drop a little. In short, it’s the perfect time to have a coffee or take a stroll in one of the many parks that line the beach.

On the other hand, for those who prefer it a little warmer, there are always plenty of restaurants and bars that remain open all year round. With its pleasant weather and mostly sunny skies, November is a good time to escape the cold of other parts of Europe.

And with our wide selection of activities throughout the year, it’s never a bad time to disembark or land here. So whether you want to enjoy the pleasant weather in Ibiza in November or a leisurely stroll by the sea, there’s no better time of year to come and visit us.

What to do in Ibiza in November?

If you’re looking for a fun and exciting getaway to Ibiza in November, here are a few things to do! Our island is a magical place, which is full of vibrant colours, delicious food and lively people. The weather in Ibiza in November not only makes it one of the best months to come to the island, but it is also one of the most uncrowded times of the year.

Enjoy the gastronomy

Why not take advantage of the good Ibiza weather in November to take your own culinary route?

It’s no secret that the traditional gastronomy of Ibiza and the Balearic Islands is sure to delight the palates of all food lovers. The islands are home to some of the best seafood and fish in the Mediterranean, and the locals know how to cook it to perfection in their restaurants, where they have years of experience and expertise.

There is also a strong Mediterranean tradition of lamb and pork, which can be found in many dishes. And if you’re looking for something different but still meaty, you can find great options for dinners containing chicken and veal – Ask for sofrit pagès wherever you go!

The Balearic Islands are also known for their great selection of desserts, so be sure to try them while you enjoy the pleasant Ibiza weather in November! Whether you are looking for a quiet place to eat with your loved ones or an experience with a livelier atmosphere, there is always something for everyone.


Make the most of urban and rural tourism

Just because the weather in Ibiza in November is cooler doesn’t mean there is a shortage of plans. In fact, the temperature is perfect for enjoying the beaches and cliffs in a different way, appreciating the wonderful views. There are many corners of the island that you can make the most of to discover, even stopping off at the different street markets you’ll find.

On the other hand, we can not pass up the opportunity to recommend that you visit the city’s famous historic quarter, Dalt Vila, as well as the charming towns of Santa Eulalia and San Antonio. Ibiza in November always brings out its most traditional, artisan and creative side, and this is something that those who come in the summer don’t enjoy, unfortunately.

Also, coming to Ibiza in November is usually quite cheap in terms of flight and accommodation prices, because as it is not a high tourist season you can find more reasonable and affordable rates, and even some bargains.

We look forward to seeing you in Ibiza in November and in the summer!

As you can see, the Ibiza weather in November offers many alternatives, but the best part of the experience is to complete it also during the hottest time of the year. And that is when we will be waiting to welcome you at Float Your Boat.

We want you to discover for yourself the Ibiza Beach Cruise experience, in which we will take you on a 6 hour trip to our favourite locations. Here you can take refreshing swims in reserved areas, practice water sports or relax while having a bite to eat and a snack.

Find out more on our website and plan a different day on the island with your friends or family!

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