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13 April 2022

Ibiza Nightlife

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Ibiza nightlife happens on a Spanish island in the Mediterranean Sea, part of the Balearic archipelago. The capital of Ibiza has the same name, yet sometimes it is called Villa.

Ibiza has everything: warm sea, bright sun, exotic nature, and the best Ibiza nightclubs in the world. It’s a natural paradise on earth, such hï Ibiza, space, privilege, and more. It is the most popular party destination in the world.

It has some of the biggest clubs around, which is rightfully considered among the best in Europe and the world. The nightlife in Ibiza is centered around two areas: Ibiza Town and the Island’s capital on the eastern shore and Sant Antoni to the West.

There are little cafes and restaurants at every corner in those two cities where you can quickly have a bite. Moreover, there are a huge number of luxury yachts, where the rich Europeans, such as film and music stars come to entertain their lives.

Ibiza is famous among western youths, artists, movie stars, top DJs, models, and millionaires. Small Island has everything to please all tastes. It has comfortable and wild beaches, hotels of different categories, luxury villas, nightclubs, bars, and much more. With the onset of the night, the Island turns into one continuous celebration.

So how’s Ibiza Nightlife?

Nightlife in Ibiza is a unique combination of a European youth club and the rest of Spanish traditional night festivities. Its atmosphere prevails in the area of Playa d’en Bossa, one of the main tourist centers. Here is the legendary club “Space,” famous for its “afterparties.”

Usually, people start moving to the mega-clubs, known for their foam parties, which have an occupancy of up to 10 000 people (Amnesia, Privilege).

Each summer on the island, most famous DJ’s in the world, such as (D. Morales, Sasha, Carl Cox, etc.) performs. And in winter, clubs in Ibiza are the most famous discotheques around the world.

Night parties in Ibiza never end. “Afterparties” start at 6 am and can last until 3 pm, but the “party movement” continues in the bars and on the beaches.

This article will discuss Ibiza Nightlife in terms of bars, clubs, parties, and much more. Let’s start our discussion with the best Ibiza nightclub:

Best Nightclubs in Ibiza

Ibiza is one of the best places in the world to party. It is called the clubbing capital of the world! Ibiza’s unique cultural diversity, friendly people, and, exciting clubs create a magical atmosphere. This attracts thousands of clubbers every year to have a good time, seven-nights-a-week. In Ibiza, even the rich and famous. Some of the best clubs are:

  • Pacha Nightclub in Ibiza

The size of the club is impressive. The central hall is wholly composed of stairs, podiums, a circular balcony, a Funky Room decorated in hip hop style, and a huge outdoor terrace. Pleasure is a mere stroll in these labyrinths, dimly lit with candles.

Yes, countless candles wiggle under the ceiling on chains – almost the only lighting source in the central hall; it looks awe-inspiring. Unlike other clubs, Pacha is open all year round.

The audience is very patchy, ranging from insane teens to quite respectable adults. According to the club evenly spread great English company, not a friendly tuned to the representatives of other nations. Music played is usually a house.

However, DJ sometimes may spin trance, sometimes funk, sometimes disco.

  • Unique Feature – Known for best nightclub in Ibiza
  • Location – Av. 8 d’Agost, 07800 Eivissa, Illes Balears, Spain
  • Contact – +34 971 31 36 00


  • Privilege Nightclub in Ibiza

Privilege is the biggest club in the world. You will see interior tubs with palm trees, colorful lights, massive glass doors, a disco, and more if you get inside. The music played is mostly house.

  • Unique Feature – Famous for world’s largest nightclub
  • Location – Urbanización San Rafael, s/n, 07816 Sant Antoni de Portmany, Balearic Islands, Spain
  • Contact – +34 971 19 80 86


  • Esparadis Club in Ibiza

The club is located in the center of the city. The audience at Es Paradis is extremely young. Most are 14-15-year-old English students who eventually escaped from parental care. The euphoria of the opportunity to drink overrides all other emotions. Music is sometimes house, trance, and disco.

  • Unique Feature – Famous for spirit and dance music
  • Location – Carrer Salvador Espriu, 2, 07820 Sant Antoni de Portmany, Illes Balears, Spain
  • Contact – +34 971 34 66 00

Some more popular clubs on the island of Ibiza:

Amnesia Ibiza – located in the center of the island, near San Rafael.

Boom! – located in the marina of Ibiza town.

DC10 – located near the airport, on the road to Las Salinas.

Eden – located in front of the beach in San Antonio.

Sankeys – located in the center of Playa d’en Bossa.

Ushuaïa Ibiza – located in Playa d’en Bossa, in front of the Space and next to the beach.

hï ibiza – hï ibiza Cutting-edge electronic music located in Platja d’en Bossa

Also, there are smaller venues like Bora BoraIbiza Rocks barOcean Beach IbizaUndergroundMOMAGala NightGrialSantosKM5Lío and many more.

