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29 October 2020
Ibiza in December.

Ibiza in December: Events, weather and more

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Ibiza in December: Events, weather and more

Ibiza is one of the most beautiful islands on the Mediterranean Sea all year long. It has perfect weather and clear water beaches during the 365 days of the year. Its wild nightlife becomes a little bit different and quiet in comparison to the summer. This time, we tell you how to enjoy your stay in Ibiza in December.

Cold winds will find you everywhere on the island during winter, but it still is a perfect place for an unforgettable vacation. Locals prepare themselves to welcome the new year among temperatures that vary from 10°C to 16°C. Perfect!

How to get to Ibiza in December

It is easy to get to Ibiza in December, the liveliest island of the Balearic archipelago. By plane or boat, Ibiza is a 571.6 km2 territory full of exciting places and activities. Its airport is 10 km away from the city. Ibiza city has various facilities to get around the city. There are tons of great places to visit and relaxing activities to do.

Ibiza’s beaches are considered the cleanest in the world. Many of Ibiza’s great beaches have the blue flag, which means they have the cleanest water you can find to swim and dive in the ocean. Come and wide open your eyes underwater and see all around you.

Ibiza in December is fascinating 24/7. Its modern nightclubs, pubs and bars offer you great music and drinks all night long. The view from these places give you a sensation of freedom and beauty that makes your dancing experience an unforgettable one. There is music for all kinds of tastes in Ibiza.

Since Ibiza is a popular tourist destination people all over the world visit the island looking for perfect weather and perfect parties. Not only electronic music, but Latin and Caribbean music is among the favourite genres people love to dance.

Ibiza in December.

Ibiza’ nightlife is world famous from the very beginning of its first clubs back in the 70’s. It is well known though that Ibiza is a Human World Heritage Site for its Walled City Dalt, The Puig de Molins Necropolis, and its Sa Caleta Town.

More than 120 cruise ships stop every year on its beaches, so their tourists enjoy and delight the weather and its more than 50 beaches on the Island. In this trip of yours to Ibiza in December, do not forget to visit the most incredible sea plant that is part of the island and which is also recognised by the Unesco as World Heritage: The Posidonia Meadows.


Be sure to check out the christmas lights and christmas parties in San Antonio, the last couple of years it been the place to be in winter.

christmas lights san antonio

Live The Posidonia

This December in Ibiza you will have the opportunity to enjoy and admire great art dedicated to the millennial plant: the Posidonia Meadows. This will be the fourth time this event is held to teach locals and foreigners about its importance to the world.

Environmental activities, gastronomic shows, educational lectures, and more are going to be presented during several days in different places and scenarios in Ibiza. All of them considering the necessary precautions for the Pandemic situation.

Also, through social media some contests will be performed. People can participate in the different activities. Winners get prizes such as kayak excursions, paddle surf practices, diving lessons, shirts with special Posidonia designs and more.

What they must do is to answer some questions about the plant, post some pictures and live the experience. Responsible tourism has been one of the most important things the island has worked for in the last years.

Regarding food, sixteen of the greatest restaurants on the island will prepare special dishes whose main ingredient is fish. Fresh, clean, and healthy fish depend on not polluted waters. That is why keeping Posidonia as healthy as it can be is so important in this unique ecosystem.

The purer the water, the greatest the sea food people in Ibiza in December will enjoy. Ibiza’s gastronomy has always been delicious no matter the ingredient the chef uses: fish, shrimps, pork, chicken, steaks, among many. Wines made in their own wineries await you to please your thirsty palate.

Your next liberating adventurous trip

Achieving some of your goals, like traveling to Ibiza in December will give you the tranquillity and calmness you are searching for. So, now that you will be overflowing with joy and happiness, we suggest visiting MACE, the Contemporary Art Museum of Eivissa where an amazing exposition is taking place.

Its name is “Teoría de la Alegría”, the Joy Theory, and great Balearic artists present their best conceptual art works. All of them have in common having overcome different crises, especially in their professional fields. Go and have a Joy-look!Ibiza in December.

Feel safe traveling to Ibiza in December since the regulations to maintain sanitary conditions are always kept. At night busiest places are cleaned. Floors are washed and early in the morning sanitary workers go disinfecting grocery stores, ATM’s, bus stations, trash containers, railings, door knobs, etc. It is important for Ibiza people to keep their towns free from COVID-19, so washing hands properly and keeping distance is more than a regulation. e. It is a matter of enjoying and keeping the mask on and always wash on.

At Float Your Boat we are looking forward to seeing you. Now that you have taken the decision to come to Ibiza in December, we will make sure that you are having a great time at the SUNSET PARTY CRUISE or at the IBIZA BEACH CRUISE.

You will always notice that our crew keep their masks on and that the full-equipped boats are filled to a maximum of 50% capacity leaving the right space for social distancing. Also, all areas are regularly cleaned and sanitised. You, on the other hand, will be able to breathe without your mask, the pure and purifying wind of the Mediterranean Sea while on outside areas of the boat. See you soon!


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