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07 November 2022

6 Reasons to Spend Christmas in Ibiza

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Many people decide to spend the last days of the year away from home, looking for a different plan during their holidays with friends or family. Christmas in Ibiza has always been a great idea, but it is a new experience that plenty of Europeans have not tried yet.

Therefore, in this article we want to encourage you and your beloved ones to take an alternative choice and consider spending Christmas holidays in Ibiza. Even if the White Island is a favorite destination during the Summer season, Winter is also a good opportunity to visit it. Check out our to-do list next!


6 plans to do in Christmas in Ibiza

Your next Christmas in Ibiza is underway right now! Let’s explore some fancy places to visit and activities that you should not miss during your stay here:

Santa Eulària des Riu: events and workshops

As a first proof that you must come to Ibiza in December, we must recommend you visit Santa Eulària des Riu, one of the most charming townships on the island for your winter plans. During the whole Christmas holidays in Ibiza and ending in mid January, you will be able to find a wide variety of events and workshops.

Among them, this gorgeous town provides a selection of live concerts, dance and theater performances, cooking workshops or cinema sessions that will make you enjoy yourselves. You will not find such a great chance to discover these entertainment activities during other seasons but Christmas in Ibiza.

Ibiza Old Town: activities and a travel through history

Ibiza’s Old Town is one of the most visited places in the White Island because of the lovely streets that you can walk through, which are full of white buildings, restaurants, shops and cozy lights at night. Also, the walled enclosure of Dalt Vila is a one-to-watch in order to meet with one of the most historic sides of the Balearic Islands.

Moreover, when talking about Christmas in Ibiza, the Old Town has some other places and things you must see. For instance, the Antoni Albert i Nieto square hosts a Christmas program for people of different ages, which includes activities such as concerts, workshops and an ice rink where you can skate.

And we also suggest you to go to take a picture of the huge Christmas tree or buy some local products from the street market as a souvenir of your Christmas in Ibiza. Do not miss this side of the island!

Sant Antoni, a perfect spot to celebrate Christmas in Ibiza with kids

In the town of Sant Antoni, you can find the most appealing celebrations in the famous Fountain square, where the Santa’s Grotto is located. In addition, one of the favorite activities to do here with kids is to go on a fun ride on the Christmas train.


Visiting street markets

Even if there are more street markets than usual during Christmas in Ibiza, it is also a good plan to visit the ones that are also there during the whole year. One of the most popular ones is Sant Jordi’s market, where you can discover and buy many secondhand clothes, jewelry, music or books for your collection.

Nevertheless, we also want to suggest that you visit the markets that are located in Cala Llenya and Las Dalias if you aim to find exclusively Christmas articles.

Try local food in different restaurants

Spain has a strong relationship with cuisine and it is a very well known country for having really tasty traditional dishes. For the next time that you come to celebrate your Christmas holidays in Ibiza, do not hesitate to try these local food:

  • Bullit i guisat de peix: Majorcan stew and fish
  • Sofrit pagès: boiled potatoes and typical cold meat of the Balearic Islands
  • Borrida de ratjada: stingray stew
  • Greixonera: traditional dessert from Ibiza
  • Flaó: traditional dessert from Ibiza
  • Orelletes: traditional dessert from Ibiza
  • Frita de pulpo: fried octopus
  • Ensalada payesa: Ibiza style salad
  • Arròs de matances: a typical way to cook rice in Ibiza
  • Cuinat: traditional stew from Ibiza

Spend New Year’s Eve in Es Figueral

Some people enjoy spending New Year’s Eve on the beach, and Es Figueral is a choice that will definitely work for you during your next Christmas in Ibiza. It is located on the north-east side of the island and is surrounded by some good restaurants, hostels and apartments where you can rest and start the new year in a new way.


What is the usual weather in Ibiza at Christmas?

The weather in Ibiza at Christmas is quite cold in comparison with Summer, but you can still be comfortable, as it is usual to have 17ºC of temperature or more. At night, it lowers until 10ºC and the humidity levels are quite high, at 69%. Also, it is likely to rain on 10-11 days of the month, with regular 20 km/h winds.

We hope you enjoy your Christmas holidays in Ibiza

At Float Your Boat we hope that this list of plans to do on Christmas in Ibiza makes your stay in the White Island much easier. You will not regret coming here on your free days during the Winter season! But we are also looking forward to seeing you next Summer together with us.

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The trip also includes food, drinks and some equipment to do water sports or spend a relaxing time on the water. We can’t wait to welcome you all on board!

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