Bars Guide on Ibiza City

All actions in the mega-clubs of Ibiza start just after 2 am. However, if you don’t want to wait until then, you can go to the bar. It is always good to get a drink before the hot (and very expensive) night at the club, and besides that, clubs are good places to meet new people.

IBIZA has thousands of BARS spread over the island. The island has several authentic beach bars called chiringuitos. Some of these serve lovely drinks and great food, and some are famous for their excellent fish dishes. The most famous IBIZA BARS are found in San Antonio’s West End, also known as Bar Street.

In order to visit them all to discover whether they meet your expectations or to find one specific bar to your own personal preference would mean that you should spend just about your entire vacation in a bar, just because there are as many types of bars on the island as there are preferences. Besides the usual cafe or pub, the island is home to a wide variety of very specific Ibiza bars.

Some of them are exclusive to Ibiza Island, for they host some of the most famous pre-parties. For a great night out, to your own preference, you can visit the following varieties of Ibiza Nightlife bars:

  • Bar
  • Beach Bar
  • Chiringuitos
  • Cocktail Bar
  • Disco Bar
  • Gay Bar
  • Lounge Bar
  • Live Music Bar
  • Pre-Party Bar
  • Private Bar
  • Rock Bar
  • Sunset Bar
  • Theme Bar
  • Tapas Bar
  • Sushi Bar
  • And Much More

What else?

Of course, there are also combinations such as a Sunset Lounge Bar Restaurant or Lounge Beach Bar, or Beach Party Bar. Ibiza Bars are suitable for the entire family, but some only attract a particular audience, such as clubbers.

In short: There are Ibiza Bars for each and all preferences.

All the big clubs in Ibiza have pre-parties at the bars where one can pick up discount tickets for the clubs. So most people first visit the IBIZA BARS for a pre-party and pick up a money-off flyer before entering a club. Many Ibiza Bars have their own resident DJs, while others, please their visitors with live music by Ibiza Bands or musicians.

Some of the world-famous DJs spin their tunes in a trendy Ibiza bar before turning to their job in one of the major clubs later that night. Often there is no entrance fee, and if you have a flyer, you can get at least one or two drinks for free.

And almost every night, the Ibiza Bars are rented by external promoters to the clubs for their notorious and famous pre-parties. These promoters are then responsible for the event and its music, bands and DJs, and the venue’s decor. This way, the music played in the bars and clubs is different from evening to evening. Also, it helps you get some discounts on drinks or provide access to a party later.

Keep this in mind when choosing your outfit, because, in Ibiza, they prefer people to wear beautiful or extravagant costumes? So make a little more effort to draw enough attention from these PR people to get a flyer for access to a great party.

Bars bars and bars

Bars are located in a noisy part of the old town of La Marina. Party places of La Marina are concentrated around the two institutions that were built in the middle of the last century and still hold the top position in popularity ratings: Base Bar and Rock Bar.

This is a friendly place run by a veteran of club life on the island. Promoters of various clubs and programs with the Flyers come more often here, so you have a great chance to save some money by buying tickets from them.

Bar Zuka is the most stylish bar located in Ibiza. Every night there are here fancy cameras from around the world.

Madagascar is an elegant bar and cafe on the square, Placa des Parc. At this particular wave of jazz tunes, wicker chairs with rattan and stunningly delicious coffee.

Grial is a very democratic bar with darts, billiards, and a “living” DJ. This bur is just a hundred meters from Pacha.

Ibiza Nightlife Bars Guide Located in San Antonio

Sant Antoni is home to the world-famous bustling nightlife area called: WEST END, situated, along with the Calle Santa Ines. Many forms of entertainment are available to the thousands of young tourists that spend their summer holidays in this part of Ibiza.

San Antonio Bay not only houses some of the well-known Ibiza Clubs but is also home to many different types of bars. Some are authentic Ibizan local Bars, Beach Bars, Bowling Bars, Chiringuitos, Cocktail Bars, Disco Bars, and etc.

Many of these bars are only open in the summertime, and only a few of them open their doors the whole year round to island visitors and the Ibizan residents.

Bars of San Antonio has a different story. There the public is usually younger than in Ibiza capital. The world’s famous legendary bar, Cafe del Mar, is located in San Antonio. This is where the music style “chill out” started.

People come to Café del Mar to relax and watch one of the most beautiful sunsets while drinking cocktails and listening to sexy tunes. Near Cafe del Mar, there is another famous bar Mambo Cafe, which hosts many special events and music, is played by the island’s best DJ’s.

Itaca in San Antonio beach strip is one of the most famous bars in San Antonio, open from breakfast till dawn. Be sure to check out Musicana live music there.

