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21 April 2022
taxi ibiza prices

Taxi Ibiza

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Best Taxi Services in Ibiza

Situated in the West of the Mediterranean Sea, Ibiza is truly one of the most breathtakingly beautiful islands in the world. Its picturesque sceneries, magnificent beaches, and night clubs make it a tourist-friendly destination.

People call it “un lugar magico”, a magical place in Spanish. The ocean breeze of the west coast you feel on your face as soon as you step out of the plane. The clear blue sky and rumbling waves of squeaky-clean turquoise water can get you rid of your blues. Ibiza cast her spell on everyone who steps foot in this magical place.

Transportation is usually the most worrying aspect for any tourist. If the means of transportation are not good, then it can ruin your whole experience and journey. Don’t worry, as Ibiza is famous worldwide for its brilliant taxi services. Let’s find out about the best taxi services in Ibiza and how you can travel around this island.

Ibiza Town

The port city overseeing the Mediterranean is the capital and the largest city on the island. Around the clock, Day and night, this city weaves its magic with the diversification of what’s in Ibiza and what you can do and explore.

The hustle and bustle of Nightlife are magical. With world-class restaurants and bars, it’s the best place for party lover. It is also known as a home to the world-famous Pacha nightclub, where the best DJs in the world play each night in summer.

If you are Shopaholic, then a visit to Ibiza Town is a must for you. You will discover a wonderful selection of small boutiques, high-end fashion stores, shoe shops, and novelties. It draws a global crowd all year round, and you can spot some celebrities in the summer.

There are some renowned art galleries and history museums for history and art lovers. The pretty ancient fortress of Dolt Vila is a history lesson in itself. You will never find a dull moment in Ibiza.

How to Travel In Ibiza

Travelling somewhere can be more fun when transportation is trustworthy and convenient. The relieving thing is, you can enjoy all forms of transportation in Ibiza. The bus service is the cheapest and most common way to get around in Ibiza. Privately run shuttle buses offer quicker transportation, but they are expensive.

Many tourists don’t feel comfortable traveling by public transport, like buses or tram. This is where the taxi Ibiza services or the transfer company comes in. Taxis Ibiza is very affordable compared to the rest of Spain. Official taxis are white with a city emblem on the front door and a blue license plate. Taxis in Ibiza are available 24/7.

All Ibiza taxi prices have been set and handled by the Balearic Government. To calculate the minimum fare of your journey, Ibiza Taxi drivers must use a taximeter based on the distance travelled. Keep in mind that during the night time, the fee for your taxi will increase from 21:00 to 07:00 and on weekends after 13:00.

Here are some radio taxi Ibiza suggestions that you can book for your travel to make your journey memorable and convenient

Taxi Ibiza

First of all regarding Taxis in Ibiza, to know for sure its a real official taxi, they are always white with green or purple stripes and a blue licence plate.

To Call a taxi first you have to know from which area your are calling, so if you are in San Antonio you have to call radio taxi San Antonio.

Please check this map to know in which area you are calling.

mapa taxi ibiza

Here are the contact numbers radio Taxi

  • Ibiza: 971 39 84 83
  • Sant  Josep: 971 39 83 40
  • Sant Antoni : 971 34 37 64
  • Santa Eularia: 971 33 30 33
  • San Joan: 971 33 30 33
  • Aeropuerto: 971 39 54 81

In every major taxi stand you will find a aproximate price list of the main tourist destinations.

It is always more expensive from 9pm to 7am. For example its 1.09€ for every Km at daytime, and at night its 1.33€.

If you call the taxi by phone to pick you up there is an extra 4,65€ cost

If you stop a taxi on the street its an aditional 3.65€ cost.

So the cheapest is to get the taxi from a taxi stand.

There is no extra charge for baggage.

There is an extra 1.80€ extra if you get the taxi from the port.

For every hour of waiting it´s 19.58€.

Small pets are allowed.

You are entitled to a receipt if you wish.

You can pay by card or cash.

Any problems ask for the “Libro de reclamaciones” , they hate that so use that as leverage if any problems.


taxi ibiza prices
From Ibiza town.

Here is a list of the main taxi stands in Ibiza

Radio taxi


Just enjoy yourself; let us do the driving!”

Are you looking for a transfer from Ibiza airport or need a chauffeur service for your business event? Or do you need an Ibiza taxi driver to get you to the club? Whatever the purpose of your journey is, IbiRide provides high-quality services.

You can make your visit to Ibiza more special with Ibiza taxi private services. You can save time during your holidays by booking your Ibiza transfer online.

IbiRide committed to provide excellent Transportation Services at the most competitive price. Besides its excellent feature, it doesn’t compromise on its commitment. Their drivers and staff are well-known for professional ethics and integrity. They offer Transfers from/to Ibiza Airport, Transfers in Ibiza, Chauffeur services, Private drivers, and Tours in Ibiza.

Ibiza VIP Passengers


It specialize in private car hire service with unmatched luxury, privacy, and customized service.

Their comprehensive and adjustable range of services will cover all your needs. Such as, Ibiza Airport transfer, private or general terminal Hotels, apartments and villas, Yachts and marinas, Restaurants, Discos and events Beaches, Agro tourism.

Their drivers are proficient in English and Spanish and knowledgeable about the island. Feel free to ask for recommendations and discover the comfiest, great and flexible way of moving around Ibiza town. Their customized tours are the best option if you come to the island on a cruise trip and have limited time to discover the magic of this island.