Night Parties in Ibiza

2021 Saw some newer IBIZA BEACH CLUBS triumphing, such as SANDS, DELANO and USHUAÏA.

They truly offer the perfect ambiance for a nice day at the beach, including delicious dishes and relaxing massages & GREAT MUSIC. Moreover, the best Ibiza PARTIES too. Everybody wants to be seen here, the rich & famous, young & trendy and the most outrageous and extravagant individuals.

They all LOVE partying in the IBIZA CLUBS. Every club in IBIZA offers a special VIP treatment, where their guests will be pampered while enjoying a cocktail and watching the party crowd from above. Apparently there is no division between nightlife and day life on IBIZA. One party in IBIZA, ends but the other one starts and people seem to live in shifts with ‘night- & day life crew’.

Party animals spend their entire holiday in IBIZA CLUBS at night (& daytime) and sleeping on the beaches at their end of the day. IBIZA is home to some of Europe’s most advanced state-of-the-art high-tech super clubs. And the best and most successful party promoters. The IBIZA CLUBS, each host some of the most outrageous parties over the years have been:

  • El ROW

And many more presented by the crème-de-la-crème of amazing up-coming DJs.

Famous DJ’s, from all over the world, are spinning their records in the IBIZA CLUBS and lots of celebrities perform and party in their favorite CLUBS in IBIZA.


Live music can also be enjoyed again on a regular basis! IBIZA ROCKS and ZOO PROJECT apparently bring IBIZA what it needs and most wants.

LIVE HOUSE MUSIC by new talented bands and artists in several separate parties where visitors can dance and enjoy in the open air. IBIZA BANDS and IBIZA DJs are prepared to make you rock in this new and exciting club season since they recently started their own project connecting resident BANDS and gigs throughout IBIZA Island.

SOUND EQUIPMENT can be arranged, by various companies, or the IBIZA DJ’s bring the necessary professional sound system themselves.

Do keep in mind that most of the IBIZA CLUBS have a dress code which means men also are refused for being bare-chested. And another thing….don’t bring your camera you will have to leave it in deposit for each club has its very own photographer.

Ibiza is known throughout the world for its extravagance and endless summer nights. A normal night on this wonderful island would be heading to one of the many nightclubs that make it famous and dancing until dawn.

But, there are other alternative Ibiza nightlife plans… Do you want to know them?

  • Enjoy the magical sunsets or sunset strip

The show begins at sunset in the bay of Sant Antoni de Portmany in the well-known “sunset” cafes, from where you can enjoy impressive sunsets, when the sun mixes with the sea on the horizon.

The best known of them all is the Café del Mar. The sunset ritual is accompanied by enthusiastic people, fire shows and chill out.

Café del Mar opened its doors in 1980 and at the end of the 1980s, a compilation of his music was released and from 1994 the first CD “Café del Mar” was released.

Other alternatives to the avenue of cafes are: Hostal La Torre (Cap Negret), Kumharas (Port des Torrent), Villa Mercedes (Puerto Sant Antony) or Kanya (Calo des Moro).

  • Sit on a terrace of the port.

Ibiza nightlife is not only about clubbing but also about enjoying the busy street at bars at the beautiful ports.

In the early hours of the night, the greatest animation is concentrated in the port of Ibiza, a beautiful setting, presided over by the majesty of Dalt Vila.

The simple coming and going of people, moving at their leisure between the terraces of the bars, fashion shops or stalls of the craft market, form a true spectacle in itself.

Among this crowd, the entertainers of the macro clubs of Ibiza, compete to attract the eyes of the people towards the next episode in the endless night of Ibiza.

Transvestites, sharing the street with the ticket sellers, who stand on very long stilts and sell tickets to the immense crowd of young people eager to party.

  • Go shopping in the port.

You cannot miss the atmosphere of the narrow streets of the center of Ibiza populated with establishments.

During the high season, June to September, the shops are open until midnight.

Here you will find the most extravagant and latest fashion for club nights – from designer clothes to bargains.

Numerous vendors bring life to the small alleys with jewelry stalls, Ibiza music CDs, along with many other objects.

Calle de la Virgen, a meeting point for the colorful gay scene, has shops with sadomasochistic objects and piercing parlors. Starting at 9:00 p.m., the port district is transformed into a miniature hippie market with its stalls and small shops.

There you will find sarongs, jewelry, music… You may even find an old hippie who sells jewelry made from animal bones.

  • Go for tapas or to a chic restaurant.

But there is also another night in Ibiza, that of tapas bars or top quality restaurants. The bustling streets of Sa Marina and the bars and restaurants of the Dalt Vila are the benchmarks of the Ibiza atmosphere. The heterogeneous population of the island today provides gastronomic variety from the different regions of Spain.

Therefore, it is possible to savor different dishes from all over the country in a small space.

In them, or in any restaurant, don’t hesitate to order the sofrit de pagés, with lamb and pork sausages, or the bullit de ratjada, a stew made with skate. Don’t miss the pastries either, with the flaós and the orelletes.

  • Enjoy a quiet drink.

You will be delighted to know that Ibiza is not just a disco and party halls. There is also a place to spend a quiet evening in a relaxed bar, many with more relaxed live music, that is, completely different from clubbing.

In these places you will find how to spend the night, have a coffee with views of the coast, play bingo, the casino, or enjoy music from other decades.

In the Keeper area, in La Marina Botafoch in Ibiza, in addition to having a drink at reasonable prices, you can check out the luxurious fleet of yachts that dock during the summer.

  • Have fun at a hippie party.

Hippie parties are common in Ibiza and are part of the Ibiza nightlife, not only the typical and well-known ‘Flower Power’ party at the Pachá nightclub, but also in different towns that, to celebrate their parties, hold events of this type where most people dress for the occasion and moves the skeleton to the sound of the music of the sixties.

And also, the impromptu parties in the mountains, which are the most fun but can be difficult to get to and you will need a good source to inform you.

On full moon nights go north, to Benirrás, and let yourself go…

  • Attend the Jazz Festival.

The summer of Ibiza is not only about dance music. The Elvissa Jazz Festival, organized by the Ibiza Town Hall, and held in September, is the veteran festival in these events.

But for five years, an alternative plan has been at the Ibiza Rocks hotel with a cycle of concerts by ‘indie’ groups every Tuesday from June to September.

Hippie markets are held every week in many places on the island, and shopping is fantastic because Ibiza is always at the top of the wave when it comes to fashion in clothing or decoration. With a history of more than 20 years, Las Dalias is the most famous and important market on the island, as it represents the spirit of Ibiza’s hippie culture.

In it you can find endless items, such as clothes, CDs, antiques, incense, soaps, handmade shoes, or, if you prefer, you can leave shopping aside and enjoy a tea in a tent, a natural juice in the garden or some tapas in the interior bars. The best thing is that there is a Night Market on Mondays from 7:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. Its location is Carretera San Carlos Km.12.

  • Enjoy Authentic Cuisines

IBIZA RESTAURANTS enclose an enormous variety of great restaurants that serve healthy Mediterranean cuisine prepared with home-grown vegetables and fresh caught fish and shellfish. IBIZA RESTAURANTS combine excellent gastronomy & cuisine with unique settings and fabulous views and sunsets for their visitors to enjoy, besides a perfect gourmet dinner. Wonderful ‘Ibiza-style’ fish and delightful local dishes are being served together with delicious Spanish wines and cava’s.

TAPAS RESTAURANTS are found everywhere and they all serve wonderful tapas and lunches. And of course a wide array of IBIZA RESTAURANTS dedicated to more worldly cuisines are available throughout the island, so wonderful grilled sausages can be enjoyed as well as spicy Thai- and Indian dishes, Mexican food or cuisine from the Middle East.

In sta. Gertrudis a very special MIDDLE EAST RESTAURANT was opened, SAFRĄ IBIZA that only serves Middle East dishes, tapas and pitas. Off road.

  • Off at Night

Bora-Bora is one of the best known beach bars in Ibiza. It is on the crowded beach of D’en Bossa, open to the public many hours a day, it is a beach option to the mythical Space.

KM.5 is a bar that you should not miss. Located at km 5.6 on the Eivissa-Sant Josep highway, it is one of those lounges that are worth visiting. Beautiful international people, perfect music at volume that can be talked about and intimate.

No one will tell you about it but Atzaró is a rural hotel-Spa in the middle of the countryside, on Ctra, Sant Joan KM. 15.

A dinner and a few drinks prolonging the evening will let you see the stars, while you move to the rhythm of lounge music.


IBIZA is one of the most visited islands in the group of the Balearic Islands in Spain, and famous due to its amazing Ibiza nightlife.

Therefore it attracts the highest amount of young people as well. Although it also offers a wide range of options for those not interested in the club scene. There are many other activities suitable for visitors of all ages and preferences.

From June till the end of October, in tourist season, IBIZA NIGHTLIFE, as well as all other attractions on the island, is at its best, but there are lots of bars where you can have a drink and talk, without loud MUSIC.

But when you visit the island between October and May and you’ll find a very different, much more peaceful island – only one club and a few funky bars remain open through the winter months. The nightlife districts, aside from the CLUBS, are mainly in PUERTO DE IBIZA = PORT OF IBIZA, known as ‘LA MARINA’ where you find many terraces and restaurants and which is full of the liveliest BARS as is the San Antonio’s WEST END.

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