Ibiza Minibus

Reliable and Safe Transportation Services

If you are travelling in a group with your friends or family, this service is for you. They pride themselves on delivering extensive services to fulfil all of your needs with first-rate customer care.

Their goal is to make your travels safer, effortless and on schedule. They offer excellent service with no detail unattended. With over 120 different vehicles, they ensure you have a ride to fit your needs.

They will take you where you want to go, when you want to go, and in the type of vehicle best suited to you. They offer you the right vehicle at the right price to fit your budge. It has an extensive fleet of vehicles, including sedans, limousines, coach buses, and else. Moreover, their staff are experienced and professional.

The main problem with big groups in ibiza is that its nearly impossible to get say 5-6 taxis at the same time to pick up a group.

Here are some minibus companies we´ve used before our selves with clients:

Ibiza Gran Turismo

They have minibuses with different capacities, from a Mercedes Vito 7 places, a 10 spaces, 16 spaces and 55 capacity.

Based in front of Lidl in Ibiza town.

Last time we used them they charged us 185 for 30 people for a Playa den Bossa – San Antonio trip which is still cheaper than taxis.

A 7 people transfer form airport to San antonio was 100€

Website here


Some Popular Taxi Transfer Services in Ibiza

Now let’s explore the popular taxi services of Ibiza!

Chauffeur Ibiza

Ibiza VIP Bus is a Chauffeur Service that provides great transport experience at a reasonable charge. They understand how important it is for you to reach on time, so they provide fast pickups and quick rides.

With Ibiza VIP Buses, private drivers, you are 100% safe and will reach your location on time. They guarantee safety as they are very conscious of their customer’s safety and security. Their drivers are skilled and experienced.

You can also get bottled water and free chargers if you travel with them. They have standard and premium packages; you can select the package of your choice depending on your requirements. Whether you want to get a private transfer service for a yacht or want to get the VIP transfer service for the port in Ibiza? Chauffeur Ibiza can provide the best services to its customers.

Their services include the Yacht and jet transfers, wedding vintage cars (in case you are going to a destination wedding in Ibiza). A large fleet of minibuses and coaches, and disposal.

They offer a continuous service of 4, 8, 12, 16, and 24 hours in which the requested vehicle and the driver will remain at the customer’s disposal.

Transfer Ibiza

They have a large team of professional divers who are available 24/7. They carry out private transfers accompanying you personalized, elegant, and discreetly throughout your stay. Discretion, punctuality, and security are guaranteed in their journeys.

Their luxury fleet and the business class fleet are fully equipped for your greatest comfort. Their vehicles have child seats and other equipment for children. They offer airport pickup or drop-off services, event transfers, private jets, or yachts. Their fleet includes Range Rover, Mercedes, and Minibus.


This taxi service is one of the most popular transportation services in Ibiza. It is like having your full-time driver on call, but only having to pay when you need one. Taxi Ibiza makes sure to bring you quickly and comfortably to any destination: Eivissa, San Antonio, and Santa Eulalia.

You can enjoy a high-quality airport shuttle experience at low prices directly to the Hotel. Their Transfers Service charges are low cost, whether from the airport to any destination across the island. You can hire an affordable and reliable taxi driver for any transportation need. They are serving you over the entire Ibiza Island.

Want a comfortable trip in a luxurious car? The Mercedes V class will suit you. Audi Q 7 is perfect for shorter and longer business trips. Includes services for your business use. Their Range Rover is perfect for families and young individuals looking for the cheapest option.

AutoRide Ibiza

Since its inception in 1995, the company has grown from 5 vehicles to more than 150 vehicles through their hard work and exceptional Service. They have developed into the leading ground transportation provider in the area.

They deliver extensive services to fulfil your needs with first-rate customer care. Their goal is to make your Journeys safe, effortless, and on schedule. Services include Ibiza Airport transfer, corporate travel, handicapped transportation, Charter services, and special events.

With a  fleet that Includes Audi A8, BMW 5series long, Cadillac Escalade limousine, Cadillac Escalade SUV, Ford Tourneau, and Hummer New York Limousine, and Mercedes Benz.


The taxi fare or taxi cost varies from each other. These services charge differently depending on your destination and the vehicle you choose. Before booking your ride, it’s best to get complete info about their charges.

About Illegal taxis In Ibiza

Despite the substantial efforts by Ibiza’s licensed taxi driver associations and various Government departments, the problem of illegal taxi services still exists in Ibiza and hasn’t gone away.

During peak season, when tourists around the globe visit Ibiza, these illegal taxi services starts their business again. Most commonly, they ply their trade outside nightclubs and at a taxi rank where tourists are often tired of waiting in long queues of passengers and eager to save some bucks.

The phenomenon began a few years ago and has recently boomed, even though the authorities have set up harsher measures.

To eliminate the issue of pirates or illegal taxis, the government has initiated a fine of 6,000€ on those illegal taxi drivers.

Hiring an illegal taxi to save some money can cause you much trouble and create problems, especially if you are a tourist. So it’s better to always go for reliable sources.

Final Words

For its stunning views, delightful climate, delicious Cuisine, exquisite beaches, and adventurous activities, Ibiza has earned its spot as one of the favorite destinations of tourists.

We have unveiled some of the best Taxi services in Ibiza so, must check them out. You can also avail these taxi company services in San Antonio bay or in San Jose too.

Renowned DJs travel worldwide to play at its world-famous nightclubs. Famous for its dapper beach clubs and pool parties. There’s a quiet side to this Balearic Island, where you can enjoy your time in tranquility in the island’s super-chilled atmosphere and natural beauty.

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